Start: 7:05Pm; St. Jerome Annex, Room 3AA

Start: 7:05Pm; St. Jerome Annex, Room 3AA


Monday, July 25, 2016

Start: 7:05pm; St. Jerome Annex, Room 3AA


Chair-B.J. Todaro ____Lloyd Alcorn _absent___Theresa Julian _absent___

Vice-Chair-Richard Skurla____Peter Campbell _absent___Bill Moyer _absent___

Recorder-Amanda Chasteen ____ Emily Hunter ____Brenda Rieger ____

  1. Opening Prayer – Brenda
  2. Reflection –Emily; from “Teaching & Christian Imagination”; discussed the difference between being a pilgrim or a tourist
  3. Reports
  4. Fr. Raj: Sacred Heart (Valley Mills/Bagby) has no open Saturday availability for a mass. Will look at having a prayer time instead.
  5. Announcement of the name of the new Activity Center was this weekend, The Mother Theresa Center for Youth & Families.
  6. Old Business
  7. Discussion of Fall Festival and promotion of same for next year.
  8. Date of the Festival: Sunday, September 25th
  9. Amanda announced that there was no one who took over for leading. Amanda and Pat will assist in a limited capacity this year. They anticipate that it will be very low-key and simple (meal tickets only sold – no shirts). Will have music, games and auction. It was discussed that parking may be a little challenging this year with the new center.
  10. Ministry Reports:
  11. Bereavement: all doing well, noted that for the Dyer family luncheon, having sandwiches was very easy and convenient to send home
  12. Photography: all going well
  13. New Business
  14. Suggestion Box/E-Mail—BJ
  15. Suggestion was made that they need a fan by the altar servers. It was recognized and there is one in the area that can be moved over.
  16. Deacon Greg suggested designating one Sunday a month for parishioners to bring non-perishable foods. Put the announcement/flyer in the bulletin a week before to remind and make announcements.
  17. Discussion or suggestions by Pastoral council for St. Jerome parish-open forum-upcoming events.
  18. NOTES:
  19. No December or January meetings.
  20. Need to start thinking about the Christmas Party – Amanda will send the “to-do” list with minutes.
  21. There were 4 couples at the last Newcomers Meal.
  22. Lloyd and BJ will be rolling off the Council at the end of the year.
  23. Need to start thinking about the Council retreat.
  24. Need to consider the Grand Opening Planning (Activity Center). Make sure to start thank-you list so no one is forgotten.
  25. Next Meeting Date and Lunch with Fr. Raj.
  26. Next dinner date will be Sunday August 21th, @ 12:30 PM @ _Poppa Rollo’s - Hewitt
  27. Next meeting will be Monday August 22th, @ 7:00 PM in Room 3AA
  28. Opening Prayer Emily
  29. Reflection Amanda
  30. Closing Prayer Peter
  31. Closing Prayer –BJ
  32. 2016 Year of Mercy –Genesis 2: 7