The Hope Valley Times

The Hope Valley Times

The Hope Valley Times

Issue #1Spring 2014

Created by Fourth Graders: Britney LaBelle, Emma Elderkin, Annabella McGlinsey, Lauren Hubertus

This is our first issue of The Hope Valley Times newspaper. We hope you will read all of our issues. In this issue we will talk about Mr. Gencarelli and a little about Mrs. Foggo. You might read some funny things but all of it is true. We hope you appreciate all the hard work we put into our first issue.

For Christmas Mr. G got some new coasters. Mrs. Foggo thought it would be funny if she added some details. The coasters were glass and had a picture of Mr. G imbedded in them. Mrs. Foggo took White-out and drew a beard and some other facial hair on the coasters. Funny, right?

We want to recognize our teachers and our principal. They are:

Principal- Mr. Gencarelli

Fourth grade- Mrs. Foggo, Mrs. Ricci

Fourth grade student teacher- Ms. Davis

Third grade- Mr. Fanning, Mrs. Zonfrilli

Second grade- Ms. D’Agostino, Mrs. Mello

Second grade student teacher- Ms. Weeden

First grade- Mrs.Haberek

Kindergarten- Mrs. Abbott, Mrs.Koukas

Preschool- Mrs.Ciullo, Ms. Lambert, Mrs.Mankoff

Interview with Mr. Gencarelli

Have you ever wondered what Mr. Gencarelli’s life was before and now? We asked him what inspired him to become a teacher and a principal. He responded to us by saying he likes to work with children, making them happy, and getting them to smile. He also replied, “Mrs. Street motivated me because she was one of my favorite teachers in elementary school.”

Mr. Gencarelli taught school in Waterford, Connecticut. He enjoyed teaching fourth grade because the students are independent and there was so much more he could do with his students but he does not like the drama between the children. He told us that he would have liked to teach kindergarten because they are so cute but admitted that he doesn’t like
tying shoes or wiping runny noses.

A fact many of you don’t know is that Mr. Gencarelli struggled in school since his first language was Italian. So his teachers during his early elementary years wanted to keep him back. He was able to catch up but he knows how it feels to struggle in school which was a main reason he became a teacher. His favorite subject growing up was math but it was the hardest for him to teach. His least favorite subject growing up was writing but the easiest to teach.

He has two children that he really loves. Their names are Joseph and Julia. He also has a wife named Paula. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is Twizzlers. Mr. G is also very athletic. The sports he plays are basketball, golf, and men’s softball. Last year his basketball team won the championship! Mr. West was also on this team.

Did we mention how proud he was when he found out we were a Blue Ribbon School? He was also very proud when Mrs. Foggo won the Golden Apple Award and when Mrs. Pastore was given the honor of being Chariho’s Teacher of the Year.

That’s the inside scoop about Mr. Gencarelli.

Advisor: Mrs. Foggo