The Salvus Master Trust (Master Trust)

The Salvus Master Trust (Master Trust)

The Salvus Master Trust (Master Trust)


What information does HS Admin need at set up?

You will have already completed a Master Trust Employer Application and a Deed of Adherence.

If joining through an introducer or Goddard Perry, the consultants will complete a New Employer Set Up Questionnaire on your behalf. Your consultant will also provide a Field Definitions booklet to you detailing the format your middleware provider will need to provide data to HS Admin. If you have not received this please contact us and we will provide it to you.

Do we need to provide test data prior to go live?

Yes, in order to test our systems, please arrange for your middleware provider to forward test data in the agreed format detailed in the Field Definition booklet by e-mail. We will load the test data and report any warnings or rejections back to you. Please note the data file should be in excel or CSV format.

What file name should we provide for the data?

In order for our integrated systems to accept the data, please arrange for the final name to be no greater than 7 characters as per below:

4 digits – your Employer Pension Scheme Reference (EPSR)

3 digits – a payroll code, part of which indicates the payroll frequency e.g. 1M, 2W, 4W etc

We will confirm this to you.

Where do we send our fortnightly/monthly files?

All data files should be forwarded to HS Admin by e-mail in the agreed format to . Please see HS Contact details overleaf for further information.

What checks are made by HS Admin against the data?

The data will go through a number of checks in order to ensure that it is complete and that the member records are updated correctly. These checks are performed in modules and include:

General-The first check is to ensure all mandatory fields are populated with at least one row of data and the format of the file agrees the data spec.

Joiners-For auto enrolment members, the data will be checked to ensure the member is older than age 16 and less than age 70, all key fields are present i.e. date joined scheme and all personal information.

Updates-Where the data received is different to the data we hold on the member records we will update the records to reflect these changes i.e. change of address, marital status or change in name etc.

Contributions-The data will be checked to ensure all members have the correct contribution amount against the contribution percentage rate provided based on the qualifying period earnings. All members with a salary provided should have a contribution amount. Where no salary is provided we will assume this is due to members earnings dropping below the qualifying threshold amount currently of £9,440 (2013/14) a year; in this circumstance the contribution amount should be shown as a zero.

Please note negative contributions on the data file will be rejected and returned to the employer to update, contributions will not be invested until the revised data has been provided.

Leavers-If the Leaving date, personal e-mail address* and reason fields are populated, we will arrange for the appropriate action to be taken whether this be an Auto Enrolment refund, normal refund, leaver, retirement or death.

*Please note for all leavers of the Master Trust, a personal e-mail address must be provided within the data feed. This is a mandatory field to ensure leaving information isissued directly to the member. No documents will be issued in the post.

What is a rejection or warning?

A rejection will result in the file being returned to the employer and contributions will not be invested until the data has been amended.

A rejection can occur for example if the data or money does not total each other or the data received as detailed previously is incorrect. Negative contributions on the file will automatically be classed as a rejection.

A warning will result in the data still being processed / invested but will require additional data from the employer to ensure the records are correct.

A warning would for example occur when the contributions received do not match the contribution rate due i.e. the amount is more than or less than 1% of the qualifying period earnings.

Rejections and warnings should be minimal as these should have been eradicated during the testing phase but we would request any queries be dealt with within 24 hours, if possible, to ensure all contributions are invested in a timely manner.

To which bank account should the contributions be sent?

Account Name:Salvus Master Trust

Account Number:83202313

Sort Code:20-57-44

Reference:Employer Name & file name

How do we advise HS Admin of Opt outs?

Employees can request opt out forms either by telephone on 0151 448 5550 or from the Master Trust website within the Member Area on the home page. The completed forms should be returned to the employer who is required by legislation to retain for 4 years.

Upon receipt of the opt out form, the employer should forward a copy as soon as possible to HS Admin. If the form is received during the 1 month Auto Enrolment opt out period, all contributions will be returned to the employer to pay the refund to the employee.

If the employer receives the opt out form within the 1 month Auto Enrolment period but does not forward to HS Admin within the opt out period, the contributions will have been invested. On receipt of the opt out form, HS Admin will disinvest and, once the monies are received from the investment manager, we will return the value of the contributions to the employer. The value of the disinvested contributions may be higher or lower than the contributions received due to market movement. It is the responsibility of the employer to refund the actual employee contributions rather than the value.

If a member decides to opt out after the 1 month auto enrolment period but within 3 months, they will be given the option to receive a refund of the employee contributions or a transfer to another registered pension scheme.

How do members change their contribution rate?

See Member’s Guide.

How do members opt in to the Master Trust?

Employees should contact the employer to opt in to the Master Trust. Once enrolled, HS Admin will issue a welcome pack directly to the member’s e-mail address upon receipt of the first data file and after the initial 1 month opt out window.

When are the welcome packs sent to the members?

If members are Auto Enrolled, the welcome packs are sent to the member’s e-mail address after the end of the initial 1 month opt out window.

If members have chosen to join the Master Trust, there is no opt out window and they are enrolled at the Date joined Scheme provided in the data file. A welcome pack is sent to the member after the Date joined Scheme.

What information is in the welcome pack?

The welcome pack consists of the following documents:

  • Member’s Guide
  • Investment Choices
  • Glossary
  • The Employer’s Fact Sheet
  • Update Your Details Form

These documents can be viewed at should the contributions be paid in to the Trustee bank account?

Employers should not "hold back"any monies; monies should be sent to the Salvus bank account following deduction from the payroll and at the same time as the data is sent to HS Admin for monthly payroll.

For weekly payroll the data should be provided following the deduction from the payroll, the money for the whole month should be sent to the Salvus bank account at the same time as the last weekly payroll for that month.

What contact details should be provided to members during the assessment period?

During the assessment period, all communications should show the following contact details for HS Admin who administer the Salvus Master Trust.

Administrator:HS Admin

Helpline Tel No:0151 448 5550

E-mail Address:

Website: advise employees that during the assessment period and prior to receipt of any contributions, HS Admin will not be aware of any individual member and should only contact the administrator during this time to request an Opt Out form or request general information regarding the Master Trust.

What are HS Admin’s contact details?

If you have any queries regarding the administration of The Salvus Master Trust, please contact:


Mr Kevin Brocklesby

HS Admin

25 Goodlass Road


L24 9HJ

Tel No:0151 448 5550

E-mail Address:

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