The Branch of Umid Babek Operating Company in Azerbaijan Republic

The Branch of Umid Babek Operating Company in Azerbaijan Republic

The branch of “Umid Babek Operating Company” in Azerbaijan Republic

announces an open procurement competition №NKB-001/2018forProduction Tubing.

Documents to be submitted for participation in the competition:
  • Application letter for participation in the competition (the letter is attached);
  • Bank document on payment of the participation fee;
  • Bid (must be valid no less than 30 bank days after the date of opening of the bid envelopes).
Application for participation in the competition (signed and sealed) and the bank document on payment for participation fee should be submitted in Azerbaijani or English language (for all Lots) no later than 2.03.2018, by 10:00 a.m., to the address of the Purchasing organization specified in the notice.
The copies of the required documents (except the bid)may be sent to the e-mail address of the contact person specified in the notice. In this case, the originalsof the documents shall be submitted to the Purchasing Organization until the last day of submission of the bids.
The deadline for submission of the bids:
  • An original and two copies of the bid shall be submitted to the Purchasing Organization before6.03.2018, by 10:30 for Lot 1, by 11:00 for Lot 2. Late bids shall be rejected.

Participation fee and acquisition of theinvitation to bid:
  • Those wishing to acquirethe invitation to bid for Azerbaijani language can obtain it from the contact person in electronic or print form after paying 2 400 (Two thousandfour hundred)Azerbaijanimanat (VAT included) for LOT 1, 2 600 (Two Thousand four hundred) Azerbaijanimanat (VAT included) for LOT 2 to the below-mentioned account, till the date specified in the paragraph I of the notice, on any business day of the week from 09:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.
  • Account number:
Bank: The head office of “Xalq” Bank;
TİN: 2000296061;
Curr/account AZ24NABZ01350100000000067944;
Code: 501026;
Corr/account:AZ65HAJCHCNAZN10000098111001 – AZN
Corr/account: AZ25HAJCHCNUSD10000098111002 – USD
Corr/account: AZ29HAJCHCNEUR10000098111003 –AVRO
  • The participation fee is not refundable

Bank guarantee:
  • An advance payment bond shall be at least equal to the sum of advance.

Execution term of the Contract:It is required to fulfill the conditions of the purchase contract for6month
AZ 1029, Baku, Heydar Aliyev avenue 121, SOCAR Tower, 8th floor
Contact person:
Contact person: Samir Orucov
Contact person’s position: Procurement Manager at The branch of “Umid Babek Operating Company” in Azerbaijan Republic
Tel: (+994 12) 521 17 94
The notice, information about the subject of procurement and application form to obtain tan invitation to bid are placed at the internet site:

Time, place and the opening date of bids:
Bids wil be opened on 6.03.2018Lot 1 at11:00, Lot 2 at 11:30at the address of the Purchasing Organization specified in paragraph VI of the notice.
Information about contracts awards:
For the information about the final results you will be notified by email.

The Procurement group of The branch of

“Umid Babek Operating Company” in Azerbaijan Republic

(In the firm blank of the applicant)

Application form for participation in the open competition and for acquisition of Invitation to Bid (Set of Basic Conditions)



Attn.: ______,

Head of Tendergroup of

The branch of “Umid Babek Operating Company”

in Azerbaijan Republic

Hereby we,[full name of the applicant consignor (Contractor) is specified]confirm the intent of participation in an open competitionNKB-001/2018announced by The branch of “Umid Babek Operating Company” in Azerbaijan Republic,for purchasing Production Tubing.

At the same time, we confirm the absence of any cancellation or bankruptcy procedures, activity interruption in relation to [full name of the applicant consignor (Contractor) is specified] or any situation making it’sparticipationimpossible.

We kindly ask You to send the soft copy of an invitation to bid to the following e-mail address:______.

The contact information for propmtly responding the queries relating the documents submitted by us and other issues:

  • Contact person: ______
  • Position of the contact person: ______
  • Phone number: ______
  • Fax: ______
  • E-mail address: ______


  1. Original of the bank document on payment of the participation fee – __ pages.


(name, surname, patronymic of the responsible person) (signature of responsible person)


(position of responsible person)



The list of services their requirements

Lot 1

5-1/2” Production Tubing
№ / Item / Description / Unit / Quantity
1 / 5-1/2” Production Tubing / -26 ppf weight
-min ID-4.5”,
-Drift ID – 4.423”,
-Tensile rating – 110,000 psi (110 ksi),
-Burst pressure>16,000 psi; Collapse Pressure>16,000 psi,
-Super 13 Chrome
-min working temperature – 120 °C / m / 6000


4-1/2” Production Tubing
№ / Item / Description / Unit / Quantity
1 / 4-1/2” Production Tubing / -17 ppf weight
- min ID-3.7”,
- Drift ID – 3.615”,
- Tensile rating – 110,000 psi (110 ksi),
- Burst pressure>16,000 psi; Collapse Pressure>16,000 psi,
- Super 13 Chrome
- min working temperature – 120 °C / m / 6300


Technical Requirements (Lot 1, Lot 2)

  1. Applicants shall demonstrate the technical specifications and information relevant to each equipment:

-Min Internal Diameter

-Drift Internal Diameter

-Maximum External Diameter

-If applicable to the equipment, the specification of burst pressure, collapse pressure, tension and compression

-Maximum working temperature

-Weight (ppf)



  1. Applicants must take into account all the taxes and mandatory payments, as well as transportation, insurance and other expenses to be covered by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in their tender proposals.
  2. Certificates and passports of equipment, that is demonstrated in tender proposal list which is provided by Contractor company, need to be added.
  3. The technical parameter of purchased goods must comply with the parameters given in the table above.
  4. The specification of required equipment must adhere to the Ecology and Technical Safety Standards.
  5. The manufacture date of purchased goods must not be before 01.01.2017 and the storage condition of them needs to meet requirements of the standards given above. In case of breach of the requirements specified in this clause, the operator company keeps the right not to accept the goods under the contract. In this case, the Contractor must refund all financial loss of product (equipment) to the Purchaser.
  1. 2 people who are appointed by Purchaser company must inspect all equipment for being sure about technical parameters are fitted with the parameter that shown in contract before loading them to the vehicle and inspection results need to be confirmed officially:

The expenses of ınspection need to be payed by Contragent and these expenses must be taken into account in fınancial proposal.

  1. The technical specifications of the proposed products (lines,information about the expire date of warranty, operating costs and other information) must be added to the proposal envelope in both Azerbaijani and English.
  2. During signing a procurement contract with the winner contractor, the following documents will be included in the contract for either the submission of the documents together with the equipment or after delivery of the equipment:

- Certificate of Origin (original)

- Certificate of Quality, Test Certificate (original)

- Manufacturer's license, certificate of conformity or standard certificate (copy)

- Technical passport of equipment and operation guide (original)

- Document-transport receipt about shipment of goods (original)

- Insurance document of goods (when CIF is applicable) (original)

  1. Purchaser company is not liable for any costs that is not incurred under Customs Code and selected international shipping terms.
  2. All test expenses of equipment must be added to the proposal.
  3. A separate financial and technical proposal for each lot must be submitted.
  4. After contract has been signed by Contractor, Contractor shall provide detailed information regarding user manual (storage conditions, transportation, prepations before run in hole etc.).
  5. At the point the production tubing is handed over by the Contractor company, visual inspection will be performed. In case there is some defect on the provided product (tubing), all financial damage needs to be compensated by Contractor company.
  6. After signing contract between Contractor and Operator company, installation parameters of equipment must be provided at least 1 months before completion operation.
  7. If agreed with client (Operator) company, in the frame of equipment metallurgy under different name other than Super 13 Chrome can be used if this material has the same technical specification with Super 13 Chrome.
  8. Connections shall be gas tight and comply with ISO 13679 standard and qualified to CAL IV.

Note: Standards and/or certificates provided by Contractor that meet the requirements within the international standards like ISO 13679 can be used after agreement and approval from Client (Operator) company.