Signing up for a Blogger Account

Signing up for a Blogger Account

Creating a Web Log (Blog)

Hamilton Trust wishes to stress that it is the responsibility of the teacher to keep a high level of supervision when children are using a blogger’s site, as it is sometimes possible for children to read other blogs.

Creating your own web log (blog) for your class so that they can publish their work to the internet really is as easy as one, two, three! A blog is usually in the style of a diary and is published on the internet. The comments are shown in reverse chronological order and you can add pictures & videos too. A blog can be used for writing an online story, though the paragraphs will be in reverse order!

It costs nothing; all you need is an email address and five minutes of your time!

1. Start by clicking on the following link Blogger New Account Page(

2. Complete your details on this page and progress through Stages 2 and 3.

3. You’re ready to blog (yes, the verb to blog)!

How do I post to my blog?

Once you've logged into Blogger you'll see your Dashboard, showing your list of blogs. Click the green 'plus' icon to create a new post (comment added by you):

Next, you'll see the Create New Post page. Start by giving your post a title (optional), then enter the post itself:

When you're done, click the ‘Preview’ link this shows you what your post will look like on the web!

Once you're satisfied with your post, click the ‘Publish Post’ button. Your work will be published! Tell your friends they can view it at where’ youraddress’ is replaced by the words you chose when setting up your web log (blog).

How do I spell check my posts?

Running Spell Check is very easy - when you're ready to check a post, simply click the Spell Check button:

How do I post pictures?

You can now upload photos using Blogger Images — the image icon in the post editor's toolbar lets you upload images to your blog(s):

When you click this icon, you'll get a window that allows you to select an image or multiple images from your computer. Just click the ‘Browse’ button to locate the ones you want. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of an image that is already online and have it inserted into your post.

You can customize the way your images will appear in your post:

The left, centre and right options will determine how the text of your post flows around the pictures. The size option lets you scale the pictures to different sizes within this posting area. Note that the picture will still be uploaded in its full size; this option just determines how it is scaled within the content of your post.

Blogger help really is fantastic! Have a question or problem? Click on the link to find answers to the long list of frequently asked questions.

The BBC has some excellent information too:

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