Stud Service Agreement For

Stud Service Agreement For

Stud Service Agreement for

“GCH CH Passion's Naturally Suited”

AKC # SR753974/01 Date of Birth 11/10/2012

Hips: OFA Good, GR-112140G24M-VPI - Elbows: OFA EL-32337M46-VPI

Heart: OFA GR-CA27385/14M/C-VPI - Eyes: OFA GR-Eye6554/58M-VPI 10/12/2017

The Stud Owner, Heike Stroup and the Owner/s of (name of bitch):______agree to the following terms:

1) Bitch Owner affirms that this Bitch has the following clearances, and will provide copies/prove:

a) OFA Hip Clearance

b) OFA Elbow Clearance

c) Normal Eye Report or CERF certificate within the previous 18 month.

d) Normal Cardiac Report or OFA Heart Clearance.

e) *In some cases, Stud Owner will make exceptions on particulars of the above requirements.

f) *For females outside of the US: The Stud Owner requests that their country’s breed club’s recommendations are followed.

2) If the Bitch is presented for a natural stud service, the following Veterinary Reports are required: a) Negative Brucellosis Report

3) Unless specified different by bitch owner, the bitch will be bred (natural, or fresh AI/by Stud Owner) every 1.5 – 2.5 days, as long as she is willing and stands for the breeding.

We do suggest that progesterone testing is done prior bringing the female to us. If the breeder wishes, we can follow up with progesterone testing at our vet. The breeder will cover that cost.

4) If the Stud Owner agrees to board the Bitch during the time of breeding, there will be a charge of $10.00 per day, to be paid before returning the Bitch to the owner. Every effort will be made to provide a safe and comfortable environment, and specific instructions will be carefully followed. However, under no circumstances will the Stud Dog Owner be legally or financially responsible for the Bitch’s action, or in the event of her injury or loss. In extreme cases: uncontrollable, destructive, or serious aggressive behavior will be cause to return the Bitch to the Owner immediately and without providing, or completing this Stud Service.

5) Any Veterinary expense related to the Bitch’s care and breeding (smears, progesterone tests, artificial insemination, health certificates, etc.) will be the responsibility of the Bitch’s Owner. The Bitch Owner will provide the Stud Owner’s Veterinarian with credit card information for these charges

6) If extended fresh chilled semen is to be sent, the Bitch Owner is responsible cover the expense involved. This will include supplies (shipping box/extender kit), the FedEx Shipping, and possible Veterinary service. Please check with Stud Dog Owner for more details.

7) At this time the Fee for Taylor’s Stud Service is $1000.00.

A Non-Refundable Breeding Fee of $100.00 is due at time of breeding, or prior of shipping semen. The $1000.00 Stud Fee payment is due 6 weeks after whelping and before registering the litter. Upon receipt of full Payment, the Stud Owner will sign the AKC Application For Litter Registration. Online or Paper.

a) If less then 4 puppies are named on the AKC Application For Litter Registration, the fee for this Stud Service is 200.00 per puppy.

b) If no litter/puppy results from this Stud Service, no further payment will be due to the Stud Owner, and there are no further obligations on part of either Owners.

Exceptions and Special Conditions: ______


Heike Stroup, Passion For Gold Date Bitch Owner Date

2289 Dewitt Drive, Clarksville, TN. 37043 Contact information:

931-553-0026 / 931-801-9001 -