Technology-Connected Lesson Plan s3

Technology-Connected Lesson Plan

Title: /

One Small Step for Man (Space Exploration)

Grade Levels: / :  4th – 6th
Curriculum Areas: / :  Science
Measurable Objectives: / :  TLW become aware that there were pioneers of space exploration and travel.
:  TLW learn about major events in the history of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration.
Grade Level Expectations: (GLEs) / :  {SCI.4.69} Explain how technology has improved our knowledge of the universe (e.g., Hubble telescope, space stations, lunar exploration)
:  {SCI.5.ESS.47} Identify and explain advances in technology that have enabled the exploration of space
K-12 Educational Technology Standards: / :  Technology Research Tools (Linking and Generating Knowledge Foundation Skill)
Students use appropriate technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources
:  Technology Productivity Tools (Resource Access and Utilization Foundation Skill)
Students use productivity tools to work collaboratively in developing technology-rich, authentic, student-centered products.
Technology Connection: / :  Computer with Internet Access/Presentation station
:  Space Exploration PowerPoint
:  Flag Book Template
:  People in Space Exploration
:  Famous Space Exploration
:  World Book Online
Video: Space Exploration: Apollo 11
:  Directions for Flag Book
:  Flag Book Sample
:  Time Line of Space Exploration
:  Timeliner software (extended activity)
Assessment: / :  Completed Flag Book on Space Exploration
Procedures: / :  Start the lesson off by showing the PowerPoint on Space Exploration (create the atmosphere by playing some instrumental music in the background).
:  Discuss with the class the important events that led up to the current space program. Ask students if they can recall any significant events in history dealing with space exploration.
:  Discuss how Apollo 11 was the first space mission to land a human being on the moon on July 16, 1969. On July 20th, four days after liftoff, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon and collected rocks and soil samples from the moon.
:  Show the short video from World Book Online of the Apollo 11 and the first steps on the moon.
Video: Space exploration: Apollo 11
:  Assign each student 6 names from the list below to research. The can use the following sites or filtered search engines to gather their information. They need to write down at least three facts about each person including what missions and dates if any they were on and other significant information. Students will need to save a picture of each assigned person they are completing research on.
People in Space Exploration
Famous Space Exploration
Valentina Tereshkova / Jake Garn
Buzz Aldrin / Mohammed Faris
Yuri Gagarin / Story Musgrave
Sally Ride / Gus Grissom
Valery Polyakov / Frank Borman
John Glenn / Christa McAuliffe
Neil Armstrong / Molly Brown
Alan Shepard / Guion Bluford
Jean-Loup Chretien / Gherman Titov
Deke Slayton / Wally Schirra
Alexei Leonov / Pete Conrad
Mae Jemison / Donald Slayton
Alan Bean / John Young
James Lovell / Story Musgrave
:  Prepare a Flag Book sample to show as an example.
:  After students have completed their research, they will type their information in the Flag book template.
Online directions for making the Flag Book can be found at
Students will make a flag for each person they completed research for. They need to insert a picture on each flag page for that famous person.
*Note – 6 flag pages for a book with one side
12 flag pages for a book with double sided pages (information about their assigned person will appear on both sides)
:  Students can design their cover using crayons and markers or they can print out clip art to add to their cover.
:  Allow students to share their Flag Book with the class.
:  Extension: Students could use the Time Line of Space Exploration site to create a time line of important events in history dealing with space exploration. Timeliner would be a good piece of software to use for this activity.
Materials: / :  Cardstock (2 sheets for each student for accordion fold and front & back covers)
:  Crayons & markers for designing cover
Teacher’s Name: / :  Kathy Prine
School: / :  CM Fagan