Standard Agenda for a Committee Meeting of the MG Car Club Canberra Inc s1

MG Car Club Canberra Inc

Committee Meeting Minutes – 2 February 2016

President: Greg Whitfield (GW), Treasurer: Laurie Gardiner (LG), Secretary: Trevor Clement (TC),

Vice President and Sporting Secretary: Kent Brown (KB), Asst Secretary (Display Events): Graeme Rossiter (GR), Editor: Mark Horsfield (MH), Social Secretary: Trevor Finklaire (TF) / Graeme Corbett (GC), Assistant Secretary: Dave Burns (DB)

Item / Minutes / Acton
1. Attendance / GW, TC, TF, KB, LG, GR, DB
Apologies: MH
Quorum requirement: Four Committee members, of which one must be a member of the executive.
Requirement met
2. Confirm Minutes / Minutes of the meeting held on 1 December 2015 were confirmed.
Proposed by GW, seconded TC
3. Matters Arising / The following provides a summary of new matters arising from the last committee meeting as well as ongoing action items.
(a)  Brian Darke Memorial Trophy. By-laws to be updated to reflect the new trophy and its conditions for award. Ongoing
(b)  MH advised the online membership form has some technical issues and it may have to be unpublished from the website if the issues cannot be resolved. Ongoing
(c)  GW to follow up with GR to see if a letter of concern from MGCCC be forwarded to the relevant authority about the loss of NCA venues for car displays.
/ TC is waiting for By-law 12 to be resolved before updating By-laws.
Some problems remain.
4. Matters Under Review / ·  By laws. By-law 12 Concours d'Elegance and the proposed Pride of Ownership guidelines. Awaiting feedback and a review of running draft By-laws at Terribly British Day. Ongoing
·  Sale of valve grinding machine. Ongoing / GR, MH, KB
TC awaiting response from other British Car Clubs.
5. President / GW raised the following items:
·  Welcome to Dave Burns to the Committee as Assistant Secretary. Dave will look after the Secretariat function in TC's absence.
·  The activities so far this year (Café Injoy New Year Breakfast, Summernats display and Australia Day picnic run to Yass) have all been successful and well attended.
·  The group of 8 cars (16 people) from the Club are joining the Sydney Healey Club tour of Tasmania head off Saturday morning 6 Feb.
6. Treasurer / LG presented the monthly financial report for December 2015 and January 2016 (attached)
LG also advised that he had not yet heard from Shannons regarding their general sponsorship for 2016 but is expecting payment in Feb following the issue of the invoice.
6.1Accounts for approval / ·  Mutual Brokers $460.46
·  CAMS Permit $95
·  MG Car Club UK £78 (LG pays then get reimbursed)
·  Canberra Trophy Centre $73
·  Digital Trendsetting (Tappet Chatter) Approx $191
·  Reimburse Kent Brown - $131.19
6.2 Membership review/costs
6.3 Other
7. Secretary / See attached.
Monthly meeting schedule for next few months: / Speakers for the following meetings are:
·  Feb 2016 - Presentation by Alzheimer's Australia + Auction of unwanted Library Books by John Cooper.
·  March - Auto Paint expert TBC
·  April - Ian Moon of Howard Revell.
·  May - Natmeet report from Perth. Possible Kevin Kirk can provide report.
/ Confirmed. Jill Brown coming
TC to arrange
LG to arrange
GR to arrange
Membership / Members (as at 1 December 2015),
6 Life, 9 Honorary, 95 Single (ordinary),
79 Family Memberships, 13 Associate Members,
(299) total members with 25 Ineligible to vote)
Quorum of 10% of eligible members = 28
8. Sporting Secretary / ·  KB advised that Alf Najar, winner of the 1947 Australian GP in a MGTB Special died recently. Alf also won the NSW 1946 GP and got a second in the 1948 Australian GP.
·  The first Motorkhana for the year is on 21 February. Volunteers are needed.
·  28 Feb is the next Historic racing meeting at Wakefield Park.
·  KB, Chris Hillman and Chris Reeks, all Club members, are now qualified 'Club Chiefs'. A Club Chief license is a people with motor sport officiating experience working without supervision, capable of performing the role of Clerk of the Course or Steward.
·  KB advised that the Helpline continues to receive two or three calls a week from members seeking some form of technical advice.
9. Social Secretary / TF advised the current forecast of dates and the person responsible for the planning. Graeme will plan mid week meanders unless he is away in which case, I will do it. Thanks,
28 Feb - Trevor F
20 Mar - Trevor F
17 Apr - Trevor F
15 May - Graeme C
19 Jun - Trevor F
17 Jul - Trevor F
21 Aug - Graeme C
18 Sep - Graeme C
Oct - social run is on the Sunday of MGTYme
20 Nov - Trevor F
Dec tbc in conjunction with the Christmas BBQ
·  TF advised that Gail Argyle had met with Old Parliament House to consider as venue for 2016 Annual Presentation Dinner. On balance, the Federal Golf Club is still considered a more suitable venue. The $400 room hire may waived as our Club has a number of Federal playing members.
10. Asst Sec (Display) / ·  Terribly British Day on Sunday, 6 December had 330 cars of which 47 were MG. The trial run of the proposed revised Concours and Pride of Ownership was conducted and now the Sub-Committee needs to refine the proposed By-law and present it to the Committee for ratification.
·  Wheels 2016 is tentatively planned for 8 May (Mother's Day) but may change to coincide with Heritage Day on 15 May. TBC / Subsequent to meeting advice is that Wheels 2016 will be on 15 May.
11. Editor / ·  MH was away but GW advised that he believes the February issue of Tappet Chatter is on course.
12. WebMaster / ·  A problem that sometimes occurs with the Club's Membership on-line registration form is unable to be fixed. / MH to monitor
13. Standing Business
CACTMC / The draft Club letter to CACTMC was discussed at length. It was agreed TC would write to Brian Calder and provide a marked-up copy with Committee comments. Brian was good to send letter once changes made. A copy of the letter (once sent) can be made available to other like minder clubs for their info.
It was noted that the business of the CACTMC’s has been suspended until further notice, pending tabling, discussion, and agreement by the CACTMC’s Committee of the 2014/15 financial accounts, and the Auditors Statement. Accordingly the 21 January CACTMC’s delegates meeting was cancelled. / TC to send draft to Brian Calder.
Brian Calder to provide copy of letter to other like minded clubs
Natmeet / GR advised it is likely than Kevin and Jan Kirk will be attending the Natmeet 2016. GR to coordinate a presentation for the May 2016 Club meeting. / GR to liaise with the Kirks on this matter
CRS events approval / ·  The National Trust has asked for 10 to 15 cars for a National Trust Gala on Saturday, 6 Feb. at Uriarra Crossing. Anyone interested contact Graham Gittins
·  The Cooma Club is holding their Pre-1960 rally on 14-15 May 2016
MGTYme 2016 / ·  KB reported that registrations are starting to come in. The Committee members are busy planning their particular functions.
·  TC advised an application had been received in the PO Box. The cheque has been given to LG and the form will be scanned and sent to Brian Calder. / TC to send form to Brian Calder
14. General Business / ·  Some discussion about moving Committee meeting nights to the Thursday. This should allow Treasurer to finalise financial statements prior to meetings.
·  Community Support Organisation, TC advised that he attended a meeting of Alzheimer's ACT in his 1955 MGTF. All present were very impressed and would like to have further contact. A coffee run was discussed where a number of older Club cars could assemble and each take a guest for a short run, maybe to the Tracking Station for a coffee then return.
·  LG raised possible date for next Workshop Saturday. It was suggested 16 April was best date.
·  KB advised the ACT Govt Dept of Sports and Recreation is running some courses for Clubs and Volunteer organisations. Anyone interested can contact TC / TC to contact Raiders Club and check on room availability.
Coordination of this run is needed.
LG to raise at Club meeting
15. Committee absences / ·  TC will be away till June meeting.
·  GW will be in Tasmania for the February monthly meeting. KB to chair.
·  KB will be in South America 1 April till end of May

Signed as a true and accurate record of the Club Meeting held on 2 February 2016 by:

Greg Whitfield


5 February 2016


SUMMARY OF CORRESPONDENCE - December 2015 / January 2016


Item / Referred to
Statement from Bendigo Bank for Terminal Rental / LG
Invoice from Canberra Trophy Centre / LG
Email from Shannons re acknowledgement of Motorkhana dates in 2016 / KB
Email from previous MGTYme participant / Brian Calder
Email to ACT Govt re Historic Vehicle Logbook Trial / GW
Invoice from Mutual Brokers Pty Ltd / LG
Letter from Mr Steve Richards re Temora Rural Museum / TF
Letter from Roads & Maritime NSW re Classic Vehicle Log Book Scheme / Committee


Item / Author
Email to Shannons re Motorkhana dates in 2016 / KB
Several new member letters / TC



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