The Battle Continues Between the Einstein Relativity Gravity Theory and the Quantum String


The Battle Continues Between the Einstein Relativity Gravity Theory and the Quantum String


Einstein’s Relativity = Superstring Theory

The battle continues between the Einstein relativity gravity theory and the quantum string theorists. The quantum dudes can’t unify the thought that gravity has any appreciable effect on such a minute particle.

Kentish’s model of the universe supports the fact that in order to create a material universe, then there must evolve physical material. Space can be seen as the womb of all creation. Every thing conceivable is in space and there is space in every conceivable thing. Gravity is inherent in all space and might be seen as the undryable glue that holds the original fabric of space together. Space is non responsive to gravity. Gravity responds to matter on the material, mindal and spiritual level. SPACE IS REAL. . Without the space cushion, explosive action would jerk surrounding space bodies

If we expand the atom we discover that its component proportions are on the scale of our solar system. We can then realize that the mechanics that involve the gravitational pull of a black hole might be similar with the force that inwardly pulls the extremities of all atoms, into their respective dense nuclei.

Picture space as a shadow cast by an unseen light.i.e. Original light not visible by human mechanisms. Picture original space as an infinite black oriole cookie with an infinite light centre. When the light expands in the original first bang the light expands into the cookie shell and in this cosmic expansion penetrates the extremities to such a degree that the dimensions that are needed for cosmic stability are of light distancing proportions.

Picture space again as a giant black orb, at the centre of which is an infinitely dense ball of light, again unseeable light, light at its purest state; LIGHT EVERLASTING. Inherent in this light, is the stating of the law of the universe THE LAW OF UNITY. The forever connectedness of this light will assure that no matter how far away, from the centre sparks of its light should be; the potential of returning to the centre is only a thought away, your connection to the centre is an eternal attraction.

This powerful pull generates GRAVITY as being the glue that holds the universes together. Every thing that will come to be from this moment on, will owe its integrity, duty and destiny to its first source and original center.

The LIGHT FORCE initiates the next law of the universe; 59 THE LAW OF PATTERN. PATTERN, which in and of itself regulates the pattern thru a process that mathematics is still trying to discover. Pattern initiates TIME. We now have al the tools needed for an evolutional creation.

The FORCE which may be envisaged or imagined as the Original state of being, the original state of thought. Self-realization, I AM was existential. Self realization being the first thought would evolve another thought by releasing its infinite POWER, initiated LOVE as the GOLDEN RULE of life eternal. The Original FORCE having sacrificed its POWER as a pattern of love, faith and trust, will together with the new born POWER conjoin to initiate ENERGY.

Matter and Mind have two things in common , that is, energy and pattern..

Energy>motion + pattern + time=matter

Energy>motion + pattern=thought.

Thought + matter=creation

All units of cosmic energy are in primary revolution; absolutely nothing is stationary in the universe. Motion in space is produced by the trinity action of force, power and energy and controlled by the dual action of gravity and anti-gravity action. The gravity resistant phenomena of a gyroscope is a fair illustration of the effect of anti-gravity but of no value to illustrate the cause of anti-gravity. The gravity hold of the cosmic nuclear center expands and contracts to create the wave pulsations we realize as motion in SPACE.

All force energy is responsive to gravity. Linear gravity is an interactive phenomenon. Linear gravity is a short range cohesive force of the macro cosmos(solar system); somewhat as the forces of intra-atomic cohesion are the short range forces of the micro-cosmos.