Staff:Dana Dietz, Kathy Drake, Amanda Shipman

Staff:Dana Dietz, Kathy Drake, Amanda Shipman

PTO Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017

6:15pm, PVE

Attendees: Katie Glenn, Sarah Benneyworth, Molly Mounce,Gretchen Farb, KiandraAdlong, Laura Ritter, Shannon Barron, Candace Murphy, Leah Haak, Julie Bradley, Jen Graves, Marianne Samuel, Jamie Miller, Jennifer Weintraut, Hiley Killian, Kathy BeMiller

Staff:Dana Dietz, Kathy Drake, Amanda Shipman


  • Launched One Author/One School this week.
  • Launching Strong in Every Way campaign at the February staff inservice day.
  • An idea was brought forth that the PTO should brand all items that are donated to the school with PTO funds.


  • Marsh Points - PVE won the recipe contest and earned 500,000 points which will be deposited into our account no later than March 31st but with a deadline of April 15th to be used. We have Amy Tischer to thank for making this happen. She provided the recipe and encouraged all of us often to vote and we won.
  • PTO Board Nominations - Beginning in February, we will begin to accepting nominations for the 2017-18 Board. If you would like to nominate someone, please make sure you have their consent, and then submit the nomination via email to myself and Sarah Benneyworth.In March, a list of nominees will be made public in a newsletter and at the evening April PTO meeting, all present will have the opportunity to vote. Current PTO Board members, please advise this month if you are willing to continue in your current role or if you wish to step down - please also poll those who run events in your department and report back whether they are willing to continue next year. We appreciate everyone's willingness to volunteer for any amount of time so thank you to everyone who volunteers on the PTO Board or organizes events for our school.
  • Jog A Thon Co-Chairs - We are still in search of co-chairs to run Jog A Thon next fall.
  • All of the books of the One Author/One School program have been purchased and distributed.
  • Accounting Issues - Pleasenote that the PTO executive board has been meeting and changes are going to be made regarding what will, and will not, be purchased using donations made to the PTO and how those purchases will be made moving forward. Expect to see a complete set of guidelines introduced before the next meeting.
  • October Purchase of Gift Cards for Classroom Teachers - Please let the minutes state that the Amazon Gift Cards shouldhaveclassified as specifically as "teacher grants" rather than "classroom donations."
  • PVE Front Lobby - the lobby is in desperateneed of a facelift. We would like to explore the idea of selling ceramic tilesthat could bepainted by students and permanently installed in the lobby on an ongoing basis from year to year so kids could come back and find their tile years later. The proceeds from this sale would be used to make additional updates - conversational/multi-use furniture, carpeting, lighting, etc. It was also discussed that an educational grant may be applied for to add an aquariumin the lobby that couldmeet an educational objective relevant to our curriculum.In the meantime, we are actively seeking parents with design or decorating experience to offer their two cents on how we could make an impact in the lobby on a budget. We are also seeking photographers todocumentthe kidsat the schoolso we can create a gallery of large photos in the lobby to showcase what learning at PVE looks like for the lobby.

Vice President:

  • Nothing to report


  • December minutes were approved


  • Cash – accounts are reconciled to the bank statements as of December 31, 2016

o ONB checking - $34,917

o ONB Savings - $9,960

o Amazon Smile checking - $189

  • Income Statement comments on larger items in December:

o We received a $842 refund for insurance premiums

o We paid:

* $5,849 for wellness equipment from prior year approval and funds

* $1,500 for student enrichment

See income statement for all received and paid year to date


  • The secretary will start uploading the meeting minutes to the PTO website instead of sending out an email to all board members with the attached minutes.
  • The PTO website will only hold information that doesn’t change. The day to day update changes will be announced on the PTO facebook page.

Family Services:

  • There will be a movie night for all 3rd and 4th graders on February 3 from 6-8pm. Cost will be $5/student and the movie The Lion King will be shown.


  • A spring grant cycle will occur in 2017. Teachers will submit their grant proposal by 2/24/17.


  • El Toro Dining for Dollars on January 17, 2017. PVE will get 10% of your order.

Student Services:

  • Kokomo Beach Day will be on 2/24/17

Staff Services:

  • Twelve Days of Giving occurred in December – each teacher was given a $10 gift card and a little gift
  • 1/27 – Trail Mix bar, sign up genius already out
  • 2/10 – Staff Breakfast, sign up genius coming out soon

Next meeting will be February 6, 2017.