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Richmond County School System

Schoolwide/School Improvement Plan

Title I Schoolwide Program X / Title I Targeted Assistance / Non-Title I School
School Name: Hephzibah Middle School / District Name: Richmond
Principal Name: Dr. W. Cameron Henry / School Year: 2015-2016
School Mailing Address: 2427 Mims Rd., Hephzibah, GA 30815
Telephone: 706-592-4534
District Title I Director/Coordinator Name: Angeline Andrews-Milton
District Title I Director/Coordinator Mailing Address: 864 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901
Email Address:
Telephone: 706-826-1134
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Subject Areas that Need Improvement
ELA Math Science Social Studies
Graduation Rate
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Subject Areas that Need Improvement
ELA Math Science Social Studies
Did Not Exit
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Template Instructions

·  All components of a Title I Schoolwide Program Plan and a School Improvement Plan must be addressed. When using SWP and SIP checklists, all components/elements marked as “Not Met” need additional development.

·  Please add your planning committee members on the next page.

·  The first ten components in the template are required components as set forth in Section 1114 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).

·  Include a narrative response to address each component of the plan.

·  If you are identified as a Focus or Priority School, your SW/SIP needs to address the areas you were identified for.

Planning Committee Members

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Cameron Henry

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Tabatha Tucker

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Assistant Principal

Will Smith

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Assistant Principal

Lillian Isreal

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Title I Program Specialist

Lisa Byrd

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Instructional Coach

Octavia Randolph

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Parent Facilitator

Diane Johnston

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Media Specialist

Lori Ledwig

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Karen Mack

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Jackie Mitchell

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Kamona Warren-Cham

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Mary Ellen Jeffcoat

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SMART Goals for FY15-16

Goal #1:

Increase CCRPI Achievement Content Mastery Points Earned – baseline is 42.4 target is 50.

(Score from State ranges from 0-80)
Increase Reading achievement scores from 479 to 525 as measured by the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.
Increase Math achievement scores from 487 to 525 as measured by the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.
Increase Science achievement scores from 468 to 525 as measured by the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.
Increase Social Studies achievement scores from 468 to 525 as measured by the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.

Goal #2:

Increase percent of students achieving a Lexile measure greater than or equal to 1050 on the 8th grade EOG* (from 76.1% to 78.38%) as measured by the CCRPI).

Increase percent of students achieving a Quantile that is at or above grade level as measured by iReady Universal Screener from the beginning of the year baseline score.
*based on 2014 CCRPI results, will be updated once new CCRPI scores are available

Goal #3:

Decrease the number of students missing 6 or more days of school from 23% to 15%.
Decrease the number of referrals to the office for disorderly conduct from 195 to 100 or less.

SWP/SIP Components

1.  A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school, (including taking into account
the needs of migratory children as defined in Section 1309(2)) that is based on information which includes the achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards and the state student academic achievement standards described in Section 1111(b)(1).

Hephzibah Middle School continues to be eligible for Title I school wide services for the 2015-2016 school year. In depth examination of the student demographics, socioeconomic status, attendance data, and standardized test data proves the importance of developing a comprehensive instructional plan that will meet the needs of all learners at HMS. Faculty members meet as a grade level, a professional learning community, a Leadership Team, and a School Council to develop and analyze the instructional plan throughout the course of the school year.

Content Area Achievement

In reviewing the CCRPI data, Hephzibah Middle School’s CCRPI score is 62.4 (2014). The school earned 42.4 points for achievement in the content areas with math, science, social studies scores being the lowest. While reading is an area of strength with 92.5% of the

students meeting or exceeding standards in Reading, yet 76.1 of the students earned a Lexile of 1050 by the end of 8th grade as measured by the Georgia Milestone End of Grade Assessment. English Language Arts scores lagged behind reading with 84.8% of the

student population meeting or exceeding standard. In both Math and Science, 75% of the students met or exceeded standards in the respective subject. As for Social Studies, 63.4% of the students met or exceeded standard.

5 Year Analysis of Content Area Performance on CRCT/Georgia Milestones EOG

Subject / Year / DNM / M+E
English / 2014 / 15.2 / 84.8
2013 / 12.7 / 87.3
2012 / 14.0 / 86.0
2011 / 18.9 / 81.1
2010 / 15.0 / 85.0
Reading / 2014 / 7.5 / 92.5
2013 / 5.7 / 94.3
2012 / 8.8 / 91.2
2011 / 10.0 / 90.0
2010 / 8.8 / 91.2
Math / 2014 / 25.4 / 74.6
2013 / 25.2 / 74.8
2012 / 25.6 / 74.4
2011 / 23.4 / 76.6
2010 / 28.9 / 71.1
Science / 2014 / 25.2 / 74.8
2013 / 31.0 / 69.0
2012 / 35.3 / 64.7
2011 / 35.1 / 64.9
2010 / 28.3 / 71.7
Social Studies / 2014 / 36.6 / 63.4
2013 / 37.1 / 62.9
2012 / 46.5 / 53.5
2011 / 36.8 / 63.2
2010 / 29.0 / 71.0

Note: 2010 and 2011 performance was measured by AYP standards. Beginning in 2012 to the present, performance was based on CCRPI standards. Additionally, the first Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment was administered in the 2014-2015 school year.

Georgia Milestones EOG scores are as follows for each content area:

HMS CCRPI Points for Content, Readiness, and Being Prepared for Graduation

Hephzibah Middle School earned 18.77 of the possible 24 points content area achievement. For the readiness indicators, the school earned 15.84 of the 18 points available. In the area of readiness for graduation, HMS students earned 7.83 points of the 18 points available. By increasing each area, it will lead to a higher CCRPI score for the school as well as increased student growth.

CCRPI – Post Middle School Readiness – 3 Year Analysis

Category / 2015 / 2014 / 2013
Percent of students w/disabilities served in general ed environment greater than 80% of day / 75.0 / 89.4
Percent of students scoring at Meets or Exceeds on the Grade Eight Writing Assessment / 70.6 / 64.5
Percent of student with lexile 1050 or greater by end of 8th grade / 76.1 / 61.2
Percent of students completing 2 or more state defined career related assessments/inventories and a state defined Individual Graduation Plan by the end of grade 8. / 99.4 / 97.8
Percent of students in grade eight passing at least four courses in core content areas (ELA, mathematics, science, social studies) and scoring at Meets or Exceeds on all CRCT and required EOCT / 45.1 / 52.3
Percent of students exceeding standard on all 4 content areas on CRCT / 21.1 / 33.5

Note: 2015 will be added once results are available.

In reviewing the post middle school readiness results for Hephzibah Middle School, there have been improvements as well as areas for improvement. The percentage of students meeting and exceeding standard in writing increased 6.1%. It is important to keep in mind that in the 2015 Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment, the writing component was assessed in the English Language Arts/Reading and Mathematic sections in the form of constructed and extended response.

The percentage of students achieving a lexile score of 1050 by the end of grade 8th increased by 14.9%, yet 23.9% of our students did not meet standard in this area. This is an area for improvement. When students excel at reading, all content area scores will increase.

Based on the data, several areas of focused must be addressed. Those areas are ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Although there was some progress during the 2015-2016 school year, much work is needed to show improvement in those areas by meeting the given targets as outlined in the CCRPI (College Core Ready Performance Index.).

According to the 2014 post middle school readiness, the perentage of students passing all four content areas (ELA, math, science, Social Studies) and scoring at the meet or exceeds level on all CRCT and EOC decreased. In 2013, 52.3% of the students met this indicator, but in 2014 45.1% of the students met this indicator. The percentage of students exceeding standard in all areas of the CRCT in 2014 was 21.1%, yet in 2013 the percentage was 33.5%.

Universal Screener Data – iReady

The chart below depicts the fall iReady universal screener data for Math. Numerous need extra support in the area of math. Students have already begun interventions in iReady instruction. Teachers will be providing interventions and progress monitoring in the classroom as well with iReady Instruction. Additionally, results will be shared with students so that can be fully aware of their progress.

The chart below shows student performance on the iReady Reading Universal Screener (Fall). As indicated by the results, numerous students show that they need support in reading. Teachers will be providing interventions and progress monitoring in the classroom as well with iReady Instruction. Additionally, results will be shared with students so that can be fully aware of their progress.


Attendance continues to be an area for improvement at Hephzibah Middle School. In the 2014-2015 school year, 23% of our student population missed six to ten days of school and 40% of our student population missed 10 or more days of school. 63% of our student population missed a significant amount of instruction due to their absences. Improving the attendance rate at HMS will aid in increasing the achievement score in all content areas. In the 2015 school year, if 75 students miss 6 days, the school will not be awarded the CCRPI points for attendance. Below are graphs and charts that depict the attendance trends over the last seven years as well as specific information on 2014-2015 school year.

2014- 2015 Attendance by Absence Category

Category / % of Absences
Zero Absences / 8
1 to 5 Absences / 29
6 to 10 Absences / 23
10 or more Absences / 40

Behavior and Discipline Data

From August – December, 2015, there have been 237 discipline referrals to the office. After reviewing behavior and discipline reports, it showed that 195 referrals were made from August – December, 2015 for disorderly conduct (RCSS Rule 1).

2.  School reform strategies that:

a.  Provide opportunities for all children to meet the state’s proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement described in Section 1111(b)(1)(D).

The ways in which we will address the needs of all children in the school particularly the needs of students furthest away from demonstrating proficiency related to the State’s academic content and student academic achievement standard are . . .

In an effort to meet the needs of all learners, the instructional strategies utilized for this plan are the implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and data-driven research-based decision making. The CCGPS are transparent expectations for instructional delivery, student accountability, and assessment. In an effort to support teachers in this implementation, the instructional platform follows the principles of the standards based curriculum. In standards-based

instruction, the standards guide instruction so that it is focused on student learning. The standards further provide an overview of student and teacher expectations by establishing a platform for the content to be taught.

Data driven decision making helps the teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of students. There is continual assessment embedded in instruction. Afterwards the data is sorted and analyzed consistent with the targeted needs of the students as a result of the assessment data and teacher observations. Research based best practices inclusive of technology integration, inquiry, problem solving, and collaborative learning will be utilized. Teachers will further utilize strategies that incorporate higher-order thinking skills by use of activities that increase the depth of knowledge of the students.

Consistent with goals of the Richmond County School System, the following instructional strategies will function in collaboration with the mission and beliefs of the school. These include the following:

·  Daily intervention activities will be provided for all students at LangfordHephzibah Middle. Placement is determined after the strengths and areas of improvement are analyzed for each student. Intervention activities will remediate and accelerate according to the needs of the students.

·  Extended Learning Time will be held after school beginning in the second semester to provide additional support for students.

·  Small group instruction will be provided for students who failed the math and reading/language arts portions of the GA Milestones EOG during the 2014-2015 school year. These students will compose the targeted assistance population for math and reading/language arts. In addition to daily intervention, Carnegie Mathia, iReady Instruction Intervention, USA Test Prep, Egenuity, NewsELA, Journey’s, and Voyager Math instruction will be provided for these students.

·  The language of the standards will be utilized throughout the instructional framework by the teachers and students in order to enhance student performance as evidenced on focus walk results.