State Association Leadership Team (SALT) Call Meeting Minutes

State Association Leadership Team (SALT) Call Meeting Minutes

State Association Leadership Team (SALT) Call Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2008

11:00 a.m. EDT



Ann Arouh (AK)

Sheila Froderman (RI)

AaronHenkel (WI)

Dee Koloski (CO)

Douglas Lewis (WA)

Bob May (WA)

Richard Maurer (ME)

Cathy Picard (RI)

Carol Rainville (MA)

Robin Thomson (MN)

Karen Howard (AANP)

Christena Nielsen (AANP)

Jenna Huntsberger (AANP)

David Matteson (Early-Edge Direction)


Please Note: Action Items throughout the minutes are highlighted in blue.

1. Call to Order

2. SALT Meeting at the 2008 AANP Convention

The proposed agenda for the SALT meeting at the AANP Convention was reviewed. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 13, from 1:30-3:30 pm. The draft agenda split time between an hour-long brainstorming session for a SALT leadership training, and an hour devoted to a presentation and Q&A session from Gillian Christie of Christie Communication about “What is PR.”

The proposed agenda was well received with a caveat that there needed to be adequate time available for questions in the PR session. The proposal is for a 20 to 30 minute presentation and leaving 30 to 40 minutes for discussion. There was a high level of interest in the PR session as well as the prospect of more in-depth leadership training.

SALT members should come prepared with leadership training ideas and or thoughts on challenges they face in their state association for the SALT Meeting on Aug. 13.

3. SALT Web Page Update

The proposed outline for the SALT Web page was reviewed. The plan is for the Web page to house SALT administrative documents, such as meeting minutes and SALT news archives; a library with documents from individual state associations; and a resources section with links to articles, web sites, and books on leadership and association management.

Participants expressed interest in having documents on the site that gave an overview of the history of the naturopathic medicine profession, including a timeline of when state associations were founded, a timeline of important legislation, information on when the schools were founded, etc.SALT members who have documents of this nature – please send them to Jenna (), to be placed on the Salt web site.

SALT media clips will also be housed on the web site. Jenna agreed to create an archive for media clips on the SALT web site.

A request was made for help with 501(c)6 forms for the IRS. SALT members who had filled out 501(c)6 formssuccessfully send them to Jenna so they can be uploaded to the SALT web site.

Maine and Minnesota have some historical documentation of naturopathic medicine which will be provided and uploaded. It was also suggested that each SALT state should write up their own brief history of the naturopathic profession in their state, and share it with the group.

2009 will be the 75th Anniversary of the Washington State Association’s founding, and they will be creating materials about their history for that upcoming celebration. AANP has agreed to help promote this anniversary. (As a side note, 2009 will also be the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Oregon State Association. AANP has agreed to help promote this event.)

4. SALT News Update

The June issue will be the last issue from the AANP workplan; in July the content will shift to other areas. AANP has received limited feedback from the SALT members on what content they would like to see in the News. July may include information on how to fill out 501(c) 6 forms, and/or information on how the AANP is working to increase consumer awareness of naturopathic medicine. Further discussions about useful topics will be held at the meeting in August.

A request was made for the SALT News to containa section of links to full articles because time is so short. The next SALT news will include a table of contents and links to articles of interest, like the current AANP eNews does now.

5. Capwiz Information and Access Update

The Executive Director gave a brief overview of Capwiz for the SALT members who weren’t using, or weren’t aware of this tool that is paid for and made available to the states by AANP. Capwiz is an online grassroots organizing tool that may be used to generate mail to legislators on both the local and national levels.

The Executive Director asked that people with questions about linking to the Capwiz site email her at for additional information.

She also added that those interested in using Capwiz should assign one or two people to become experts in the software for that state, and then have those people take the online Capwiz tutorial to learn more about the program’s features. The link for the training is After taking the training, the state can set up a call with either the Executive Director orAANP’s legislative assistant, Maureen Leddy, to go over how other states have used Capwiz and other nuances of the program. Maureen may be emailed at .

A question was asked about whether the media contacts in Capwiz are up to date, and if they include local media. The Executive Director responded that the media contacts are very up to date and it was noted that even small weekly papers were included in the contacts.

6. Educational/leadership opportunities – Tuesday prior to AANP conference

Leadership training will be offered on Tuesday, August 12 in Phoenix prior to the AANP Convention, which AANP is encouraging all SALT members to attend. The training will run from 9:00 to 5:00, and will be offered free of charge. The training will be facilitated by Ron Sepielli, of Sepielli Initiatives, an organizational and management consulting firm.

The training is designed to strengthen state board's ability to work together and accomplish goals.

An additional email about the leadership training program will be resent to all SALT members.

Action Items:

AANP SALT Convention Meeting

  • SALT members will come prepared to discuss leadership training ideas for an extended training session sometime in the late fall or early in 2009.

SALT Web Site

  • SALT members who have successfully filled out 501(c)6 forms will send them to Jenna at , so they may be postedon the SALT Web site.
  • SALT members with documents on the general history of naturopathic medicine, the founding of the schools, timelines of important legislation, etc., will send them to Jenna to be posted on the SALT Web site.
  • Robin will send in her history of naturopathic medicine in Minnesota, which will be posted to the SALT Web site.
  • Richard will send in his history of naturopathic medicine in Maine, which will be posted to the SALT Web site.
  • Jenna will create an archive for Media Clips on the SALT Web site.
  • Each SALT state will write up their own brief history of the naturopathic profession in their state, and send it to Jenna to post on the Web site.
  • SALT members will send in any other documents they deem useful to the group to Jenna, to be posted on the SALT Web site.


  • Jenna will make sure the SALT News includes a table of contents and links to articles of interest.
  • SALT Members with additional content ideas or general ideas about the SALT News will email Jenna.

Capwiz Access

  • Jenna will send out a link to the Capwiz site to SALT members.
  • SALT members who want to link to the Capwiz site or have other questions about Capwiz will email Karen () or Maureen ().

Convention Leadership Training

  • Jenna will send out an additional email about the leadership training to the SALT group.