Socorro Middle School SIT Meeting Minutes

Socorro Middle School SIT Meeting Minutes

Socorro Middle School SIT Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm in the library.

Attendees Present:

Lori Diaz, Principal

Luis Reyes, Asst. Principal

Yolanda Paredes, Nurse

Fran Fresquez, Librarian

Claudia Esparza-SCE Intervention Coach

Yvette Alvidrez-District Rep.

Marlena Carrillo-GearUp Rep.

Jan Deragish, Fine Arts

Marie Placencio, Math

Debra Rodriguez, Social Studies

Adrian Carbajal, Science

Esther Holguin, Reading

Hazel Valverde, Bilingual


  • Data Rooms

Superintendent- Data rooms to Map your Way to Success (Please Read)

It will be adopted and implemented step by step

Data Room in Curriculum Coaches Room (possibly in lobby)

Classroom Data to be displayed in each teacher’s classroom

Department Heads will explain in detail during Dept. Meetings

  • Fundamental Five: Display on board daily

Content Objective (We will)

Closing Objective (I will)

Please update as necessary

Every teacher should post this in their rooms and explain to students

  • Student Attendance/Tardies

Attendance is improving but we have to continue to work on it

Suspensions count for attendance, therefore reduction of suspensions, SAC instead

Mrs. Guerrero will monitor morning tardies (will document students & contact parents)

After lunch tardies- 2 monitors will be transferred outside

Whistle will blow a couple of minutes early for students in the football field to get closer to the door

Make It Count Detention- being considered as disciplinary action for tardies Please be visible in the halls before school, after school, and during transitions to reduce tardies due to socializing and prevent discipline problems (ex. fights)

1-3 tardies-parent contact 4 tardies-referral 5-7 tardies-parent contact 8 tardies-referral (to build documentation)

  • Teacher Work Schedule

Duty Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Teacher tardies go to human resources-violation of contract/responsibility for arriving on time (warnings provided) chronic tardies will be written up

Conference: 450 mandatory minutes every 10 days (actual 520 minutes scheduled every 10 days)

Lunch: 30 minutes mandatory, 10 minutes discretionary= 40 minutes per day

Teacher Attendance Report- Improving (#5 in Top 5 Middle Schools in the District)

  • Bulldog Pride Award- Recommendations were due on Monday October 22

Ceremony- November 1 – trophies and shirts (possibly donated from Sports World)

Award Recipients will receive a formal invitation

Mrs. Diaz will interview students before ceremony

Teacher attendance is encouraged

  • Lunch & Learn


Please ESCORT students to the library immediately after the bell

Students attend L & L first, then go to lunch enter through the front library door

Teachers: Assignment lists will be due every Friday by 3:30 pm (include assignment)

Lunch & Learn will be M-F All week even if they finish assignment so students understand the consequence of not completing work

Extra Credit work or book may be provided for additional days in Lunch & Learn Please volunteer to assist during lunch and learn (5-15 minutes)

Gear Up tutors and Interns will also assist during L & L

Parent Letter will be distributed for parental support/also included in Newsletter

  • Harvest Festival-no interest, cancelled Interest in Holiday Extravaganza-tied to fine arts performances

Clubs and departments-first choice for booths

Additional booths to be sold to community

  • Bulldog Newsletter

Distributed once a month

Please talk to students about its importance so they read it and take it home

Raffle ticket for free dress will be included in Newsletters

If you have any information you want included, please email Mrs. Valverde

  • Assistance for Students form

Documentation form for reviewing failing and bubble students with Mrs. Diaz

Mrs. Diaz will review and update form and email to campus

Associate Superintendents want evidence on interventions/documentation

Parent contact logs will be monitored by Mrs. Diaz

  • Compass Learning

intervention to be used during class, after school, or as homework

Students may log in at home

Explain to students about importance of program

They must take it seriously

Grades can be taken from Compass Learning

Gear Up tutors trained and can help

  • EPAC Meeting

School and Teacher Websites need to be continuously updated

Please update Bulletin boards

Customer service-cater to parents

Clean school

Front office phones must be answered in a timely fashion

Motivate each other

Know strengths and weaknesses of students

Display student work

Professional attire

  • Nurse:

Thank you for new office- more space, stud. more comfortable, increase confidentiality

School Immunization Records up to date

Increased number of fractures- 2 fractures in a week-individual incidents

Stud. not allowed on or by bleachers, no tackle football, monitors in field

  • Math: no announcements
  • Reading: Department will unpack TEKS and brainstorm activities that provide rigor

CScope-requirement, SpringBoard-supplemental

  • Science-Science Fair – November 17 Campus, December 3 District
  • Social Studies-no announcements
  • Athletics

Support Basketball-no concessions will be sold at this time due to lack of sales

Game schedule in district website (will be posted in November Newsletter)

Shirts are on the way

  • SCE Intervention Coaches

Email Unit Assessment forms to Mrs. Diaz asap

  • Counselor- not present
  • Parent Liaison- not present
  • Librarian

Book Fair October 23-26 Please Support

No Tax Thursday

  • Fine Arts

Wish List- tennis courts to be fixed

  • Gear Up

Will be present for Student-Led Conferences

Tutors will have ipads to show parents Own Your Own Future Website

Will set up in front of library

Gear Up info and sign in sheets

  • Student-Led Conferences

4-7 pm

e-HAC-send to Julie or Mrs. Guerrero to distribute parent username and passwords

dinner for teachers will be provided

  • Yearbook

15 pages due by January

Pictures by department- please choose a theme and contact Mrs. E. Esparza

  • Halloween

October 31st half day for students

Lunch on your own

Halloween Dance

Student costume contest

Teacher costume contest?