Super Supper Photo Challenge

Super Supper Photo Challenge

March 1, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Alberta Health Services theme for Nutrition Month this year is Shift to Healthy Eating! The Brooks Communities Choosewell committee is encouraging schools and families to participate in Nutrition Month activities. You will receive information, or website links to resources that can help your family prepare simple and nutritious meals! Below is an outline of the Nutrition Month activities.

Super Supper Photo Challenge

The Brooks Choosewell committee would like to encourage families to prepare and enjoy nutritious, delicious meals at home. From March 9 -20, 2015 submit photos of your supper/evening meal that your family has prepared. Be sure your supper photo meets the following conditions:

  • At least 3 of the 4 food groups
  • A serving of a Dark Orange OR Dark Green Vegetable
  • A serving low fat Milk or Milk alternative
  • Must be prepared at home

Each photo that meets the conditions will be entered into a draw to win one free admission for your family to the Lakeside Leisure Center. Send in as many family supper photos as you can to the maximum of 12 photos (12 days in the contest period). For meal ideas and suggestions, see the Nutrition Month resources available, as well as these example photos:

Submit photos to the Brooks Communities Choosewell Facebook Page at:

Lunch Box Classroom Challenge (Grades K-6):

This challenge will be for grades K – 6 and will run for the Month of March. Ask your child if his/her classroom is participating! In participating classrooms, once a week, one food group will be secretly chosen for a ‘lunch box check’ in class, to see how many students have that food group. The day of the lunch box check will not be known by students and there will be a different food group for each ‘lunch box check’, to encourage students to pack a nutritious lunch all month. Students can earn bonus points if they have all four food groups in their lunch during that week’s lunch box check. Uplands School Wellness team leaders will tally up the number of students who brought (and ate) the chosen food group. The winning classroom will receive a class program at Dinosaur Park and the second place classroom will receive a 1 hour rental of the Brooks Gymnastics Center. Winners will be announced the first week in April.

We hope that your family will be able to participate in as much Nutrition Month fun as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Grasslands Wellness Facilitator: Candice Buteau ( or 403-501-9750) or Choose Well committee member: Laura Lukye ( or 403-793-6667)


Brooks Communities Choosewell Committee

Lunch Box Check List:
-Vegetable and/or Fruit
-Grain Product (aim for whole grain!)
-Milk or Milk Alternative
-Meat or Meat Alternative

Nutrition Month Resources for Parents:

AHSSchool Nutrition website:

Visit the website for a list of nutrition education resources that align with the Comprehensive School Health Model, Alberta Education Curriculum, the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth, and Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.

Quick and Easy Meals (attached)

This handout provides tips to families to plan, purchase, prepare, and pack healthy meals. Includes a weekly menu planner.

Found at:

Eat Together

This Alberta Milk resource provides tips, shopping lists and quick recipes to help families enjoy eating together.

Found at:

Sample Menu Planner and Grocery List (attached)

Found at:

An interactive guide to cooking with little critters:

Dietitians of Canada – Plan, Shop, Cook!

Moving and Choosing Website: