Six-Inch, 1St Edition

Six-Inch, 1St Edition

Offers are invited for the following items, from the collection of a deceased member. They are divided into two sections: folded maps (mostly in non-OS covers) and flat maps. There is a remarkable quantity of nineteenth-century mapping, much of it in really good condition. Bidders are responsible for costs and risks of carriage etc; alternatively they may collect from Lincoln. It may also be possible to arrange to collect from Cambridge, Kew, or Harrogate.

Offers are to reach by 13 Sep.


Six-inch, 1st edition

1. Lancashire Sheet 31, (published 1847) with the (Little) North Western Railway (opened 1849) added after publication. The map appears identical to the NLS Record Map copy, so is difficult to date, though it is after the reduction in price to 2s6d. Part of the Caton side of the River Lune is tinted pink (a fishing beat?) and property on the opposite side, probably the Hermitage estate, is outlined in orange, with rental values (per acre) in pencil for each field. Also in pencil are notes on the gradient of each section of the railway line, and a note "single line only" at the left of the map, whereas this map and the following edition both mark it by the symbol later used for double track. Dissected (panels 139x217mm) with textured brown boards, embossed in gilt "31 Caton Smith & Gotthardt Bradford". Smith & Gotthardt were land agents. vgc.

2. Lancashire Sheet 111, centred on Didsbury. Published 1848. This sheet had few, if any, additions after the Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway so it is difficult to date this specimen. The water-lining is quite worn, and it was re-engraved by the time the ( very late) NLS copy was printed; perhaps datable to 1870s in view of the similarity to the copies of Old Series 71NE and 82SE listed below. Dissected in black boards with adhesive label of Thomas J Day of Manchester.

3. Yorkshire sheet 118. This sheet may have had no alterations at all during its lifetime so this printing is difficult to date. Dissected (with 122x168mm panels) in blue & white marbled board with Stanford adhesive label. One of the folds has split for the width of one panel; coloured pencil has been used to designate some fields in a small area of the map. Otherwise, good condn.

4. Yorkshire Sheet 136 in what may be its original state (Price 5s, and no Nidd Valley Branch). Dissected (panels 139x217mm in blue & white marbled boards. vgc.

5. Yorkshire Sheet 137 in what may be its original state (Price 5s). Remarkable for garden archaeology ('Supposed site of the Gardens of Walkingham Hall' + 'site of an avenue'). Dissected (panels 139x217mm in blue & white marbled boards. vgc.

6. Yorkshire Sheet 138 in what may be its original state (Price 5s). Includes Boroughbridge, showing its first railway station. Dissected (panels 139x217mm in blue & white marbled boards. vgc.

7. Yorkshire Sheet 184 in what may be its original state (Price 5s, and what became the Midland Railway is still marked as the Leeds & Bradford Rly Extension). Main roads coloured brown. Some fences following the enclosure of Tow Top Slack have been drawn in. Various estates are coloured, also the Earby UDC Water Catchment Area and a pipeline (Dec 1930). At Kelbrook, occupiers' names seem to be given. Dissected (panels 139x217mm) with textured brown boards, embossed in gilt "184 Carlton Smith & Gotthardt Bradford". Smith & Gotthardt were land agents. Good condn.

8. Composite of Yorkshire Sheets 233, 234, 248, 249, covering the area around Wakefield. Dissected, marbled covers. The sheets appear to be as originally issued: they do not show the GNR line through Wakefield Westgate, which is on the NLS Record-map copies; other detail - notably garden ornament - has been re-engraved between this copy and the NLS copies. Around Nostell Priory, there are a number of names lightly written in pencil, which seem to be names of occupiers. Very good condition.

9. Town Map of Halifax, 1934, printed 1938. Monochrome printing on paper with integral cover (H8.3a). A couple of annotations in red ink, one rather prominent. A few tears along folds have been repaired in sellotape.


10. Dumfriesshire: 1:126,720. Index to Six-inch with tables of areas of parishes and Characteristics (ie legend). The latter differs from the corresponding English ones with references to whins and flow bog. Based on the railways shown, the date would appear to be about 1865. Exquisite hand-colouring: blue water, brown foreshore, magenta railways and parishes edged with various colours. Dissected in panels 6x9" in marbled boards and provided with stiff green leatherette book-fold cover with gilt title in a wreath, this apparently done by W & AK Johnston. Vgc.

Two inches to mile

11. Guernsey, 1902, printed 4/23 direct onto fine linen. Black, brown and a very delicate blue. Folded, with buff adhesive cover by Banks, Brownsey & Co. This promises a street plan, which appears to have become separated and lost. Map itself vgc, but cover is somewhat worn, not least because it is not accurately aligned with the map.

One-inch maps

Old Series

12. Sheet 1, covering the area NE from London, a composite of the four quarters, NW being in state 11, SW 17, SE 12, so put together about 1872. Dissected into panels 5x7"with blue & white marbled boards with a tiny location diagram. In maroon slip-case with adhesive Stanford's label. vgc.

13. Part of Sheet 22 covering an area of 21x11 miles, from Exmouth (almost) to Lyme Regis Trimming has removed not only the margins but also 2 or 3 mm of map along the northern edge. Difficult to date, but after 1834 and before 1869. Dissected into panels 3.5x5.5", with red & blue marbled boards. vgc.

14. Composite of Sheets 46NW, 46NE, 52SW, 52SE. The first three are in states 15, 16, 14 respectively, so the composite was put together about 1874. Hand-coloured with brown roads, green parks, red railways and counties edged in various colours. Dissected in red marbled boards (5x7"). In red slip-case bearing Stanford adhesive label, over which a Bedford bookseller, E Thompson & Son, has affixed his tiny label. A really handsome item.

15. Composite of sheets 51NW(pt), 52NE, 52NW(pt), 64(pt), 65(pt) covering an area 26 miles square covering Peterborough, Thrapston, Huntingdon and St Ives. 52NE is in state 17, and there is an epd of March 1891, so a date of 1891-2 seems likely. Dissected by Stanford's in panels 4.5 x 7" with blue & white marbled boards in a red slipcase with Stanford's label. A few light pencil notes by a user on eg ancient woods; some heavier pencil notes by a collector noting constituent sheet numbers. vgc.

16. Sheet 54SW covering Worcester. Emarginate but no earlier than state 3 nor later than state 8; perhaps c1850. Dissected in buff boards. Would be vgc except for notes in ink on the cover by a collector.

17. Sheet 71NE in state 13 or 14 so c1870. Emarginate, dissected (panels 113x147mm in black textured boards with adhesive label of Thomas J Day, Manchester. A route has been drawn in red ink, otherwise vgc.

18. Sheet 75NE in state 13, the first to show the completion of the Ffestiniog Rly, and c1870. With margins, dissected (panels 107x186mm) in blue & white marbled boards. Artist-designed ex libris label. A handsome map.

19. Sheet 78SE, Bangor, in state 11 of 1869. With margins, dissected (panels 107x186mm) in blue & white marbled boards. Artist-designed ex libris label. A handsome map.

20. Composite of sheets 80NE, 81NW, 80SE, 81SW covering area SW from Manchester. The two lower qtr-sheets are in state 9 and state 7 respectively and the upper qtr-sheets are consistent with the whole having been assembled in 1866. Dissected in stiff book-fold covers, c5x9" by Slater of Manchester. A small brown ?ink blot does not obscure underlying detail. Good condition.

21. Sheet 82SE covering Mansfield, in state 10 so c1875. Emarginate, dissected (panels 113x147mm in black textured boards with adhesive label of Thomas J Day, Manchester. vgc.

22. Composite of 9 qtr-sheets: 88NE, 87NW, 87NE; 88SE, 87SW, 87SE; 81NE, 82NW, 82NE. Thus it covers an area about 36 miles square, centred on Barnsley, including Sheffield and Retford in the south and extending almost to Leeds in the north. Epds for the top row are Sep 1894, Oct 1894, Dec 1890, and the states of the other sheets are the final ones or almost so. All this is consistent with the the map having been made up in or about 1895. There are two little rectangles in magenta ink, of uncertain purpose and unobtrusive, also annotations in pencil which could presumably be erased without difficulty. The map is dissected in panels c8x10", with marbled boards and Stanford label. Indeed one has to admire the skill of Stanfords in putting together this assemblage of trapezoidal sheets in which one of the sheet joins crosses a panel division at an angle of a fraction of a degree. Good condition.

New Series (inc Old Series N of Preston-Hull line)

23. Composite of 1, 2, 3, 4 - ie the four quarters of Old Series 110. The latter two are both in state 2, which suggests the map was assembled in or very close to the 1870s. Hand-coloured: railways magenta, main roads brown, parks green, water greenish blue (including a belt of sea close to land. The county (ie all land) is edged in light green with green wash throughout. The combination of green land and greenish-blue sea is ill-judged. Dissected in panels 123x171mm in marbled boards with a tiny location diagram stuck on. vgc.

24. Sheet 40 (Old Series 97NW) with hills, in state 8 or 9. Trimmed and dissected (panels 123x169mm) in maroon marbled boards. Damp stain affects part of map and one of the panels is detached from the cloth in one corner; otherwise good condn.

25. Composite of 42,43, 52 & 53 with hills - ie the four quarters of Old Series 96. The latter three are in states 6, 5, 5 respectively, so the whole was probably assembled about 1873. Dissected in panels 122x170mm, with blue& white marbled boards and a tiny location diagram from an Old Series index. The marbling has almost entirely rubbed off; otherwise vgc.

26. Composite of sheets 41, 42, 51, 52 with hills, of states current about 1898. Dissected in panels of about 7x10", with marbled covers. vgc.

27. Composite of Old Series 92NW (=NS 60) and 92NE (=NS 61) with hills. 92NE is in state 1, and 92NW predates the Settle & Carlisle line, so probably assembled about 1862. Emarginate. Dissected into panels 4.5 x 4" with pairs of blue-marbled and red-marbled boards. (This seems to be a device to allow the map to be folded in two different ways according to whether the northern or southern part will be used.) The railway to Pateley Bridge has been inked-in in a passable imitation of OS style; water has been coloured blue and various routes followed have been neatly drawn in red ink. Good condn.

28. Composite of 61 and 69 with hills (=92NE & SE) in states 5 and 10 respectively, so of about 1872. Emarginate and dissected in panels 155x154mm. No covers. Some panel edges a bit rucked up and sheet does not fold easily; otherwise in respectable condition.

29. Composite of sheets 62, 63, 70, 71, being the four quarters of Old Series 93, in states 12, 9, 16, 12. Put together between July 1896 (one of the epds) and 1897 (when its first owner wrote his name and date on the cover). Covers York and Leeds. Dissected by Stanford's in panels 127x178mm with blue & white marbled boards. vgc

30. Outline sheet 112, Chesterfield, in state 4. Trimmed & dissected (panels 123x171mm) between blue marbled boards with legend etc pasted to inside of cover. Front cover is detached and one fold is starting to tear but map is still sound.

31. Sheet 183, Redditch -Advance Edition Published by Photozincography (State 3). Dissected in panels 113x193mm, including most of marginalia. With textured navy boards. The map has numerous routes drawn on it in red ink and a few annotations. Otherwise reasonably good condition.

32. Outline sheet 313 covering Shaftesbury and Blandford. Stiff paper, emarginate and folded to 4x7". vgc.

33. Outline sheet 328 covering Wareham and Dorchester. Stiff paper, emarginate and folded to 4x7". Good, crisp condition.

34. Outline sheet 359 [Lizard]. With submarine contours. Stiff paper, emarginate and folded to 4x7". Good, crisp condition.

Revised New Series

35. Composite of outline sheets 79 (state 5 or 6), 80 (state 3 or 4), 88 (state 2 or 3) and 89 (state 4), so put together about 1900. Emarginate. Dissected, in boards with blue & white marbling and adhesive label (cut from an index diagram). In navy slip-case with another mini-location map pasted on. The Axholme Joint Railway has been added neatly in pencil. vgc.

36. Sheet 203 Bedford (state 3, so sold c1889). Outline style. Hand-coloured in the manner of Stanford's, dissected in dark green covers with a label bearing the name of the owner, H K St J Sanderson, an Assistant Master at Bedford Grammar School who was the great authority on the monumental brasses of Bedfordshire. The cloth has perished on some of the folds but the map is sound and attractive.

Revised New Series in colour

37. Sheet 132+148, North Walsham. On linen, in red book-fold cover (as per Nicholson). Front cover has detached from the rest, otherwise good cond.

Third Edition

38. Outline sheet 256, North London, in State 4, so of 1905-6. Dissected into panels 120x163mm in maroon marbled boards. Unusual fold suggests a bookseller other than Stanford's. Presentable, but with several folds repaired with tape.

39. Sheet 317&332, Chichester and Bognor, coloured, railways revised to July 1907, printed 7.07. Cloth. Has lost its covers. Fair condn.

40. Scotland 11, coloured, in original state. Dissected, in dark-green boards. A couple of folds have been repaired with sellotape. A couple of panels have suffered from colour leaching through from somewhere.

Popular Edition

Cassini Reproduction

41. Area of Landranger 127. Exc condn.

5th Edition

42. Sheet 115 in Relief form, initial printing (8000/34). Folded to the correct size for covers but appears to have been bought in flat form and folded by a subsequent owner. A couple of brown stains - not terribly obtrusive. Slight tears developing at folds. On reverse a bookseller's ink stamp (WV Taylor & Son of Southall).

GSGS3907 - 2nd War Revision

43. Sheet 26 Harrogate, 30,000/3/42,LR. Good cond. Neatly folded.

Smaller Scales

44. Half-inch Manoeuvre Map1910 - Western Sheet. 26x28" layered special, centred approximately on Shaftesbury. With overprint showing areas out of bounds (mostly parks of country houses) and training gallops. Cloth, in H4 covers. Good cond.

45. Half-inch Manoeuvre Map1911 - Southern Sheet. 35x25" layered special, centred approximately on Cambridge. With overprint showing areas where troops are to keep to the roads (mainly around Newmarket), areas out of bounds (country houses near Newmarket) and areas already used for Territorial training (Thetford). Cloth, neatly folded, with hinged card covers provided by a later owner. A couple of panels from top-left have been removed, possibly because they were outside the manoeuvre area. Otherwise, fairly good cond.

46. Half-inch Special. Excursion Map for the Bristol Meeting of the British Association, 1930. Parts of sheets 27, 28, 32, 33 , covering 56x60 miles. Cloth in special cover (H80). Presumably a repayment job. Cover is in respectable condition but the map has torn at some of the folds and most of the top row of panels is missing. Some repairs in sellotape.

47. Half-inch Special District (Relief) map, Birmingham District, 1934. Cloth, in H8 covers. Some routes drawn in in what seems to be thick pencil with ink on top. Good condition otherwise.

48. Quarter-inch, County series in black & brown only. Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Flintshire (det). Published 1901, reprint 500/1902. Paper in red cloth covers. Heavily repaired with sellotape some time ago; front cover missing. But this series was unable to stand up to prolonged use, and good specimens are rare.

49. Quarter-inch (2nd edn) Sheet 5 [South Wales] 1913. Cloth, in Fisher Unwin cover which describes it as "No. 5. / Large Sheet Series". Price 2s raised by a sticker to 2/6d. Condition: adequate - there are splits along some of the folds but the map is still structurally sound.

Bartholomew's Ephemera

50. Flyer for Map of Europe showing Boundaries of States according to Treaties, 1921. 5x7", has been folded once.

51. Flyer for Handy Reference Atlas of London and Suburbs , 1921. 5x3".


Old Series, untrimmed

52. Sheet 87NW with hills, covering Wakefield, in state 2. Paper size (24x17") is large enough to show the Arabic sheet number and also the watermark " J Whatman 1845" not hitherto recorded for this state. Paper is a little rucked up at edges and there is the odd crease, but the map proper is a beautiful pre-electrotype specimen.

53. Sheet 93NW with hills, covering Knaresborough & Boroughbridge, in state 2, so pre-electrotyping. epd 12.62 . Creamish paper. A tear extends an inch within neat line, repaired with tape behind.

54. Hills sheet 93SW (later NS 70) in state 3 with epd 1.61. Pre-electrotype. There are remains of old folds; incipient tears along two of them have been repaired with tape on the reverse.

55. Hills sheet 93SE (later NS 71) in state 1 with epd 7.59. Pre-electrotype. There are remains of old folds; incipient tears have been repaired with tape on the reverse.

56. Hills sheet 97SW (later NS 50) in state 3 with epd 9.65. Pre-electrotype. A couple of incipient tears have been repaired with tape on the reverse.

57. Outline sheet 98NW (later NS 38) in state 2 with epd 11.70. vgc.

58. Hills sheet 98NW (later NS 38) in state 5 with epd 1.71. A good clean copy of the most challenging hills in England on a 24x18" sheet of paper.

59. Outline sheet 98NE (later NS 39) in state 2 with epd 7.70 A good clean copy on 24x18" paper. A couple of small tears which have not progressed as far as the edge of the plate impression and which have been repaired with tape on the reverse.

60. Hills sheet 98NE (later NS 39) in state 4. Although on paper 24x18", there is no sign of an embossed stamp. vgc.

61. Outline sheet 98SW (later NS 48) in state 2 with epd 7.69. vgc

62. Hills sheet 98SW (later NS 48) in state 5 with epd 6.70. Some staining to paper outside top margin; otherwise vgc.

63. Outline sheet 98SE (later NS 49) in state 3 with epd 9.69 . vgc

64. Outline sheet 101NE (later NS 23) Cockermouth, in state 2 with epd 11.69. Excellent condn.

65. Hills sheet 101NE (later NS 23) Cockermouth, in state 1 with epd 2.70. A tour de force of hill-depiction. Outstanding condition.

66. Outline sheet 101SE (later NS 29) in state 2 with epd 7.68. Excellent condn.

67. Hills sheet 101SE (later NS 29) in state 1 (except that price statement is 37 bnl) with epd 7.70. Some stains within top margin, otherwise vgc.