State Context - Foundations of Part C Services in Montana

State Context - Foundations of Part C Services in Montana

Montana’s Part C Early Child Outcome System

State Context - Foundations of Part C Services in Montana

The Part C Lead Agency is Department of Public Health and Human Services= Developmental Disabilities Program

The Developmental Disabilities Program contracts with Seven Independent Regional Agencies to Provide Part C and other Family Support Services (children 3 through 18 years old)

Approximately 700 Infants and Toddlers are in Part C On Any Day and 1500+ Receive Part C Services Annually

The Regional Part C Agencies Employee Family Support Specialist to Provide Service Coordination and Early Intervention Home-Based Services

Family Support Specialist Typically Possess a Bachelors or Masters Degrees in a Education, Health or Human Service Discipline, Thus They Enter With Varying Levels of Young Child Assessment and Intervention Skills

Family Support Specialist Receive On the Job Training and Must Meet a More Stringent Certification within Two Years

The Lead Agency and Regional Part C Service Providers have a Long History of Collaboration on Developing and Implementing Service Systems Components

Initial Buy-In Strategies

The Developmental Disabilities Program, Regional Part C Service Providers, Family Support Services Advisory Council (ICC) and The University of Montana=s Rural Institute Collaborate in Implementing a Part C General Supervision Enhancement Grant that was Funded in the Fall or 2004, Started January of 2005

Disseminated Information Concerning OSEP and ECO Center Resources for Early Child Outcomes and SPP/APR.

Linked Planning, Training, Systems Development and Technical Assistance Into A Part C Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Developed Early Child Outcome ABlueprint@ for SPP

Established a Part C Work Group (Part C Providers Middle Managers, DDP and Part C GSEG) to Work on the Strategic Plan, Including Early Child Outcomes

Focused all of the Above Activities on:

Making Part C Service Improvements at All Levels, Family Support Specialist, Regional Part C Agencies and Lead Agency Through Early Child Outcomes (and SPP)

This is an Evolutionary Process that Will Change and Improve with Participants Feedback

Training for Using the Child Outcome Summary Process

Part C Coordinator and Montana Part C GSEG Director Participated in OSEP and ECO Center Conferences and Consulted with the ECO Center

ECO Training On Child and Family Outcomes For Part C Work in October

Introduction to ECO Center Child and Family Outcomes Resources/Processes

Participants were the Part C Work Group (Part C Managers)

Dr. Kathy Hebbeler, ECO Center

Additional Facilitation for Planning and Decision-Making by Ted Maloney, Part C GSEG and Erica Swanson, Part C Coordinator

ECO Training On Child Outcomes Forms and Procedures for ATrain the Trainers@ - Part C Mangers and Senior Family Support Specialist (January 31-February 1)

Presentation of ECO Child Outcome Process/Forms

Discussions of ECO Resources

Practice Using Actual Child Data and Information

Planning for Implementation and Resource Development

Dr. Kathy Hebbeler, ECO Center

Additional Facilitation for Planning and Decision-Making by Ted Maloney, Part C GSEG and Erica Swanson, Part C Coordinator

Adapted ECO Center Documents and Presentations into a Montana Early Child Outcomes Document

Early Child Outcome Meeting with ATrainers@ (Regional Part C Managers and Senior Family Support Specialist)

AWho=s In, Who=s Out@

Feedback on Early Child Outcomes Document

Developed A Training Presentation for Early Child Outcomes Document

Discussed Training Family Support Specialists

Regional Part C Agencies ATrainers@ Teach Family Support Specialist in Their Agencies

Training Presentation Going Over Early Child Outcomes Document

AWho=s In, Who=s Out@

Practice Using Actual Child Data and Information

Follow-up with Individual Support and Feedback

Strategies to Assure Buy-In and Consistent Use of the Child Outcome Summary Form

Part C Regional Agencies and Stakeholder Involved in Key Early Decisions about How Montana Would Approach Early Child Outcomes

Part C Agencies Involved in Specific Decisions about Using the ECO Center Resources and Child Outcome Summary Form

Joint Training of Part C Managers and Family Support Specialist Across the State

Each Part C Agency is Using the Early Child Outcome Document and Training Resources

Planned Review and Feedback Meeting after Three Months

Follow-up Informal Evaluation and Technical Assistance

Ongoing Support and Technical Assistance From State to Regional Part C Agency Staff

Technical Assistance by Telephone and Email

Telephone Follow-Up After Part C Agencies Completed Their Training of Family Support Specialist

Process to Determine Additional Training Needs in Related Areas (e.g., Child development, assessment, functional outcomes)

Late June Meeting To Discuss Baseline Implementation Issues and Revising Montana Child Outcome Document For Ongoing Measurement After Baseline Period for February 2007 APR

Review Child Outcomes Forms for Baseline to Determine Fidelity and Emerging Issues

What Have We Learned or Think We have Learned So Far

Setting the Foundation by Disseminating OSEP and ECO Center Documents About Early Child Outcomes and SPP/APR and Discussing Issues of Development and Implementation - >Getting the Buy-In Early and Often!@

Collaborative Planning, Development and Implementation of Early Child Outcome System and Documents

Including the Family Support Specialist as well as Part C Managers in Training and Decision-Making

Emphasis on Foundations (e.g., Early Child Development, Multiple Sources of Child Outcome Data) Prior to Addressing the Child Outcome Summary Forms and Process

Include Practice, Plenty of AThinking Out Loud@, Discussions In Addition to Covering the Material/Content


Seek Feedback