SHOWCASE 13 DECEMBER 6Pm: Nelson Girls College Hall, Trafalgar Street, Nelson

SHOWCASE 13 DECEMBER 6Pm: Nelson Girls College Hall, Trafalgar Street, Nelson

SHOWCASE 13 DECEMBER 6pm: Nelson Girls College Hall, Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Programme: 6pm start

  • Act One: Little Red Rocking Hood
  • Act Two: Lion Witch & The Wardrobe
  • Conclusion: Prizegiving

Finish approx. 7:30pm

Rehearsals: In order to prepare our RBAD showcase effectively please ensure dancers attend all classes over the next month and practice at home.

Full rehearsal for ALL dancers will be : Monday 11th December at HOPE HALL

3:45pm – 5pm: Little Red Rocking Hood

5pm – 7pm:Lion Witch & Wardrobe

IMPT Note: there will be ‘no normal classes’ running the week from 11th – 15th December

  • Dancing will finish for the year of 2017 after the Showcase performance on 13 December 2017. Classes will resume Monday 12 February 2018 (Timetable will be on Website & Facebook in January)
  • Website – we are working to combine / update our websites – we appreciate your patience. In 2018 you will find all notices, newsletters, updated timetable on the website which will be kept live and up to date.

Tickets:$10 adults and $5 children (dancers who wish to watch after they have performed do not require a ticket – however they must change out of costume and in to street clothes)

Tickets (cash only) can be purchased at the studio: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 4pm – 5:30pm or message Louise on 021 548785 or to arrange.

Backstage and Arrival time:

  • Dancers are to be dropped inside the Hall at the Nelson Girls College where they will be taken in class groups back stage to dress for performance.
  • Parent Supervisors have been allocated to each class and the dancers will be escorted to and from back stage – no parents other than the supervisors are to go back stage. Any queries in this regard contact: Louise Devine : – in particular any medical conditions information
  • There is to be NO food back stage and WATER only in a ‘named’ drink bottle
  • Please ensure ALL dance gear and shoes are clearly named
  • Dancers can be collected from the Stage door at the end of their show performance (not during the show)
  • Arrival times: PLEASE arrive ‘promptly’
  • 5pm: Little Red Rocking Hood (Juniors Pre Primary – Grade 3 Ballet)
  • 5:30pm:Lion Witch & Wardrobe (Grade 3 Jazz/Grade 4 Ballet + )
  • Please arrive dressed in required leotard/tights & bring shoes required, hair and makeup done (except those getting facepaint – who will individually be given times) – all costumes and hair/makeup is listed as below

Costumes / Makeup / Hair requirements are as follows:

Ballet Bun:

Juniors – straight back high ponytail to a bun – no hair on face

Seniors – low bun with part

Stage makeup: Foundation, Blush, Mascara, Red lipstick. Eyeliner optional

Thanks for a fabulous year RBAD, Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Yours in Dance

Rebecca & Chelsea


Little Red Rocking Hood:

Role / Name / RBAD to provide AT the Theatre / Own costume required please / Hair & makeup to be done
Red Rocking Hood / Xan / Full costume / Ballet bun & stage makeup
Narrator / Sophia Jack / Librarian looking: dress, cardi, glasses, ballet tights & character shoes / Ballet & stage makeup
Wolf / Frankie / Taryn sorting / Ballet bun & stage makeup
Wolves / Silver waistcoats, cuffs & ears.
Facepaint / Black leotard, black hotpants, jazz shoes / High ponytail foundation & mascara only
Granny / Chloe / Own dress, costume, glasses, ballet tights, character shoes / Ballet bun & stage makeup
Little Grannnies / Glasses / Floral old fashioned nightie, headscarf, cardi (optional), ballet tights and ballet shoes / Low Ballet bun & stage makeup
Little Rockers / Black cap sleeve leotards & red & black tutus & red ribbon for hair / Ballet tights and ballet shoes / 2 high pig tales & stage makeup
Wood choppers / Plastic axe, red ribbon for hair / Red checked shirt, black pants & ballet shoes / 2 high pig tales & stage makeup
Purple people eaters / Hats & purple tops - check RBAD? / Blue leotards -Ballet tights & shoes / Ballet bun & stage makeup
Lion Witch & Wardrobe
Role / Name / Costume RBAD / Costume own / Hair & makeup to be done
Lion / Hannah Mc / Yes / Facepaint, Hair teased up
White Witch / Bek / Lacy white dress / Facepaint
Mr Tumnus / Isabelle / Grey legs, grey/white fur, brown top (leotard & mesh top)
Children - 2 boys, 2 girls / NZAMD / Old fashioned clothes: shorts (boys) skirts or dresses / Ballet bun for boys / 2 low pig tails for girls & stage makeup
Wolves / Int Jazz / Cuffs, ears & fur top / Black leo & singlet, black 3/4 tights & foot undies / Facepaint & low pony tail
Minotaur / Hornsindian costumes / Black leotard & singlet, black 3/4 tights & jazz shoes / Facepaint
Vulchers / G4 Jazz/Prep contemp / Meerkat tops / Black leotard, hotpants, jazz shoes / High pony tail & stage makeup
Deer / G5 Ballet / Springbok costumes / Black leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes / Low Ballet bun, stage makeup
Cheetahs / G4 Ballet / Jacket & tail / Black leotard, ballet tights, hot pants and ballet shoes / Ballet bun, foundation & mascara, FACEPAINT