The First Midterm Exam in M160 Will Be Given Thursday, Sept 16, 5:15 7:00 Pm

The First Midterm Exam in M160 Will Be Given Thursday, Sept 16, 5:15 7:00 Pm

MATH160 Midterm Exam3

Thursday, April17, 5:15 – 7:00 PM.

MATH 160 Exam 3 will cover Section 4.2 (The Mean Value Theorem), sections 4.4through 4.8 from Chapter 4, and sections 5.1 through 5.4from Chapter 5. Exam questions will be based on the corresponding sections of the Study Guidesdistributed by your instructor. Be sure you have and use the Study Guides!

Approximately 225students are expected to take the thirdMATH 160 mid-term exam Thursday, April 17, 5:15 – 7:00 PM. Different sections of MATH160 are assigned to take the exam in different rooms as follows.

Sec/Time.InstructorExam Room

1 (9AM)...... Bayens...... Pathology 101

7 (10 AM)...... Williams...... Shepardson 212

2&8 (11AM).....Klopfenstein.....Yates 104

3 (12 PM)...... Marks...... Pathology 101

4 (1 PM)...... Pham...... Yates 104

5 (2 PM)...... Whitfield...... Yates 104

6 (3PM)...... Reinholz...... Shepardson 212

Please arrive at your assigned exam room no later than 5:10 pm.

Alternate Exam Times

Alternate times have been scheduled for students who can’t take the exam at the scheduled time because of an irreconcilable conflict.

Early exam time:

Thursday, April 17...4:00 – 5:45 PM...Engineering E 202

Late exam time:

Thursday, April 17...7:15 – 9:00 PM...Engineering E 202

If you take the exam at one of these alternate times, be prepared to present the Exam Proctor with the following documents:

(i) photo identification and

(ii) either a printed copy of your class schedule that shows you have a class at the scheduled exam time or a signed statement from your employer or your MATH 160 instructor documenting that you have an irreconcilable conflict.

You do not need a reservation to take the exam at one of these times; just show up with the required documentation.

If you can’t take the exam at any of the scheduled times because of an irreconcilable conflict, see your instructor to make arrangements to take the exam early Friday morning.

MATH 160 Exam 1 Problem/Review Sessions

Tuesday, March 11...7:00 – 9:00 PM...... Wagar 231

Wednesday, March 127:00 – 9:00 PM...... Wagar 231

MATH 160 classes will NOT meet on Friday, April 18.

Your instructors have exams to grade and you need the time to catch up with the work you put off to study for the calculus exam!

Using Practice Exams

Copies of MATH 160 midterm exams from three previous semesters are available from the Test Files in the CopyCenter in the basement level of LoryStudentCenter.

There are more and less effective ways to use these old exams. Using old exams as a source of practice problems is NOT the best use. Homework assignments and problems suggested in the Study Guide are better sources of Practice Problems. You’ll learn more by takingan old exam from the Test Files as a dress rehearsal for the performance Thursday evening. Or, if you prefer an analogy from athletics, use an old exam as a pre-game scrimmage. Here’s what I suggest.

When you have reviewed thoroughly and feel ready for the exam, collect an old exam from the Test File, a couple of sharp pencils, your calculator, and a timer (perhaps the alarm on your cell phone). Go to a quiet, well lighted place where you can work for about two hours without interruption. Now, do the old exam as if you were taking the actual mid-exam on Thursday evening. Set your timer for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Work for about 45 minutes on Part A with your calculator available. Then put your calculator away and go on to Part B. Even if you aren’t finished, stop when 1 hour and 45 minutes has passed. Then use your homework, Concept Quizzes, class notes, and textbook to grade your own exam. If you can’t decide whether your answers to some questions areadequate or you can’t figure out how to answer them, talk with your instructor. If youaren’t happy with your performance in the rehearsal, study the topics that gave you difficulty, and get another old exam and have another rehearsal!

Prof. K. Klopfenstein

MATH 160 Course Coordinator