Student Teaching Clinic Final Evaluation Results

Student Teaching Clinic Final Evaluation Results

Student Teaching Clinic Final Evaluation Results:

Integrated Bachelor/Master’s Program for Fall 2009 Juniors

91 Responses
1 / 2 / 3 / Average Rating
Demonstrates responsibility and professionalism / 0 / (0.00%)
/ 14 / (15.38%)
/ 77 / (84.62%)
/ 2.85
Transitioning from student to professional / 0 / (0.00%)
/ 30 / (32.97%)
/ 61 / (67.03%)
/ 2.67
Exhibits a growing awareness of students' needs & instructional strategies / 0 / (0.00%)
/ 44 / (48.35%)
/ 47 / (51.65%)
/ 2.52
Utilizes observation & reflection activities / 0 / (0.00%)
/ 33 / (36.26%)
/ 58 / (63.74%)
/ 2.64
Attends clinic/placement/school-related events as scheduled / 0 / (0.00%)
/ 31 / (34.07%)
/ 60 / (65.93%)
/ 2.66

Total Score (potential 0-15)

School Location

Batchelder Elementary School / Manchester High School
Bulkeley High School / Natchaug Elementary School
Bulkeley High Upper School / Naubuc Elementary School
Bulkeley Lower School / North Windham School
Buttonball Lane Elementary School / Smith Middle School
E.O. Smith High School / Southeast Elementary
Gideon Welles School / W.B. Sweeney Elementary School
Glastonbury High School / Willington Center Elementary School
Hall Memorial Middle School / Windham Center Elementary School
Hall Memorial School / Windham High School
Illing Middle School / Windham Middle School
Kennelly Elementary School

Field of Study

BIOL / 3
EDEL / 29
EDFL / 7
EDMU / 1
ENGL / 12
GESC / 1
HIST / 12
MATH / 10
PHYS / 1
SCI / 1
SPED / 14
Comments (62 Responses)
Student A always works with students and teachers in a cheerful manner. As she implements 1:1 instruction, she allows a student wait time to respond to her questions and can restate teacher questions, when needed. She readily praises a child and gives him/her a chance to explain why he/she is being praised. Since October she has had the opportunity to visit mainstream second and third grade classrooms to observe different teacher styles and to watch how special education students make transitions/behave in less structured situations such as lunch and recess. She was able to attend a triennial review on a student in November. Due to her class schedule and my teaching schedule, the student was unable to exceed her required attendance with my students. When we had a snow day on the scheduled day of her clinic placement this week, she rearranged her schedule to come in to school to say "good bye" to our students.
As my intern this semester, Student B arrived punctually, professionally dressed with a smile on her face ready to assist and learn from her classroom experiences. She made copies, distributed and collected student work, accurately corrected objective assignments and recorded grades for my classes. She has become familiar with the Power School grading program and observed multiple uses of the Smart Board during a variety of lessons. Additionally, she designed a bulletin board for the students' fable unit and worked one on one with students, quizzing them on their vocabulary cards during study time. She continually observed other classes and disciplines, which utilized a variety of instructional strategies in multi-level groupins. She monitored the hall during locker clean up and circulated during team assignments. She has been a pleasure to work with this semester and I wish her much success in her teaching career.
Student C has taken wonderful initiative and drive and leadership roles in our classes. She even monitored a test for me when I was call briefly elsewhere. I had complete confidence in her teaching and managing abilities; she interacted with the students at every level; in discussions, homework, and class work.
Student D has done a phenomenal job in his first semester placement. I was impressed that thought he was placed out of his official content area major he took initiative. In particular, he worked closely with a high-needs student. All the students recognize him as a responsible member of our class community. He will be missed.
Student E has presented himself in a professional manner. He is always willing to step up to the plate and is totally engaged in learning what goes on in a comprehensive high school. He has participated in planning meetings, PPT's, & SAT testing. These activities have given him the confidence & experience that will help him to become a great teacher.
Student F has been a tremendous asset to the students at Bulkeley High School. She has utilized her special education expertise to assist in small group activities and tutor individual students. I am confident in her leadership ability in the classroom and her ability to become an excellent teacher.
We have all enjoyed working with Student G. She has been helpful to students and teachers in a variety of fourth and eighth grade classes.
Student H has been an asset to our classroom. She observed and participated in many class activities. She developed a good rapport with the students that she worked with. She taught a class that she had not observed, and besides the nerves, she did a good job. The only negative is that she didn't have time to take advantage or attend any student/teacher meetings or parent involved meetings.
Student I works well independently and takes the initiative to work with students she knows needs some extra assistance - whether it's academic or emotional support. She took on additional challenges and even taught an enrichment cluster to teach French. She has a great way working with younger kids, although I know she's interested in working with older students. The children have bonded with her and look forward to Fridays with her. They will miss her as will I. She has been a great help to us all. I wish her the best. She will be successful in her future endeavors.
Student J was always willing to work individually or with a group of children. She has good insight into what the children want or need. I very much enjoyed her days with us.
Student K has been a real asset to our special Ed. program. She has formed good relationships with staff and students. She takes initiative and has been very helpful. We will miss her.
Student L was very attentive throughout. I was especially impressed w/ how she worked w/ individual students, who welcomed her assistance. She's going to be a great teacher!
Student M shows great promise as a future educator. She has tremendous rapport with our third graders, assisting in their learning by encouraging and questioning; always guiding them to "find" the answer. She demonstrates professionalism and responsibility. Perhaps her most valuable asset is her positive attitude, friendly manner, and genuine interest and concern for each individual child.
Student N was a pleasure to work with. She was always positive, developed a good rapport with students she worked with and was very flexible with changes and a variety of activities.
Student O made it very easy for me. She by far the best junior intern I've had in years! She is a budding professional and will quickly become a leader for her generation of teachers. One of her best qualities is her thirst for knowledge and open approach to ideas. UCONN should be proud of her!
Student P has been a positive addition to my classroom. She has had the opportunity to observe in a variety of classes within the school. She was very helpful and took the initiative with my substitute when I was absent. She has assisted students in small groups and one on one during our study hall. I have enjoyed having her this semester.
Student Q has been a tremendous instructional support in my classroom. He goes beyond what is expected and seeks to implement educational theory in practical ways. He is inquisitive and demonstrates a genuine appreciation for education in the urban setting.
Student R did a great job this semester. She was always seeking different opportunities to extend her knowledge: attending spanish classes, team meetings, grade level events (Fall Festival). She always asked questions to extend her understanding.
Student S was a great student intern. He was professional and outgoing. He worked well with all students and was clearly concerned with their academic and social growth. It was a pleasure to have him in my class this semester.
Student T was an excellent intern this semester. His help in the classroom was great!
Student U had an amazing culminating activity in which she developed a lesson on African Masks and taught it to 2 different classes from start to finish. I am very impressed with the quality of preparation & execution!
Student V has been a wonderful addition to my classroom. He has taken initiative in working with students, in adding information to class discussions, and helping students with various projects. He has treated all students with kindness and respect, while learning about the unique learning needs of students in my room.
Student W was a pleasure to work with.
Student X will make an excellent teacher someday. She has excellent rapport with the kids and shows a natural ability to teach and guide them.
Student Y will be a great teacher and has great rapport with students. It was a pleasure to have him in my class.
Student Z was a great help, and I believe she will be a great teacher. She has many characteristics that will make her a patient and caring teacher!
Please feel free to call me. Student A did an outstanding job!
Student B will be a wonderful teacher. I feel that when student w/ disabilities are part of his classroom, he will provide them with the necessary attention and accommodation each student needs to be successful members of his learning program. It was a great pleasure to be part of his educational program and I gained a friend.
Student C is always willing to help me with the students. She works in a very professional manner. She treats everyone with respect. When I have made requests of her, she accepts with a very positive attitude. Next week she will share some of her culture with our students. It has been a pleasure to have her in my classroom.
Student D has had a very rewarding experience this semester at Manchester High School. She has witnessed many of the intangible needs of students; motivation, emotional security, sense of worth, and compliance with school expectations. She demonstrates the ability to connect with students as a way to motivate them.
Student E is a natural! She was able to work with students K-4 grade as well as different classroom teachers. Being placed with a teacher that supports instruction in small groups and different grade level classroom teachers is a challenge that she was able to be very successful.
Student F was a pleasure to work with in my 3rd grade classroom. She was always punctual and presented herself in a professional manner. My students and I will certainly miss her pleasant demeanor.
Student G was a wonderful addition to the resource room. She was always willing to take on responsibilities and try new groups. She showed competence with both math and reading instruction. I appreciated her flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of our students.
Student H was a wonderful addition to my classroom. She was helpful and vibrant. She was always willing to lend a hand regardless if it was paperwork, bulletin boards, art projects, or just classroom management needs. I will miss her terribly! She will make a wonderful teacher in her own classroom some day. Her love of teaching is contagious to both myself as an educator and the students.
Student I was a wonderful addition to our classroom. He showed initiative, developed a strong rapport with the students and exceeded attendance guidelines. He is a professional!
Student J has done a fantastic job in our classroom. Her calm & professional manner has been well-received by the students. She has developed a nice rapport with them. I have certainly appreciated her assistance in the classroom. She needs little/minimal direction for instructional tasks. We've enjoyed having her in our room! *She has also gone over the expectations for attendance requirements, including chaperoning a Science event & coming in on her vacation time.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with Student K this semester. His attitude, knowledge, compassion, and dedication have proven that he will be an excellent educator. He is a "natural," and his students will be lucky to have him. My students are already hoping to see him when they get to high school!
Student L has had a positive experience in our classroom - observing and participating in all areas. She has developed a natural bond with the students in our class and will be missed.
Student M has demonstrated a curiosity consistent with successful teachers employ. She willingly wrestled with theory and application by asking questions and listening to other ideas.
Student N was a pleasure to work with. She was always punctual, polite, took initiative, and worked to foster positive relationships with the students in the classroom.
Student O met all expectations for this clinic placement. My students liked having her in the class. She was especially helpful in setting up table activities and working with individual students on their assignments.
Student P has completed her junior year clinic here at North Windham School. During her stay, I had the opportunity to work with her in my kindergarten classroom. She works in my room every Monday and is exposed to all areas of the curriculum. Right away it was evident that she knew the expectations of her job. She worked with small groups of children who varied in their learning abilities. What I found most refreshing about her is her high level of energy. I could talk to her about the students she would be working with, hand her the resources and know that the lesson would be carried out. Student P has a natural ability to organize and think quickly about how to proceed with a task. She is quick, yet patient, displaying excellent behavioral management skills. Her patience and friendly attitude, along with high expectations of success, helped these children grow as students and individuals. What I truly admire is her ease and natural teaching style. She displayed an ability to keep the children engaged in their work and always responded in a positive way to their needs. I could hand her a project that I had started knowing that she would have it completed by the end of the day. This included creating bulletin boards and helping students, who were lagging behind, finish their projects. Student P's confidence in her abilities is always present. I would highly recommend her for entrance into the teaching profession. She is mature beyond her educational experience and she presents herself with an air of confidence. I feel comfortable talking with her about students' academic programs and what would benefit them. I am confident in her abilities to excel in the area of education. She will be an asset to any classroom that she enters.
It is with sadness that Student Q's placement comes to an end. She is such a valuable asset & will be missed by professionals & students. Thank you for the opportunity to work with such an impressive individual!
Student R has been responsible and professional. He has attended meetings and worked with a wide variety of students. He has tried to understand their needs and learning styles. He has planned lessons for small groups and does well when reflecting on these lessons. He has helped our students and has been a welcome addition to our school.
Student S consistently exceeded expectations in the classroom and in planning, organizing and reflecting on lessons. His enthusiasm for math instruction encouraged students to anticipate lessons with delight. He also sought opportunities to be part of school activities outside his assignment such as bus duty.
It was a pleasure having Student T in my classroom this semester. The students always looked forward to Mondays when she would come. She was always cheerful and willing to lend a helping hand. On a few occasions I had to attend meetings, and she managed the classroom with (or without) a sub.
Student U has been a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated, punctual, and actively seeks to expand her skills and knowledge. She will be missed.
Student V is going to be a wonderful teacher. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate her hard work.
Student W did a great job working with small groups and often without much time to prepare for the activity or lesson.
Student X is a well-liked intern. She demonstrates a positive attitude towards the teaching profession and the students she works with. She is very professional with her demeanor. She also worked with the students as whole group instruction and assisted students who needed help.
Student Y was a good helper with all of our students. She was friendly and conscientious.
It was a pleasure to work with Student Z and watch her grow more confident in the classroom. She started taking the initiative to approach students who were struggling. She also very capably led reading discussion.
Student A has been an invaluable resource in our classroom. The setup of current issues is such that there are not many opportunities for him to independently lead lessons, but his contributions have been outstanding.