Terms & Conditions for Hiring of Skilled Drivers

Terms & Conditions for Hiring of Skilled Drivers



1.1To drive NRSC Vehicles (Light and Heavy vehicles) for Pick-up & Drop of employees from/to Airport/Railway station/residence and their local conveyance within Hyderabad.

1.2To perform outstation duties on need basis.

1.3To perform duty in Begumpet Airport: The drivers identified for duty in Begumpet Airport shall obtain Airport Entry Pass (AEP) issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), Airports Authority of India. These AEP applications will be endorsed by NRSC and they have to attend the AVSEC Training at Shamshabad Airport to get AEP. After obtaining AEP, Driver needs to undergo test at Airport Authority of India to obtain Airport Driving Permit (ADP). The cost towards this shall be borne by NRSC.

1.4The drivers identified for duty in Begumpet Airport should be consistently available for duty and the driver should not be changed, since such change calls for re-issue of AEP and this will affect Aircraft Operations severely.

1.5The duty between NRSC, Balanagar and NRSC, Shadnagar will be treated as local duty.

1.6The Service provider should have spareDrivers on their roles for providing uninterrupted Services to NRSC.

1.7The Service provider has the obligation to provide any other related documents called for by the NRSC from time to time.

1.8Any issues of not specifically covered under the Contract shall be referred to the Controller, NRSC whose decision shall be final and binding.


2.1Two Hours of Services performed by a Driver shall be treated as One (1) unit of Service.

2.2The number of Drivers Services required approximately is 4 (Four)per day. The requirement may increase or decrease and the Service provider should be in a position to provide requisite number of Drivers accordingly.

3Duties of the Driver:

3.1The Drivers deployed by the Service provider should be suitable and acceptable to NRSC with regard to their age, driving skills, general health, validity of the licenses, experience, etc. The Drivers should be in a position to drive any type/class of vehicles (Jeeps, Cars, Vans, buses, trucks etc.) possessed by NRSC.Minimum three years of experience should be there along with Valid Driving licence +Badge to drive the Commercial Vehicles. Driver should have knowledge of reading & writing of local language and English.

3.2The Drivers should have thorough knowledge of Hyderabad/Secunderabad City and its suburbs.

3.3The Driver should adhered to the assigned duty by reporting well in advance for pick-up & drop of Officials and perform duty as per the requirements. They should be willing to perform duty beyond Office hours and also split-duty on all days including Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays.

3.4They should be polite & courteous to the Officials using the vehicles.

3.5They should make proper entries in the log Book. Entries should be correct. Drivers should ensure to obtain the signature of NRSC Official/User immediately after completion of each duty indicating the reporting and terminating Kms with timings. It is the responsibility of the Drivers to safeguard the log Book and surrender the same to the Transport Division, NRSC.

3.6Drivers on duty must be in proper uniform (White pant & shirt, Shoes and Identity Card). In case Driver found without Uniform, a penalty of Rs. 200.00 per day per Driver will be imposed.

3.7They shall regularly take proper care of the vehicle assigned to them, which includes filling of fuel, regular inspection of tyres, pressure, engine oil level, radiator coolant, brake fluid, water washing to ensure cleanliness of the vehicle etc. The Drivers shall not tamper with/pilfer any parts of the vehicle/fuel and shall not carry any unauthorized persons in the vehicle. Any defect found in the vehicle should be reported to the authorized representative of NRSC Transport Division for arranging repairs.

3.8The Drivers deployed should strictly follow all traffic rules and regulations scrupulously. Any violation of such rules will be at the risk of the Service provider and consequent fines and other sundry expenses will have to be borne by the Service provider.

3.9In case of any accidents to the NRSC vehicles, the Drivers shall immediately report the matter to the nearest Police Station and keep the Service provider and authorities of NRSC informed. The Service provider shall be responsible for all the expenses related to legal/medical etc in respect of the Drivers deployed by him apart from damages to the NRSC Vehicle.

3.10The Drivers of the Service provider shall not take the NRSC vehicle to places not authorised by the Head, Transport NRSC.

4Responsibilities of the Service provider:

4.1Service provider has to instruct his Drivers to make proper entries in the Log book.

4.2The Services of Drivers should be provided as per the requirementsof NRSC which may be on all days including Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays and beyond Office hours. The details of any additional requirements other than the regular duty will be communicated to the Service provider one day in advance by the Head, Transport.

4.3Skill Test:

The Service provider has to provide sufficient number of candidates for selection of suitable Drivers. Drivers shall undergo skill test conducted by the Committee constituted by NRSC for testing the physical fitness and driving skills. Documents listed below shall be submitted for skill test by the Service provider.

4.3.1Copies of valid driving licenses of the Drivers (to be drawn for providing Services on NRSC Buses/Minibuses) authorized to drive light and heavy vehicles (with badge number).

4.3.2Medical fitness certificate certifying the Driver is fit for driving commercial vehicle shall be obtained from Asst. Civil Surgeon/Civil Surgeon or equivalent.

4.3.3A letter giving the assurance that copies of the Personnel & Accident Insurance, ESI and EPF for the drivers to be inducted for duty in NRSC will be submitted within one month of the receipt of order from NRSC.

4.3.4Recently obtained Certificate from local police authorities in respect of Character and Antecedents of theDrivers.

4.4The Service provider shall also verify/certify the conduct of the Drivers at frequent intervals. If any of the Drivers misbehaves or commits misconduct, NRSC reserves the right to refuse permission to such Drivers to enter its premises and they shall be withdrawn by the Service provider immediately.

4.5Drivers deployed for duty to NRSC should not be changed without prior permission of Head, Transport.

4.6Insurance:NRSC will not be responsible whatsoever for any injury/accident/death/damages etc., sustained by any of the Drivers while on duty and the Service provider shall make his own arrangements for life and medical insurance of his Drivers. All the liabilities including medical & legal expenses in this regard rests with the Service provider and no claim will be entertained by NRSC in this regard. The Service provider should submit to the NRSC, the proof of Insurance coverage provided to the individual Drivers within one month of the receipt of order.

4.7It is the responsibility of the Service provider to complete the driving job either by a single Driver or by different Drivers either as a single shift or as a split duty.

4.8The Service provider / his Drivers shall inform the Transport Division, NRSC of any break-down of the NRSC Vehicle for taking necessary action. The Vehicle should not be left at the road unattended and the outsourced Driver should stay with the vehicle till Officials of NRSC reach the spot to take further necessary action.

4.9The Head, Transport or his authorized person from NRSC, Transport Division shall issue instructions regarding duties to be performed. It is the responsibility of Service provider to ensure that the Drivers deployed by the Service provider obey and comply with the instructions issued.

4.10NRSC shall not be held responsible for violation of traffic rules and regulations by the outsourced Drivers. In case of failure to pay the penalties/fines imposed for violation of traffic rules, NRSC will pay the amount and the same will be deducted from the Service Provider’s monthly bill.

4.11The Service provider should provide 2 sets of stitched uniform & 1 pair of black shoes per year to the Driver deployed and also ensure that the Driver deployed attend duty in proper uniform. No reimbursement will be paid towards Uniform & shoes provided to the Driver.

5Period of Contract:

5.1The Contract shall be for a period of two years from the date of award of Contract unless it is curtailed or terminated by NRSC owing to deficiency of Service, breach of Contract, reduction or cessation of the requirements etc. The Contract shall automatically expire unless extended further by the mutual consent.

5.2The Contract may be extended for a further period of One year upon mutual consent on the same Terms and Conditions.

6Essential Conditions for Technical Qualification/Documents to be submitted in Techno-Commercial bid

6.1The Service Provider to be eligible for technical qualification MUST satisfy the following conditions / qualification criteriamentioned below by submitting self-attested copies of the following documents in their Techno-Commercial Bid. Any Service Provider not fulfilling any of these conditions / requirements would be classified as ‘technically disqualified’. It is reiterated that any bid not fulfilling any of the essential requirements mentioned in this tender document would also be classified as “Technically Not Qualified” and rejected. Price bids of such bidders will not be opened. No relaxation would be given to any Service Provider on any of these conditions.

6.1.1Service Provider should be registered with State Government / Central Government for providing Drivers and having its Office / Branch Office within Hyderabad/Shadnagar. A self-attested copy of Establishment Registration certificate(s) has to be provided along with Technical Bid.

6.1.2Service Provider should submit copies of Registration Certificate & valid Driving license in respect of Drivers.

6.1.3Service Provider should have completed at least two Contracts for similar requirements for any Central/State Government Offices/PSUs/reputed companies during the last 5 years. A contract copy/contract completion certificate of such contracts should be submitted along with the Techno-Commercial Bid. NRSC reserves the right to make enquiries from such clients about the work, conduct, performance, quality of service and such other related general enquiries about such Service Providers. The Service Provider should have no objection for making such enquiries from their existing / past clients by NRSC. Any details of work executed without contract copy shall not be considered.

6.1.4Service Provider should not have been ‘blacklisted’ or not have been reprimanded/warned by any of their existing / past clients, especially any Government Department / organizations, for defective / deficient service or any such reasons related to service provided by them. Service Provider should not have any legal suit/criminal case pending against its proprietor or any of its Directors (in the case of Private Ltd. Company) or having not been earlier convicted on grounds of moral turpitude or for violation of laws in force. A declaration to this aspect should be submitted as per Annexure – 3.

6.1.5A copy of PAN Card.

6.1.6A copy of the IT return filed by agency for the last 3 years

6.1.7A copy of Goods & Service Tax(GST) registration certificate.

6.1.8A copy of Solvency Certificate for Rs.10 Lakhs from a nationalized/scheduled bank.

6.1.9Statement of Bank A/c for the last six months in the name of firm/establishment/agency.

6.1.10Proof of registration of firm with Employees’ Provident Fund(EPF) Organisation along with latest copy of challan having remitted the amount towards PF contribution of the employee’s of the firm.

6.1.11Proof of registration of the firm with Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Corporation along with latest copy of challan having remitted the contribution towards ESI of employees of the firm.

6.1.12An assurance letter in respect of submitting the documents for skill test mentioned in clause 4.3 above.

6.1.13Service Provider should fulfill all other conditions/requirements mentioned in this tender document.

  1. Payment Terms:

Cost of Services:

S.No / Description / Amount Per Unit (Rs.)
01 / Cost of Skilled DriverServices / Unit Cost of Service = (Minimum wages prevailing on the day for skilled Category)/4
If the Minimum wages per day be Rs 653.00, theUnit cost of a Driver Service=(653/4)=Rs.163.25.
02 / Employers share of ESI per unit / Shall be paid extra as applicable on Sl.No. 01
03 / Employers share of EPF per unit / Shall be paid extra as applicable on Sl.No. 01
04 / Service Charges for FIRST YEAR / To be quoted by Service provider
05 / Service Charges for SECOND YEAR / To be quoted by Service provider

7.1Payments to the work force deployed shall be as per the prevailing Minimum wages norms scheduled in the Ministry of Labour & Employment Notification No: S.O.188 (E) dated 19/01/2017 throughout the duration of the Contract. Periodic revision of the Minimum wages will be applicable to this Contract.

7.2Payments will be made on monthly basis proportionate to the Units of Service satisfactorily rendered as defined in the scope of work. TDS shall be applicable as per the rules of Income Tax Act.

7.3Taxes applicable on Services shall be borne by NRSC.

7.4Service Charges per unit for First Year and Second Year should be provided by the Service provider.

7.5Drivers performing outstation duties shall be paid Bata @ Rs 300/- per day which shall be on 24 hours basis. The Service provider shall claim the same along with the monthly bills.

7.6The Service charges per unit of service as quoted by the Service provider in the price bid form shall remain firm & fixed for the corresponding year. In case of extension of the Contract beyond two years, Service charges per annum shall be fixed in proportion to the preceding two years.

7.7Service provider should make payments to the Drivers during a month before the 5th day of the succeeding month and shall submit the bills for reimbursement to NRSC by 07th day of succeeding month. The Service provider shall enclose copies of the following along with the monthly bill:

  1. Wage Register
  2. ESI Remittance
  3. EPF Remittance
  4. Goods & Service Tax Remittance
  5. Premium payment towards Personnel Accidental Insurance
  6. Any other statutory levy along with a copy of the order.
  1. LEGAl

8.1The Service provider must be registered with the concerned Government authorities, i.e. Labour Department, Employees Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance Corporation and Goods & Service Tax etc.

8.2The Service provider shall abide by all the law of land including Labour laws [PF, Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax and any other taxes levied by the Government], Contract Labour Act, Tax Deduction liabilities, Minimum Wages Act, Welfare measures of its employees etc., and any other obligations that enjoin in such cases and are not essentially enumerated and defined herein, though any such onus shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Service provider and it shall not involve NRSC in anyway whatsoever. Compliance of these provisions shall be ensured by the Service provider before making monthly payments to his Drivers & submission of claims to NRSC for reimbursement.

8.3The timely deposit of Employers’ and Employees’ contribution towards EPF & ESI at scheduled rates shall be the sole responsibility of the Service provider. The Service provider shall be responsible for making the payments of Wages and allowances to the Drivers as per the Minimum wages applicable as fixed by the Central/State Governments, whichever is higher and all Statutory payments [EPF, ESI, OT, Accommodation/ Transportation/Medical facility and any other expenditure] to the Drivers for providing Services. NRSC shall in no way be responsible for any default with regard to any such statutory obligations related to the Service provider.

8.4Service provider should also be liable for depositing of all Taxes, Levies, Cess etc., on account of Services rendered by the Drivers to the concerned authorities from time to time as per the extant rules and regulations on the matter.

8.5The Service provider should comply and maintain all Registers under the applicable law. The Service provider should produce the same for inspection to NRSC Officials or any other authority under law.

8.6The Drivers deployed by the Service provider to carry out the Services as envisaged in this Contract shall not have any claims whatsoever of MASTER and SERVANT relationship nor have any PRINCIPAL and AGENT relationship with or against NRSC.

8.7For all intents and purposes, the Service provider should be the “Employer” within the meaning of different labour legislations in respect of Service provider’s personnel so deployed at NRSC.

8.8In case of termination of the Contract on its expiry or otherwise, the Drivers deployed by the Service provider have no claim whatsoever for any kind of regular employment in the NRSC.

8.9The Service provider shall be solely responsible for the redressal of grievances/resolution of disputes relating to the Drivers deployed. NRSC shall in no way be responsible for settlement of such issues whatsoever.

8.10NRSC reserves right to enter into parallel/adhoc Contract(s) with one or more Service provider(s) during the currency of Contract for availing the same or similar Services.