The Conference Partnership

The Conference Partnership

The Conference Partnership

Treasury Forum

June 8, 2016 Prague, Hotel Olympik

Dear colleagues and partners,

I would like to give you a brief description of the conference Treasury Forum. The event will take place on June 8, in Prague and is organized by Czech Association of Corporate Treasurers (CAT) in partnership with Česká asociace pro finanční řízení (CAFIN). Moreover, I would like to offer you a possibility to participate. The separate file “participants” contains more information about structure of visitors and overview of companies from last years.

The aim of the Conference is to inform the financial community – treasury specialists as well as banks, companies and public sector – about variety of products and services offered by the banks and companies, SW and data providers, which support finance activities for treasury. Conference should introduce and present products and services to participants, show a possibility to use it in corporate practise, and alternatively in relationship with commercial banks.

CAT as a professional guarantor of the most important treasury event in the CR jointly with co-operating company Česká asociace pro finanční řízení (CAFIN) (which ensures organisation part of Conference) gets on a previous very successful Conferences – Treasury and Risk management, Cash management and Payment systems, Electronic payment systems, Treasury management systems, etc.

Expected participants:90 - 120 visitors from the most important large and middle corporations from Czech Republic and several countries – members of EACT, banks, consulting and software companies

Location: presentation room for audience (120 participants) + foyer with space for 6-10

exhibition stands in Hotel Olympik Prague

Refreshment: full covered coffee breaks + Lunch + Gala dinner

Documentation: conference proceedings - presentations of speakers, documents of sponsors

Marketing promotion : invitation according to the CAT mail list, database of Česká asociace pro finanční řízen (CAFIN) agency (altogether 2500 contacts) + advertisement on web finance portals, in finance professional magazines, at marketing domestic and foreign partners.

Partners of last Conferences: Citigroup, Deloitte, Raiffeisenbank, Coface, Bloomberg, KPMG, Salmon, ThomsonReuters, Patria, Grant Thornton, Sungard, BNP Paribas Fortis, ARM, Erste/Česká spořitelna, PwC, UniCredit Bank, Ernst & Young, KBC/ČSOB, Trinity and others.

The Conference Partnership

The active participation of your representatives consists of exhibition stand, special miniworkshop for 10-30 participants, and further we offer you a possibility of personal presentation (in a range of 20-30 minutes at Conference hall) on a special non-commercial topic, according to the previous agreement. Presentation should be done with your client – person from corporate treasury. The best would be common performance with case study. The presentation is not pre-requisite.

The stand for presentation of systems can use an internet connection for an active operation with the system and downloading a ready-for-use data, reports, or live presentation.

As the Conference enables you to acquire potential clients and networking opportunities in the Czech Republic and gives you possibilities to present your services, we assume that all partners will make a sponsorship contribution for arranging the Conference. Such contribution covers partly cost for rent, organisation, presentations and refreshments. Cost will be addressed to Czech Association of Corporate Treasurers and the amount was stated as of following possibilities.

Key Notes of the Conference:

  • Cash and Risk management, Financial markets and news at Treasury
  • Practise experience of Treasury and Risk Policy and methods implementation
  • Regulation of treasury in Europe
  • How manage and monitor financial risks in corporate?
  • Maximization and management of liquidity and availability of loans
  • Banks and Treasury – critical points of cooperation
  • Share Service centre in Treasury
  • Strategy of financing inside current financial possibilities
  • SEPA implementation
  • Practise applications of risk management products in corporation
  • Measurement of effectiveness „treasury activity“
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Cash management and its role in system of company management
  • Cash pooling strategy in corporates
  • Usage of financial derivatives in treasury, incl. evaluation of effectiveness
  • Standardization of risks at corporate practise
  • Credit management – Financing, Loans, Factoring
  • Supply chain finance and working capital
  • Asset management and management of company portfolio
  • Experience with implementation of treasury and risk systems
  • Best practise in Treasury, Cash and Risk management
  • Hedging of risks in practise
  • Modern organisation of Treasury
  • Financial compliance and credibility
  • Effectiveness and IT support long-term planning systems
  • Treasury and Risk : measurement of effectiveness, benchmarking
  • Impacts EMIR regulation (IAS 39 a Basel II/III) to B/S
  • SW (ERP, MIS) for optimization of payment cycle
  • Treasury dashboard – unification of information for decision
  • Coordination of finance controlling and corporate treasury
  • Study of treasury corporate benchmarking vs. world best practises
  • another topic according to your preferences
  • preferable topics for TMS providers : practise support of hedging accounting and support of

Credit Risk, RM, Cash management processing, all of by case studies

Partnership packages:

  • marketing package, exhibition stand, miniworkshop
    1300 Euro+VAT (30.000,-+DPH)
  • marketing package, speech of representative + corporate partner
    1300 Euro+VAT (30.000,-+DPH) afternoon programme
    1700 Euro+VAT (40.000,-+DPH) morning programme
  • marketing package, speech of representative + corporate partner, exhibition stand, miniworkshop

1700 Euro+VAT (45.000,-+DPH) afternoon programme
1900 Euro+VAT (50.000,-+DPH) morning programme

  • marketing package, speech of representative + corporate partner (morning programme), exhibition stand, miniworkshop, extra tickets for clients
    2300 Euro+VAT (60.000,-+DPH)
  • marketing package, speech of representative + corporate partner (morning programme), exhibition stand, miniworkshop, tickets for clients, partnership with Treasury manager award
    3000 Euro+VAT (80.000,-+DPH)

We look forward to establish the future co-operation and meet with You in June. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

Your sincerely

Ivan Haco

President of the Czech Association of Corporate Treasurers

tel. 00420 721 487 261


Eva Petrová

Head of Project team

Česká asociace pro finanční řízení (CAFIN)

Tel.: 00420 730 156 877



Participants of Conference Treasury Management Forum (2014)

Conference was visited by around 140 managers at following structure:


ABB / DOPRAVNÍ PODNIK hl.m. Prahy / Reuters
AERO Vodochody / DRESDNER Bank CZ / Reval
ADAST / Editel CZ / RITRO Finance
Alcan Děčín Extrusions / FALCON / Saint-Gobain Vertex
Allianz Pojišťovna / Fosfa / SAP
ALSTOM Power, ALSTOM Group / Frantschach Pulp & Paper Czech / SAZKA
AMYLUM SLOVAKIA / Glaverbel Czech / Severočeské doly
Appian Group / Group 4 Falck / Severomoravská energetika
Arca Capital Bohemia / HAMÉ / Schneider Electric
AstraZeneca Czech Republic / Home Credit Slovakia / Siemens
Aviva životní pojišťovna / HVB Bank Czech Republic / SimCorp Swallow Business Systems
BARUM Continental / Immorent ČR / Skanska
BIJOU TERRA / Import Volkswagen Group / SKLÁRNY KAVALIER
Biocel Paskov / ING Management Services / Slovenské elektrárne
Bohemia Crystalex Trading / Jihomoravská plynárenská / Sokolovská uhelná
BP ČR / Kabelovna Děčín – Podmokly / Sodexho Pass
CAC Leasing / Komerční banka / SPOLANA
CEMEX / LASSELSBERGER / Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu
Citibank / Magistrát hlavního města Prahy / ŠkoFIN
Coca-Cola Beverages / Makro Cash & Carry / TATRA
Colosseum / MITAS / Tatra banka
CONOCOPhillips / MONECO / Tesco Stores ČR
CUTISIN / OLYMPUS / T-Mobile Czech Republic
ČEPRO / Orco Prague / TON
ČEPS / Panasonic AVC Networks / TRANSFINANCE
Česká gumárenská společnost / PAPCEL / Transgas
Česká exportní banka / Peugeot / Transpetrol
Česká konsolidační agentura / Pivovary Staropramen / Travelex
Česká rafinérská / PORCELA PLUS / UPC Česká republika
České aerolinie / PPF / VEBA Broumov, textilní závody
Československá obchodní banka / Pražská energetika / VOLKSBANK CZ
ČESKÝ TELECOM / Pražská teplárenská / VOLKSWAGEN
ČEZ / PricewaterhouseCoopers / WÜSTENROT - stavební spořitelna
České aerolinie / Provident Financial / Zentiva
ČP INVEST investiční společnost / PVT / ŽS Brno
ČSOB / PXP Software AG / and next other companies
DELOITTE / Reuters
Delphi Packard Elektric ČR / ROBERT BOSCH
DELVITA / Raiffeisen - Leasing