Subject :Building & Designing a Website

Subject :Building & Designing a Website


Subject :Building & Designing a Website

It escapes you not what is happening of rapid changes in the field of information and its technologies and its impact on the methodology of information handling and benefiting form it the internet is one of the first medias used to display information a way that enabled viewers to obtain it in a very convenient and simple way .However ,the matter nowadays is not merely limited to viewing it , but rather it has developed into providing certain services which were not very long ago virtually impossible when considering the financial difficulties.

It gives us great pleasure at LMSSA Internet Design services introduces to you the service of building and designing a website of your own on the Internet in order to ensure your maximum benefit from the evolution of information that has become an eminent phenomenon in the current century, and increase the efficiency of your service quality.

We have in the past years built up immense experiences and high competences that qualify us to carry most of the projects which are related to internet websites, as well as our adoption of the latest technologies available on the market including for instance:


* Flash/ Swish

* Animation.

* Dream weaver/FrontPage

* Java script.

Services of what we are offering :

(1) Registering and storing websites on the net.

(2) Gaining access to it from any where on the globe and at any times.

(3) Website constant update and renewal.

(4)Categorization, classification and organization of the information intended to be entered.

(5) Displaying the websites pages and content in bilingual fashion (English/Arabic ) .

(6) Providing consultant services in the matter of updating the website.

Before you are examples of some of the benefits which you can derive from this service.

A website on the internet is considered To be one of the most ultimate tools of promotion through which you are able to put forward your goals, works and services in an attractive and effective fashion.

* The availability of extra services such as search engines, electronic-Mail (e-mail) visitors guide, which are all exclusive to our company which has access to it .

* Decrease the pressure on your employees who interact directry with the customers.

* Providing help with bringing down the overall expenditure and cost of the advertisement and printed promotion documentary.

* Linking the website with closely related ones.

* ensuring large promotion and publicity.

* providing easier method of information access through registering of universal nature.

* In addition to this we can provide programming services to ensure full utilization of computing services in a method that suits your nature of operation, your personal needs and provide technical support and suggestion of how to enhance your services quality.


Meshkat Org.


Um atia Org

Alforgan Audio

Hi com Co

Ashraf Com

Khartoum Festival

Our Clients

Humanitarian Aid Commission.

Khartoum Investment corporation

National Pensions Fund

University of Khartoum

Information Technology Co ITC

Fekria Work Corporation

Ministry of Science & Technology


Al-Wasil Computer Company

You can view the complete design models on our CD or by simply visiting our website.

Or visit our Site

A study of the site's cost operation

Designing and developing a website Carrying an address of your choice and a website rendering the nature of your operation and an attractive appearance in order to ensure visitor's attention including:

Design Project 1

Work / Cost
Preparation of usual pages using HTML language.
- Adding animation using flash and JavaScript.
- Registering and linking the site to search engines.
- Visitor's guide for live monitoring using CGI technology counters and analyzers. / 250 000 SD
Hosting and linking with electronic service provides.
Categorization, classification and forecasting information about your site. / 50 000 SD
Total / 300 000 SD

Design Project 2

As well as our provision of Auto-Control services through the usage of the following technologies:


- Mysql.

- Other integrated techniques.

( need special case study for costs)

Work Time-Table:-

Work Time-span 35 days after the contract signature, information handing is divided as follows:

- Two days allocated for digital photocopy from our photographers.

- 15 days for delivering the final design.

- 17 days for totalizing and finalizing site upload and e-mail configuration

* First 40 days after site completion include free update services * 50 % of the payments are made in the beginning of the contract and the other 50 % at the end of the 35 days.

With my deepest gratitude


Eng./Mohammed Gafar Ibrahim

Design Co-ordinator

* A copy of the contract is enclosed for viewing purposes.


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