Terms of Reference for a Context Analysis & Portfolio Design

Terms of Reference for a Context Analysis & Portfolio Design

Terms of Reference for a Context Analysis & Portfolio Design

Location: Kenema District

Organization: GOAL Sierra Leone

Dates: July 2017

  1. Background Summary

GOAL is an Irish Humanitarian organisation working to bring assistance to people in crisis and support those recovering move towards sustainable development. With ongoing programming in Sierra Leone since 1999, GOAL utilises a systems approach by working with line ministries, local CSOs, and the private sector to strengthen service delivery in line with Government strategies and the Sustainable Development Goals.

GOAL Sierra Leone currently operates across eight districts (Bo, Bombali, Bonthe, Kambia, Kenema, Port Loko, and Western Area Urban and Rural), to reach Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable people. The majority of programming focuses on strengthening service delivery, with a strong emphasis on utilizing a systems based approach in core strategic areas of health, WASH and inclusion.

  1. GOAL’s current programming in WASH interventions

GOAL has a three year Urban WASH project in Freetown, and was previously part of the Urban WASH NGO Consortium, funded by DFID. GOAL also is implementing a 2 year Faecal Sludge Management in Freetown City in collaboration with the Freetown City Council.

In rural chiefdoms in Kenema, GOAL implements an Irish Aid funded WASH programme. This programme constructs or rehabilitates gravity flow systems, protected hand dug wells and uses the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and sanitation marketing approaches to promote sustainable sanitation solutions for approximately 720 rural communities. There was also a WASH in Schools programme that delivered School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) and School-led Total Sanitation (SLTS). In 2015, we also piloted a Community Health Clubs model in one chiefdom to support the sustainability of the various WASH and Health interventions.

Since mid-2014, GOAL embarked on an intensive WASH Emergency Ebola Response programme. In Kenema this project was implemented in 20 Peripheral Health Units

In line with Government of Sierra Leones Water and Sanitation policy, the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme as well as the Sustainable Developmental goals, GOAL would like to contribute to the government’s efforts of increasing access to the rural population of Kenema by refocusing its strategy which seeks to strengthen the O&M service delivery through a Public and Private Partnership approach. This ToR is intended to provide a guide to the consultants to carry out a research on Water Operations & Maintenance Context Analysis & Portfolio Design. The purpose of this research is to collect context specific data and map the key players in order to understand how water maintenance and repairs are currently functioning in rural Kenema. In addition the consultant will be tasked to design an O&M WASH service delivery programme..

  1. Kenema District

Kenema district has an area of 6,053 km2 (2,337 sq mi) and comprises sixteen chiefdoms. Total population for the district is 609,873 and represents 8.6% of the country’s population. There are 300,660 males representing 49% and 309,213 females representing 51% of the population. Just like, the rest of the country Kenema district faces acute shortage of adequate water supply and Sanitation services. In Kenema rural 50% of the household population drink from pipe borne water sources while 32% drink from other protected water sources and 18% from unprotected sources. Water point functionality is a huge challenge with 26% reported damaged during the just ended water point mapping survey. Most of the water points are also seasonal (54%). Community institutions such as Water Management Committee are weak which makes Operation and Maintenance of these facilities difficult. This is compounded by another problem of lack of a supply chain system for the pump spare parts in the district.

  1. Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to complete a context analysis for water Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in Kenema District with a focus on rural locations. Work has been undertaken for secondary data analysis this needs to be reviewed and augmented and primary data collection undertaken to identify the constraints and opportunities and to specifically identify all the key players in the system. The consultant will work closely with the GOAL Sierra Leone country team and GOAL’s global WASH and Markets Advisors to undertake the assignment using GOAL market research and design tools. Additionally, the consultant will work directly with the GOAL global and national teams to analyze the data and design a context specific portfolio of interventions.

  1. Specific scope of work

The consultancy should follow the following approach:

Context analysis of the O&M situation in Kenema

  1. The following presents an initial mapping of the system and some work has been completed to document relevant secondary data.

  1. Review and augment the secondary data and plan and collect primary data to complete a comprehensive context specific, context analysis and identify and documentation all the specific key players / stakeholders.
  2. Describe the target population including relevant demographic, social, economic, health and WASH related data.
  3. Develop a business case with the potential for sustainable private sector water O&M services.

Complete a context analysis report including specific mapping of all key players

Portfolio design (using GOAL market system tools and centrally including the GOAL team)

  1. Assess each supporting function for relevance, opportunity, feasibility and resilience. Rank according to importance to increasing sustainable water O&M functionality.
  2. Map each supporting function and rules and identify opportunities and constraints and key players.
  3. Sustainability analysis of the system and its supporting function and rules (who does and who pays now and in the future).
  4. Assess key players all along the system for capacity and incentives and document.
  5. Document a portfolio of interventions to increase the sustainability of rural water in Kenema District.

Complete a design report for the water O&M system

  1. Key tasks

  1. Review secondary data and augment

  1. Develop primary data collection tools, methodology, gender considerations and a list of proposed stakeholders to be met and timeframe

  1. Data collection training and supervision of team and quality assure data

  1. Develop a business case for sustainable private sector provision of water O&M services

  1. Context analysis report and power point presentation

  1. Participatory workshop with the GOAL teams to analyze data and develop a portfolio of interventions and document (using GOAL tools)

  1. Submit draft design report for review

  1. Revisions to report and submit final report and (final) power point presentation

  1. Key Deliverables

The Consultant will provide:

  1. Review and augmentation of the secondary data.
  2. A report documenting primary data collection tools and methodology.
  3. A water O&M context analysis report combining both secondary and primary data (max. 30 pages excluding annexes), and at least one business case for private sector led water O&M services.
  4. A concise and well-presented power point presentation of the approved context analysis (max 30 well-spaced slides).
  5. A participatory workshop with the GOAL team to analyze the data and develop a portfolio of interventions. (using GOAL market system tools)
  6. A final and approved portfolio design report (max. 30 pages), and completed power point design tool as an annex.
  1. Consultancy competencies

WASH and business and gender expertise and experience.

NB. CVs of specific individual(s) who will work on the consultancy must be submitted along with the bid.