Skype for Business Faqs

Skype for Business Faqs

Skype for Business FAQs

  1. Why does my Presence change on my Phone?

You might have Idle Timeout Enabled. This feature will set your Presence as Inactive after 15 minutes. There are instructions on how to disable this feature on Marshall’s SfB Website.

  1. Where can I see my Skype for Business chat history?

Users can see their Call Logs, including Missed Calls, on their phone by selecting the Clock in the top Left.

They can also use the Skype for Business client’s Conversations option to look through their call and chat history.

The may also view their Conversations by selecting the Conversation History in their Outlook.


  1. How do I turn up my volume on my phone?

You can adjust the volume of the phone using the – and + button on your phone. The volume controls are dependent on what phone function you are using. The Handset, Speaker, and Ringer all have separate volume controls.

  1. Will I still receive E-mails when I get a missed call or voicemail?

Yes, you will still receive E-mails when you get a missed call or a voicemail. There are instructions on how to enable or disable this option on Marshall’s SfB website.

  1. Can I use a headset with this phone?

Yes, you can use a headset. However, not all headsets are compatible. Visit the Plantronics Compatibility Guide and search for the Polycom VVX 600 to find a list of compatible headsets. Some phones will need a compatibility cable to function, the Plantronics Compatibility Guide will give the users a notice if they need this cable.

To use the Compatibility Guide, you can do the following:

Visit the Plantronics Compatibility Guide by clicking here.

Then select the desk phone icon.

Then select "Polycom" in the Vendor drop down box, and "VVX 600" in the Model drop down box.

Then select "View Compatible Solutions"

Then, check the box for "EHS Cable" on the left hand column.

From here you will be able to choose from compatible headsets.

Keep in mind, you are purchasing two parts per headset. For example, the headset (Voyager Legend CS) and the cable accessory (APV-51 EHS). The headsets typically run for $100-250 each and cable accessory for around $80-90. Plantronics has very good sales support. They can be reached at 800-544-4660. There are many other options, configurations, and manufacturers, so if you do not find anything you like or the price is not right, there are alternatives.