Supply and Materials Fund


Benchmade Knife Co.

300 Beavercreek Road

Oregon City, OR

Re: Air Compressor Shed


Benchmade Knife Co plans to remove the existing ‘air compressor shed’ and build a new ‘air compressor shed’ at the same location (West wall) as the existing shed. The shed will be increased in size to accommodate (3) additional air compressors. The so called shed is actually a large steel patio type cover off the concrete tilt up building that will protect the air compressors from the weather. The ‘cover’ will include a steel picket fence with (1) double drive style gate to allow forklift access to the area. The air compressors will sit on the existing concrete/asphalt floor on mounts provided by the air compressor vendor. The structure will have its own lighting and be sprinkled for fire protection. The steel roofing will match the existing roofing used on the loading dock area. The steel framing of the structure will be painted to match the existing tilt up building. The fencing material comes black and will remain black.


Chapter 17.62.050

17.62.050 Standards

A. Compliance

  1. Landscaping, Not Applicable
  2. Vehicular Access and connectivity
  3. Parking areas, Ingress and Egress are not changing. This structure will not impact vehicular flow.
  4. The building structure is very complimentary to the surrounding area. Cosmetically the structure will not change the look of the main building and the surrounding area.
  5. Through 19 – Not Applicable

20. Screening of Mechanical Equipment:

  1. Not Applicable
  2. Not Applicable
  3. All equipment will be screened by commercial picket style 8’ high fencing.
  4. Not Applicable
  5. Not Applicable

21. Building Materials:

  1. Preferred Building Materials – The new structure will have commercial steel picket fencing.
  2. Prohibited Building Materials – The existing structure has chain link fencing which will be eliminated in the new construction.

Ron Kief, Designer