Sign Design Society Directory 2016

Sign Design Society Directory 2016

Sign Design Society Directory 2016

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New Sign Design Society Directory

The new Sign Design Society Directory is a free service and member benefit for our standard and corporate members.

Everyone who visits ourwebsitewill be able to access the Directory.

Completing this form

Please complete this form on screen by clicking check boxes or typing directly into the text boxes.

Corporate members: please complete the form on behalf of your company/organisation.

Independent/freelance members: please tell us about yourself, and your relevant skills and services.

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For your listing, please send one image to with your completed form.

The image can be anything that represents you or your organisation (e.g. a composite that includes a logo).

Maximum image size 1024 x 768 pixels, up to 400kb.

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Sign Design Society Directory 2016

  1. Company/organisation name

Independent consultants/freelancers, please enter your trading name or yourfullname.

  1. Primary business activity

Please select a maximum of 2 activities from this list. You/your company might do a wide range of work but we’d like to you to select the main type of work only.

Wayfinding and/or sign design consultancy / Lighting design
Experiential/environmental graphic design / Language/translation services
Specialist typography, maps and/or information design / Education and training
Sign manufacture / Human factors/user interface design
Sign installation and/or maintenance / Buyer/client (e.g. facilities manager/operator/specialist; procurer of design/signs)

Other – please state below

  1. Specialist areas

Please select up to 3 areasfrom this list to tell us which sectors and types of clients you/your organisation primarily workwith.

Hospitals / Residential
Industrial / Retail and leisure
Museums and galleries / Schools, colleges, universities
Offices and estates / Stadiums and sporting venues
Public spaces / Towns and cities
Public transport (and airports) / Visitor attractions

Other – please state below

  1. overall Description

Please tell us about your business e.g. services and track record (maximum200words)

  1. company contact details

If you are an independent consultant/freelancer, pleaseonly add information that you are happy for us to share publicly.



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  1. Online portfolio

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