Suitably Savvy Fashion Show

Suitably Savvy Fashion Show

Suitably Savvy Fashion Show

This is a rough draft. I was hoping that since you have already done several fashion shows that you would be able to improvise with this draft. I decided to do the interview first, business casual second, and what not to wear last. For the what not to wear, I wasn’t able to see all of their outfits, so I figured you could just explain some things on what not to wear and then the models will just walk out and do something funny so that the whole show isn’t serious. I also wasn’t able to see the shoes that they are going to wear, but I told the girls to wear short heeled shoes and guys dress shoes.


  • Jess Flory: Black and red dress with a jacket
  • Rachel Kreiger: Black blazer, red ruffled top, and black pinned-striped pants
  • John Paul Lacap: Black dress shirt, purple tie, black slacks
  • Abby Blair: Black blazer, black and white stripped dress shirt, and black pencil skirt
  • Natalia Rodas-Calderon: Black dress with a blue blazer
  • Patou (pronounced like tattoo) Griggs: Maroon and white vertical stripped shirt, black dress pants
  • Gina Auteri: Black and white patterned dress
  • Briana Williams: Black dress with black hose
  • Zack Clever: Silver dress shirt, white vest, white bow tie, and blue pants
  • Felicia Childress: Black Blazer, brown polka dot shirt, and black pants
  • Ashani Pompey: Business dress (I wasn’t able to actually see this outfit, so I don’t know the color)

Business Casual:

  • Rachel Kreiger: Black shirt with blue and black patterned skirt
  • John Paul Lacap: Grey and black vest, grey tie, red shirt, and black pants
  • Abby Blair: Navy blue dress
  • Patou Griggs: Short sleeved polo shirt and khaki pants
  • Gina Auteri: Blue button down two pocket blazer and gray slacks
  • Mark Stutes: blue plaid shirt and khaki pants
  • Briana Williams: White blazer, black shirt with black and white polka dot design, and black skinny pants
  • Zack Clever: Blue vertical stripped shirt and khaki pants
  • Felicia Childress: Floral patterned dress shirt and pink pants
  • Rashaan Edward E.: Blue stripe shirt and tan khaki pants
  • Ashani Pompey: Pink blouse and black pants

What Not to Wear:

This is the order that they will be lined up in. I guess before they go out, you could come up with things that people are not supposed to wear to an interview such as stiletto heels, low cleavage, Hawaiian shirts, tennis shoes, short dresses/skirts, etc; basically anything that catches the attention of the interviewer away from the actual person

  • Jess Flory
  • Rachel Kreiger
  • John Paul Lacap
  • Abby Blair
  • Natalia Rodas-Calderon
  • Patou Griggs
  • Gina Auteri
  • Mark Stutes
  • Briana Williams
  • Zack Clever
  • Felicia Childress
  • Rashaan Edward E.
  • Ashani Pompey

Here is where the ending credits are. We’d like to thank the class for their hard work, and we’d like to thank our clothing donor, Kohl’s, for the clothes that some of our models were wearing. I also want to thank you guys for being the MCs for the night.