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  1. Getting Started2
  2. Survey Process3 - 5
  3. HPI/HSE Questions Scoring/Weights6 - 7
  4. Reporting 8- 9
  5. Survey Offender Policy10

For Technical Questions (relating to the Hyundai Customer Insights website), contact:


For all other questions, contact:

Your Hyundai DSM or DPSM


How do I navigate the site?

See the Quick Start Guide located within the Resource Tab of the menu bar (

How do I get my password if your/have a…

New dealer – Ask your DSM or DPSM to request your password. A new login/password will be generated within 5 business days from activation. HMA will send an email notification with the Hyundai Customer Insights access information to the primary region contact, who will communicate to the field and dealer.
New employee – see your Sales or Service Manager at the dealership.
Security breach – you can change your dealership’s password by requesting a password change through your DSM or DPSM.

What if I forgot my user name and password?

Contact yourHyundai DSM or DPSM.

Do I use the same password for Sales & Service within the dealership?

Yes, the user name and password are the same within the dealership.

Is my user name and password case sensitive?

Yes, all user names and passwords are case sensitive.

How can dealers capture Customer email addresses for the HPI survey?

HPI surveys will be sent to the owner email on the RDR.

How can dealers capture Customer email addresses for the HSE survey?

Most DMS systems have a field in the header information for the customer’s email address. As long as the field is present within the DMS, and the Dealer populates it when creating the repair order, the email address will be captured in the extract. In order to capture the email in this manner, dealers should enter/confirm the valid email address into the repair order header each and every time one is generated and/or the customer information changes.


Which customers receive a survey?

Sales: Most sales customers are eligible to receive a survey, exceptions are:

  • Fleet sales
  • House deals
  • Vehicles that were once used as demos
  • Vehicles with odometer readings over 500 miles (501+) at time of sale
  • Vehicles sold to the dealership or a business
  • Vehicles that were once used as service loaners
  • Customers already contacted within the past 3 months (90 days)

Service: All Hyundai service customers are eligible to receive a survey, exceptions are:

  • Work orders received by HMA’s system more than 30 days after RO close date
  • Incomplete owner information on the RO
  • Fleet sales
  • House deals
  • Businesses
  • Customers already contacted within the last 3 months (90 days)
  • Dealer addresses listed in customer address fields
  • RO close date is the same as RDR date
  • Vehicle mileage is less than 75 miles
  • Customers without a valid email address in HMA’s records
  • Internal pay without a valid HMA oil filter part number
  • Customers on HMA’s DNC list
  • Customers that fall outside the 2017 J.D. Power CSI eligible criteria

Survey invitation method. How is the survey invitation sent to the customer?

Sales: Service:

By email only (no paper survey). Survey is then completed online. / By email only (no paper survey). Survey is then completed online.

Time limit to complete. What is the time limit for a customer to take a survey?

The survey must be completed within 30 calendar days of the email invitation.

Can a customer stop mid-way in the survey and comeback later?

Yes, this is an option. However, they will need to complete the process within 30 calendar days of the original email request date.

Time to complete. How long does the online survey take to complete?

Sales: Service:

The HPI survey takes approximately 8 minutes. / The HSE survey takes about 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Are recall/campaign repairs included in the Service (HSE) Survey?

Yes, all recall repairs are surveyed. The Fuel Economy campaign is excluded when the correct P15PROG1 OP code is used and is the only line item on the RO extracted by the DMS system.

Email Survey Invitation. Who does the email survey invitation come from?

Sales: Service:

Hyundai Motor America <TBD / Hyundai Motor America <TBD

Resending Surveys. Can a dealer resend a survey to a different email address?

From an HPI (Sales) perspective, once the vehicle is RDRd, the dealer has 7 days to change an email address by doing an “RDR Change” on Web DCS. After that, we do not have the ability to change the email address and resend a survey.
HSE (Service) surveys cannot be resent. For HPI, a reminder email is sent 7 days after the initial email invite and for HSE a reminder email is sent 3 days after the initial email invite..

Resending Surveys. Can a dealer have a survey resent to the same email?

The customer is sent a reminder email 7 days (HPI) and 3 days (HSE) after the initial email is sent. However, another survey cannot be resent out at this time.

Skipping Questions. When a customer does not answer a question, how does it affect the scores on the reports?

All “scored” 15 questions require an answer to create the HPI score. All 16 1-10 rating questions are required to create the HSE score. The survey will not let the customer proceed without an answer to these index related questions.

Speed of Survey Results. How quickly from the time a customer inputs a survey is it viewable on the website?

HyundaiCX is updated in real time.



Mean Score. A mean score is the mathematical average of the scores. The mean score is calculated by summing up the scores dividing by the number of responses (i.e., completed surveys).
Weight. A weight is the percentage used to show the relative importance of a component to an overall rating score. Importance weights are illustrated as percentages; thus a weight of 40% has twice as much importance as a weight of 20%. These weights have been determined through statistical analysis.
Total Index Score. (Sales and Service) Hyundai Purchase Index (HPI) is based on 15 diagnostic questions (ex. Yes/No response questions) where each target response is worth 66.7 (15 questions x 66.7 points per question = 1,000 total possible points). Hyundai Service Experience (HSE) is based on a 10-point scale with 4 anchors. For HSE, “10” indicates Truly Exceptional, “7” indicates Outstanding, and “4” indicates Average, and “1” indicates Unacceptable.The average of all the scores is multiplied by 100 to create a 100-1,000 point scale. For instance a 9.65 x 100 becomes 965.


Salesperson / Target KPI Response / HPI Points Earned / Sales Star Points Earned
  • Describe the way you were greeted when you first arrived
/ Greeted in right amount of time / 66.7 / 100
  • Did your salesperson ask questions to determine your vehicle needs?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • If you took a test drive, was it thorough enough for you to adequately understand what the vehicle offered?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • [Show Q5a only if respondent selects Did not take a test drive at Q5]Did the salesperson offer you a test drive?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
Subtotal / 200 / 300
Working out the Deal
  • At any point, did you experience unprofessional/too much sales pressure
/ No / 66.7
  • Did your salesperson try to sell you a vehicle that didn’t meet your needs?
/ No / 66.7 / 100
  • Did the dealer give you a straightforward price, when asked?
/ Yes / 66.7
  • Did the dealership attempt to change the price of your vehicle after a prior agreement was reached?
/ No / 66.7
  • Did the finance staff professionally present additional products to help protect you and your vehicle?
/ Yes / 66.7
Subtotal / 333 / 100
Delivery Process
  • Give you an overview of or introduce you to someone in the service department?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • Did the dealer’s staff offer to help you set up your vehicle’s first service visit?
/ Yes or Informed salesperson that I live/work outside of the area and won’t be servicing at this location / 66.7 / 100
  • Review your Quick Reference Guide with you?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • Deliver your vehicle with a full tank of gas?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • Contact you after delivery to ensure that everything was satisfactory?
/ Yes / 66.7 / 100
  • Please describe the condition of your vehicle at delivery.
/ Delivered to my satisfaction / 66.7
  • Taking delivery (actual demonstration of features) relative to expectations
/ Right amount of time / 66.7 / 100
Subtotal / 467 / 600
Total / 1000 / 1000


Service Initiation / 20.43%
  • Ease of scheduling service visit
/ 42.50%
  • Timeliness of drop-off process
/ 57.50%
Service Advisor / 19.55%
  • Courtesy/friendliness of service advisor
/ 18.79%
  • Responsiveness of service advisor
/ 18.79%
  • Thoroughness of explanations
/ 25.49%
  • Knowledge of Service Advisor
/ 36.93%
Service Facility / 16.68%
  • Ease of driving in/out of facility
/ 22.30%
  • Cleanliness of dealership
/ 26.54%
  • Comfort of waiting area
/ 16.16%
  • Amenities offered by the dealership
/ 35.01%
Vehicle Pickup / 16.26%
  • Timeliness of the pick-up process
/ 34.67%
  • Fairness of the charges
/ 26.70%
  • Helpfulness of staff at pick-up
/ 38.63%
Service Quality / 27.08%
  • Total time required to complete service on your vehicle
/ 21.03%
  • Thoroughness of maintenance/repair work performed
/ 47.99%
  • Condition of vehicle on return
/ 30.99%


How can I see my dealership’s survey results?

Your dealership’s survey results are available on the HyundaiCX website, which is the home for all HPI & HSE survey data. Survey results may be viewed several ways, on the Home Page, REPORTS section and the SURVEY section off the home page.

How much history am I able to view on the Hyundai Customer Insights website?

Sales. HPI survey data goes back through February 2015.
Service. HSEsurvey data goes back through March 2016.

Which models are considered “Premium” vs. “Non-Premium”?

Equus and Genesis Sedan are considered “Premium” while all other models are considered “Non-Premium”.

Can I view my customer’s comments from surveys?

Yes. Customer comments can be viewed on the Surveys page.

When do I get my final results for a month?

The month closes on the 26th of the month. Surveys are collected through 11:59PM EST on the day of field close. Final results will be available on the 3rd of the month. The new survey period opens up on the 27th of each month.

Survey Appeals. What do I do when there is a survey that I feel should be removed?

Below is a list of specific guidelines a survey must meet in order to be removed. If you feel your survey falls into one of the categories listed below, contact your Hyundai DSM or DPSM for the possibility of a survey appeal. Your DSM or DPSM will need to send a request to their respective Region contact for review. Survey removal appeals received and approved by 12 PM PST on the month-end close date will be removed at month-end. Survey removal appeals received and approved by HMA after the month-end cutoff date and time will be removed during the following month-end.
Sales/HPI Removal Guidelines. Unwind transactions, incorrect salesperson on the RDR, Consumer Affairs/buyback customer, non-Hyundai owner surveyed, business surveyed.
Service/HSE Removal Guidelines. Body shop repair, previous or non-owner, different dealer or experience mentioned, Consumer Affairs case (buy-back only), rating error.

What do I do if I don’t see completed surveys for my dealership for a period of time?

Confirm all customer data or Repair Orders are accurate and current, especially the customer’s email address and phone number. Double check with your IT department to ensure that HMA’s DMS data extraction vendor,IntegraLink, is not having issues extracting data from your DMS. Contact your Hyundai DSM or DPSM for further investigation, if needed.

How do I make sure HPI/HSE surveys are assigned to the correct personnel?

Ensure all sales/service personnel information is enrolled and up-to-date in WebDCS. Specify the full first name and last name of each personnel in the DMS (the same way entered into WebDCS) so that it will display on the Repair Order or RDR correctly. Do not use suffixes in the name (i.e., Jr., Sr., I, II, etc.). Failure to follow the steps above will result in surveys not assigned to the correct employee.

DealerRater(HPI surveys only) - Can I post replies to reviews?

If the customer opts to share a DealerRater after completing the HPI survey, review responses are included within the Survey Detail of the individual survey. You may reply to any comments you see by going to your dealer’s page.

DealerRater (HPI surveys only) - What should you do if you see a negative DealerRaterreview?

You should first try to contact the customer offline. If you are unable to do so, log on to your DealerRater account and find the negative customer review. A personalized and timely reply is the most effective method. Responses should be with a few days after the comment has been posted, the sooner the better. Reply to the customer apologizing for the issue(s) and let them know you would like to help resolve it. Be sure to state their concern(s) and proved a direct contact number for who they should contact for resolution.

What is the survey response rate?

Sales. The HPI response rate is calculated based on emails sent to customers divided by survey completes for a given period. / Service. The HSEresponse rate is calculated based on emails sent to customers divided by survey completes for a given period.


HMA has enhanced the internal processes for identifying survey manipulation, including the following:

  • Falsifying customer email addresses and posing as Hyundai vehicle owners
  • Filling out the customer survey with the customer

HMA’s policy for HPI/Sales STAR offenders will be applicable to all Sales Consultants and Sales Managers that are found to be participating in survey manipulation, misrepresentation or suppression. Please note the following policy rules to protect the integrity of the Hyundai Sales STAR Program:
  1. All email addresses used for HPI surveys are subject to HMA audit.
  2. Any direct survey process manipulation on part of the dealership will be traced to the individual Sales Consultant level as recorded in HPI, with the following results:
  • Region General Manager, Region Sales Managers and District Sales Managers will be notified and will contact the Dealer Principal and/or the General Manager for confirmation.
  • First Offense: the guilty sales employee will be ineligible for Sales STAR Program payments for one month.
  • Second Offense: for the same sales employee proven to be manipulating the survey within a 12 month period will be removed from Sales STAR Program for three (3) months. If this employee is a Sales Consultant, the responsible Sales Manager will be removed from the Sales STAR Program for one (1) month.
  • Third Offense: for the same sales employee in any 12 month time period will result in removal from the Sales STAR program for twelve (12) months; if this employee is a Sales Consultant, Sales Manager will be removed from the Sales STAR Program for three (3) months.

The following are the guidelines and procedures for discipline regarding HSE / STAR Awards offenders. This is posted on the STAR Awards site under Information Center/Rules (

Disqualification: Any hint of a dealer inappropriately managing HSE results, Retention metrics and/or role assignments will be grounds for disqualification from STAR Care and STAR Power programs, and inclusion on the Offenders List. What does this mean?

•RPSMs will be notified and will contact the Dealer Principal and/or the General Manager for confirmation.

•At ‘Strike 1’, the guilty service employee will be removed from the coming month’s STAR Care or STAR Power programs.

•At ‘Strike 2’ for the same service employee proven to be cheating, the employee will be removed from the STAR Care or STAR Power program for 12 months. The responsible Service Manager will be removed from STAR Care for one month. If there is another employee at the same dealership, that employee is treated as ‘Strike 1’, and the Service Manager will be removed from STAR Care for one month.

•At ‘Strike 3’ for the same dealership in any 12-month time period, the entire dealership Service Team will be removed from STAR Care and STAR Power for 12 months.

In closing, HMA will periodically review the level of tampering and adjust the penalties as needed. In addition, ongoing offenses may result in review of Hyundai Dealer Performance Bonus payout levels.