The Change Schools Project for Ruby at Meadowbrook College

The Change Schools Project for Ruby at Meadowbrook College

MeadowbrookCollege, Oxford

The change Schools project for Ruby at Meadowbrook college.

Confidence and attitude into accessing museums and galleries by making her a young ambassador and feeding back her interpretation of the experience.

Self confidence and esteem- by working on a large scale and producing successful results.

Working and respecting others- by taking part in team activities

The change Schools project has given her the time, resources and expertise to explore and discover her artistic talents.

Recognised her interest in fashion- talking about a possible future career in it

"When I visited the museums it was different being showed around by someone and taking photos. I didn’t feel I could draw from scratch, but when Dionne helped me start it- I felt like I could do it, and I thought my drawing and photos were alright. I would say to other people like me- to give it a go, you will enjoy it more than you think” Ruby
"I am really happy with the painting. Atfirst I didn't like doing it cuz it looked to big, but now I'm glad I did. I learnt about blending, mixing colours, and I learnt how to put things together better" Ruby 15/12/10
"The freedom of access to materials is brilliant- I like the way we have worked together to change the space, and the instant impact of working on a large scale" Jinny Mills (Staff)
"I think the new Art space is relaxing and feels safe"
"It was good doing a poster for The Natural History Museum & Pitt Rivers, It was good for someone to listen to what I think" Ruby
"Every time break comes- I don't want to leave" Ruby 2/12/10
"I like the big wall picture- I think it looks good, it’s weird working on one big piece together" Ruby 1/12/10
"I liked today because it was messy and you could do what came into your head" 20/10/10

I think the wall looks amazing! I loved working with Dionne, its definitely been a great experience and my confidence has been boasted alot since working with her; I have learnt how to work as a team, and on a large scale and not to worry as much!" Jessica year10

My experience of this has definitely opened my mind more to my surroundings. This will help me in the future” Alison

I had an image of what it would look like, but the real thing beat anything I could have Imagined” Alison

Dionne Barber