SMART Board Care and Maintenance

SMART Board Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the writing surface:

1.  Use an alcohol-free household cleaner glass cleaner such as Windex glass cleaner to clean the writing surface. Clean it at regular intervals or whenever you notice smudges on the surface. Turn off the projector before cleaning the surface.

2.  Do not spray cleaner directly onto the surface. Instead, lightly spray cleaner on a cloth and gently wipe the screen.

3.  Do not allow excess glass cleaner to flow into the cracks between the lower frame and the writing surface or into the pen tray.

4.  Do not write on the surface with dry erase markers or permanent markers.

5.  If in doubt about a cleaning issue, contact the CO technology staff.

Preventing damage to the SMART Board surface:

1.  Do not use sharp or pointed objects as writing tools.

2.  Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners.

3.  Never put tape or other adhesives on the surface.

Disinfecting the SMART Board interactive whiteboard:
The cleaning instructions above are adequate to handle most regular cleaning requirements. However, if you need to disinfect your SMART Board, follow the instructions below:

1.  Before you disinfect your board, shut down or disconnect the computer.

2.  You can use a diluted bleach solution to disinfect your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

·  Wet a clean cloth with a solution of 10 percent bleach and 90 percent water.

·  Wipe the display surface, Pen Tray and any other surfaces that you want to disinfect

·  Repeat as necessary

SMART Board interactive whiteboards carry no more or fewer germs than other public surfaces such as door knobs or table tops. In environments where you need to regularly disinfect surfaces, follow the procedure above.

Tips for Maintaining Projector Lamp Life:

1.  The lamps are currently being set up in an economy mode to extend the life.

2.  Turn the brightness down when leaving the room for lunch, recess, etc. How to do this depends on your version and remote:

SB remotes 001 jpg

3.  If you will be using the SMART Board for most of the day, turn it on and leave it on. If you will not be using it for around 2 hours or more, turn it off.

4.  Turn it off at the end of the school day unless it is being used for planning purposes.

5.  Use the correct shut down process which allows the lamp to cool. Do not cut the power.

6.  After the SMART Board is turned off, wait 10 minutes or more before attempting to turn it on again.

Another important tip: To make your laptop battery last longer, DO NOT leave the laptop plugged in all the time. It is not good for the battery to constantly charge. You will be warned when the battery gets low and can then plug in the laptop. One hour of charging time will yield 4-5 hours of operation. Hover the mouse pointer over the battery icon in the task tray and a pop-up message will tell you how much battery time is less.