Speeds Towing of Vancouver



This agreement between Speeds Towing of Vancouver and ______

at ______zip______-_____. (Address of property) on this date ______, 20___.

The property owner or manager hereby requests Speeds Towing of Vancouver to impound any and all motor vehicles parked without authorization. Speeds Towing of Vancouver agrees to tow all impounds from said properties on a continuing basis regardless of the time of day or night.

Business: Speeds Towing of Vancouver

2300 E 1st St. Ste F

Vancouver, WA 98661

Phone (360) 696-3678

Fax (360) 750-4708

This agreement shall continue in effect until terminated in writing by either party, as well as the return of any and all signs on the property. Impound and storage fees shall be at the vehicle owner’s expense. A minimum hourly rate of $170.00 not to exceed $238.00 per hour will be charged. A drop fee at the impound scene shall be a minimum of $125.00 plus tax. Storage is to be charged to the nearest half-day at a rate in accordance with the length of vehicle per day. (WAC 204-91A-140)

Normal office hours for Speeds Towing of Vancouver

Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed holidays and weekends

A gate fee of $85.00 shall apply after business hours per access.

Persons authorized to request and sign for impounds:





It is hereby agreed upon by:


Mailing Address______Zip______

FAX ______


D. Laursen

Speeds Towing of Vancouver