Technical College High School Pickering Campus

Technical College High School Pickering Campus

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Welcome and Mission Statement
School Board Policy/Nondiscrimination
Objectives and Beliefs
School Calendar
Bell Schedule
Student Rights & Responsibilities
School Philosophy
Attendance Policies
Code of Conduct & Discipline
Dress Code
Grading Systems & Graduation Requirements
Cafeteria Procedures
Driving and Parking Regulations
School Assemblies and Activities
Student Support Services
Programs and Activities
Cooperative Education Program
Physical Education Policies
General School Information
Health and Safety
Emergency Situations, Evacuations & Closures
Computer Policy / 2



2015 - 2016

This school will provide you with an excellent opportunity to receive your high school diploma and at the same time develop career and technical skills in the area of your choice. Success can never be guaranteed. However, if you have good attendance and dedicate yourself to doing your very best in every class, you can count on doing well and having many excellent job offers to choose from upon graduation. The faculty, staff and administration of this school are committed to the goal of helping you achieve success. Together we can make it a great year!

Please thoroughly review this handbook and share it with your parents, as it will be most helpful in the achievement of your career and educational goals. We can help you pave the way to a bright, successful future and help your dreams become reality. HAVE A GREAT YEAR!

Dr. Joseph J. O’Brien

Executive Director

Dr. Kirk Williard

Director, Career, Technical & Customized Education

Mr. Frank McKnight


Mr. Richard Weber

Assistant Principal

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technical College High School, a partner for economic and workforce development, is to engage students in the academic and technical preparation necessary to continue their education, launch their career and become lifelong learners.


“Policies and procedures contained within this handbook were adopted and approved by the Chester County Intermediate Unit Board of School Directors (CCIU) or its management. Unless specifically incorporated or referenced in a collective bargaining agreement or other agreement approved by CCIU, these policies and procedures are not contractual. Such policies and procedures may be revised or deleted without notice when deemed in the best interest of CCIU. Changes in policies or procedure will be done in accordance with the bylaws and other governing policies of the CCIU.” School board policy requires that a copy of the discipline and attendance policies be distributed to every student. Prior to participating in their CTE program, the student must return a copy signed by both student, parent or guardian, and signifying that both parent and student have read the policies and agree to abide by the policies contained therein. TCHS-Pickering Campus will operate in accordance with all policies approved by the Chester County Intermediate Board of Directors and all directives of its Executive Director.


The Chester County Intermediate Unit is an educational service agency that exists to provide quality, cost-effective services to the community and its residents. The Chester County Intermediate Unit administers instructional, enrichment and administrative programs and Services to Chester County’s 12 public school districts and to over 45 private and parochial schools in the county. These programs include instructional, remedial and enrichment services for regular and special education students. Other IU services support teachers, school administrators and school directors. The diversity of CCIU programs enables IU staff to interact with school district personnel at all levels and to maintain a cohesive educational network throughout Chester County.


The Chester County Intermediate Unit will not discriminate in employment, educational programs or activities based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, handicap, marital status or because a person is a disabled veteran or a veteran of the Vietnam era. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for employees and program participants who are disabled. No preschool, elementary or secondary school pupil enrolled in an intermediate unit program shall be denied equal opportunity to participate in age and program appropriate instruction or activities due to race, religion, color, disability, handicap, national origin, marital status, limited English proficiency or financial hardship. Participation in instruction and activities for a student identified as exceptional may be modified according to the student’s individualized educational plan (IEP) developed for the student. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for pupils who are disabled.


The information in this handbook was compiled to provide a general summary of the rules, regulations, requirements, and policies governing the operation of the TCHS-Pickering Campus. It is by no means an all-inclusive presentation of the educational regulations governing this school, nor does it contain information on every aspect of school life, or cover every possible situation, which may occur in the school year. Furthermore, the information and rules outlined are subject to change without prior notification. When meaningful or significant changes do occur, the administration will make a reasonable effort to inform all students, parents and school districts associated.


The Chester County Technical College High School, in collaboration with sending school staff members, will graduate students prepared to succeed in a postsecondary plan of study, become successfully employed or enter the military service.

The Chester County Technical College High School will continuously improve instructional programs and services by implementing systemic changes, delivery system modification and expanded facilities.


We believe that education is the shared responsibility of family, students, school and the community.

We believe that students are entitled to a safe and secure educational environment.

We believe that students need a foundation for continuous academic, technical, professional and personal development.

We believe that a personal and individualized school environment promotes optimal student performance.

We believe that diversified learning activities will meet the needs of all students.

We believe that everyone has the responsibility to be good stewards of all resources committed to the TCHS-Pickering mission.


Everyone’s behavior must support the dignity, self-worth, safety and security of each individual involved in the educational process; anything less is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Everyone will recognize and respect the differences of an increasingly diverse student population.

Program content and practices will be reviewed and updated annually with input from all stakeholders.

Program quality will be maintained and continuously improved utilizing all available resources.

Postsecondary options will be increased to include all programs.

The introduction of new programs and services, as well as the revision or elimination of existing programs, will be consistent with our mission, beliefs and parameters, and considered annually with input from all stakeholders.

Chester County Technical College High School – Pickering Campus


Assistant Principal
Supervisor of Special Education
Guidance Counselor
School Nurse
Attendance Specialist / Mr. Frank McKnight
Mr. Richard Weber
Mrs. Michelle Macluckie
Ms. Lea Scott
Ms. Debra Corcoran
Mrs. Christine Koch

Administrative Support Staff

Secretary to the Principal
Career and Technical Education
Receptionist / Ms. JoAnn Menta
Ms. Kathy Benson
Mrs. Jackie Misero
Mrs. Sandi Yarnall

Maintenance and Custodial Staff

Building & Grounds Supervisor / Mr. James Morgitan
Custodians / Mr. Lewis Bindschusz
Mr. Carmen Brango
Mr. Joseph Drabick
Mr. John Moonan
Mr. Mario Tancredi
Mr. Curtis Webb
Mr. John Weidner

Academic Courses and Faculty

English / Mrs. Lynn Marie Brown
Mathematics / Mrs. Jeanne Moylan
Health/Physical Education / Mr. Michael O’Neill
Science / Mrs. Judy Batchelor
Social Studies / Mrs. Heather Mulford

Career & Technical Programs and Faculty

Allied Health Science Technology
Animal Science & Technology
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Service Technology
Commercial & Graphic Arts
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Early Childhood Care & Guidance
Engine Technology
Electronics & Robotics
Health Occupations
Teacher Academy / Ms. Angela Clayton
Mrs. Carolyn DiLossi
Ms. Taryn McCaffrey
Mr. Chester Eagles
Mr. Nate Buchanan
Mr. Mike Bland
Mr. Albert Tucker
Mrs. Debora Neatock
Mr. James Sharkey
Mrs. Beth Smiley
Mrs. Ellen Nutter
Mr. Chester Eagles
Mr. Thomas Mable
Ms. Donna Dietrich
Mrs. Ellen Nutter
Special Programs
Project SOAR Coordinator
Information Technology
Mental Health Specialist / Mrs. Julie Bryan
Mr. Thomas Ellsworth
Ms. Danni Niblick
Mr. Jay Burkholder

Bell #1 - Regular Schedule / Bell #2 - 2 Hour Delay
7:45 AM / Release / 9:45 AM / Release
7:50 AM / Advisory Begins / 9:50 AM / Advisory Begins
7:58 AM / Advisory Ends / 9:58 AM / Advisory Ends
8:01 AM / Block 1 Begins / 10:01 AM / Block 1 Begins
9:15 AM / Block 1 Ends / 10:15 AM / Block 1 Ends
9:18 AM / Block 2 Begins / 10:18 AM / Block 2 Begins
10:43 AM / Block 2 Ends / 10:43 AM / Block 2 Ends
10:46 AM / Block 3 Begins / 10:46 AM / Block 3 Begins
11:15 AM / short bell - lunch / 11:15 AM / short bell - lunch
11:25 AM / short bell - lunch / 11:25 AM / short bell - lunch
11:57 AM / short bell - lunch / 11:57 AM / short bell - lunch
12:45 PM / Block 3 Ends / 12:45 PM / Block 3 Ends
12:48 PM / Block 4 Begins / 12:48 PM / Block 4 Begins
2:13 PM / Block 4 Ends / 2:13 PM / Block 4 Ends
Bell #3 - 1 Hour Delay
8:45 AM / Release
8:50 AM / Advisory Begins
8:58 AM / Advisory Ends
9:01 AM / Block 1 Begins
9:40 AM / Block 1 Ends
9:43 AM / Block 2 Begins
10:43 AM / Block 2 Ends
10:46 AM / Block 3 Begins
11:15 AM / short bell - lunch
11:25 AM / short bell - lunch
11:57 AM / short bell - lunch
12:45 PM / Block 3 Ends
12:48 PM / Block 4 Begins
2:13 PM / Block 4 Ends

Student Rights & Responsibilities

These student rights and responsibilities have been established to improve the quality of education for the students that attend this school, and we firmly believe these principles will enable you to become better citizens and leaders.

Student Rights
  • I have the right to be welcomed and to be informed of all school procedures at TCHS - Pickering.
  • I have the right to expect fair and equal treatment from everyone without discrimination.
  • I have the right to a learning environment, which promotes my personal and educational growth.
  • I have the right to an education involving various learning options.
  • I have the right to expect tolerance, non-discrimination, and respect in the areas of racial, sexual, ethnic, religious, physical, and mental differences.
  • I have the right to express my ideas and views in a respectful manner.

Student Responsibilities
  • I have the responsibility to attend school on a regular basis.
  • I have the responsibility to follow all school rules and respect all members and fellow classmates.
  • I have the responsibility to dress appropriately in school uniform and be prepared to learn.
  • I have the responsibility to participate and support the learning process for my peers, staff, and myself.
  • I have the responsibility to accept the consequences for my behavior and actions.
  • I have the responsibility to listen to other’s views and opinions on subjects, which may differ from mine.


The administration and professional staff of the Chester County Technical College High School – Pickering Campus are dedicated to educating young people.

We believe that:

  • Every student can learn.
  • Each student has the right to a quality education in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Each student shares in the responsibility of acquiring his/her education.
  • Every student must eventually earn his/her living and associate with others as an enlightened and responsible individual.

We are committed to:

  • Assisting students in meeting the challenges and responsibilities of a full life through interaction with others, instruction in academic skills and occupational skills, and by providing cultural experiences, which will affect the development of self-esteem.
  • Helping students develop the skills necessary for them to become good citizens who are involved, responsible and productive in society.
  • Developing in students the necessary skills, attitudes and leadership qualities that will enable them to meet the expectations of business industry and assure their success in the world of work.

Our objectives are:

  • To encourage each student's success in every aspect of the educational program.
  • To provide the opportunity for students to obtain training in a large number of career and technical areas in order to increase their employment opportunities.
  • To teach each student the academic and occupational knowledge and skills that are necessary to reach job-level competency and/or post-secondary readiness in course.
  • To develop in each student a strong work ethic and professional attitude toward employment, supervisors, and co-workers that will lead to success in the working world.
  • To prepare students to further their education and training throughout their lives.


Exceed Your Dreams!

Attendance Policies

Regular school attendance is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. The Administration and Staff of the Technical College High School - Pickering recognize that there is a positive correlation between attendance in school and achievement in class.

The attendance specialist will provide students with Absentee Slips and the appropriate passes for absences, lates, early dismissals, educational travel, non-school sponsored travel and student parking. Students are to report to the attendance specialist in the main office before going to class the day they return from any absence.

Reporting Absences

Parents/guardians must notify the school of their child’s absence by telephone, electronic format or written format by the start of the school day. The telephone procedures are as follows:

The evening before or the morning of the absence and no later than 7:30 AM the parent/guardian should call the attendance officer at (610) 933-8877 x4203.

The parent/guardian should also call the above number if your child will be arriving late to school. (Note the regulation limiting the number of times parental calls will be considered an excused late.)

When reporting please state the student’s full name, reason for the absence or tardiness, who is calling in the absence or tardiness, relationship to the student, and a number where you can be reached.

If the student is absent for more than one day; the parent/guardian should call the attendance officer for each subsequent day. Failure to call or provide a written note may result in an unexcused absence. In cases where the student is absent and no other notification has been provided, the school will notify the parent at home or place of employment and, if necessary, leave a message.

Part-Time Student Arrival

Part-time students who drive are expected to report directly to TCHS-Pickering from their home school. They must arrive by the same time the bus from their sending school arrives or they will be considered late to school and subject to disciplinary action.

Excused Absences: (Policy # 204)

In accordance with school code: 1327, 1329, 24 P.S. 13-1329, 1330 sections: 11,23,11,25 upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of mental or physical illness, death of a family member or friend, family emergency, court appearance, or other urgent reasons approved by the school administration may excuse a student for a temporary period. An excuse from the parent, guardian or emancipated minor student, acceptable to the school administration, is required in case of such absence. The excuse may be provided by telephone (as confirmed by the school attendance officer) 610-933-8877 x4203 electronic, or written format.

At any point, administration may require written excuse cards for any student not following procedures listed above. Such reasons as “missing the bus,” “car problems,” “personal,” or “oversleeping’ are classified as unexcused absences. Any student who is absent in excess of three consecutive days is required to present a physician’s excuse to validate the absences. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the absences being classified as unexcused and or illegal.

Unexcused/Unlawful Absence

An unexcused absence occurs when an acceptable excuse, by way of telephone, (as confirmed by the school attendance officer) 610-933-8877 x4203 electronic or written format is not received by the attendance officer within three days of the absence.

An unexcused absence becomes an unlawful absence for all students of compulsory age (between 8 and 17 years). A student who does not return to school shall be carried on the active role for a maximum of ten (10) days. After the parents have been notified, the child will be withdrawn from the rolls of the school and will be required to return to their sending district.

Failure to report absences within three days of the absence will warrant the following disciplinary actions:

First offense: One block of SBC for the unexcused / Illegal absence and parent contact

Second offense: Two blocks of SBC for the unexcused / Illegal absence and parent contact

Third offense: Full Day of SBC for the unexcused / illegal absence and parent contact. A zero for the day in the classes not attended. Parents of students of compulsory school age will receive a letter of first notice, which indicates the next unexcused absence will warrant the initiation of legal proceedings.

Fourth and all subsequent offenses: ISS or OSS at administrator’s discretion / Parent contact. Parents and students of compulsory school age are subject to legal actions and loss of student parking privileges.

Determination of Violations/Penalties

Discretion may be used for absences resulting from a medical doctor’s care. All other absences will be included in the number of accumulated class absences, unless reasonably justified.

If it is determined that no mitigating circumstances exist which reasonably justify eighteen (18) or more absences, the student will not be awarded credit for the course and will be required to repeat the course.

The school may, in it’s reasonable discretion, exercise all or part of the following options:

  1. Grant credit for absences(s) caused by legitimate medical reasons, provided the student has successfully met all other course requirements, or
  2. Grant credit for absence(s) justified by other mitigating circumstances, or
  3. Withhold course credit and/or promotion or graduation. If credit is withdrawn, a student will, under normal circumstances, be required to remain in and repeat the class to which he or she is assigned.

Late Arrival Procedures: