Student Professional Development/Financial Funding Request

Student Professional Development/Financial Funding Request

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Student Professional Development/Financial Funding Request

Student and Organization Professional Development Funding Request Guidelines2014-2015

Multicultural students in the College of Design may apply for funding for professional development or program related needs. Maximum amount awarded to each student is $100.00 per academic year.

Please note the following:

  • Awards are made for attendance/participation in a conference or any academic related function during the fall or spring semester. Funding is available on a “first- come” basis.
  • Funding is for currently enrolled undergraduate students only. All students funded must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at the time of the trip, conference, or request.
  • Requests for funding must be made in advance of the conference or requested event.
  • If attending the conference, applicants are expected to pay a portion of their own costs.
  • Students are expected to seek additional financial support from their departments, college councils, the Government of the Student Body, or other appropriate sources.
  • The application form, which appears below, is to be completed by the student making the request. This student assumes the responsibility for providing expense documentation after the conference.
  • The awards are generally REIMBURSEMENTS after the conference or expenses are incurred and require ORIGINAL RECEIPTS.

If you requested funding is for food expenses, the Multicultural Liaison Office will only cover up to the following amount per meal:

In State: / Out of State:
Breakfast / $ 6 / $8
Lunch / $9 / $12
Dinner / $16 / $20

The application (the form plus any necessary supporting material) should be delivered to 290 Design one week prior to the requested event.

Please direct questions to:

Audrey Kennis – , (515)294-9555

Professional Development Funding Request Application

Multicultural Liaison Office

______(Name of student or organization): Attach a list of the name(s) and University ID

Number(s) of all students participating in the request.

______Address Telephone

______Name of Conference


Date(s) of ConferenceConference Location

2.Give the best estimate you can make of the expenses for your trip
Expense / Cost per person / # of persons / Total / Notes
Registration Fee
Travel: Air Van Private Car
Other (specify)
Total for all Expenses =
3. List the other sources of funding you have pursued
Funding Source / Date of request / Amount / Was the request granted?


Signature of applicant dateE-mail addressTelephone


Signature of MLO dateE-mail addressTelephone