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Service Quality Management Resources

Join the author of the 2008Association Strategic Planning and Research Guide for a ½ day of discussing strategic planning strategies and issues, including how to link your plan to the budget and annual work Plan! Sign up and receive a copy of ourGuide to Association Social Networking and Web 2.0(a $60 value!) for free!

FUNDAMENTALS, BEST PRACTICES AND MODELS OF STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL PLANNING: Applying & Linking Strategic Planning Concepts to Association Management Operations

Program description and objectives:

Often times, staffs are so busy doing the work that it is difficult to think about their products and services from a more strategic perspective, or to link them to the strategic plan. It is even more difficult to hinge the strategic plan to the budget and annual work plan. This mid-to senior level, ½ day, (3.5) classroom hour course for directors and managers teaches an integrated approach to the strategic planning process. It discusses trends, issues, benchmarks and best practices in strategic planning concepts and execution that affect the association staff's ability to accomplish the overall mission of the association. It lays the groundwork for better strategic relationships between staff and volunteer leaders and acclimates staff to tying strategic planning goals, objectives and tactical initiatives to the everyday program of work and the budget. It provides for TEMPLATES for application of integrated communication / membership / marketing tools with the strategic plan.A wide variety of association case studies, benchmarks best practices and lessons-learned applications are used as fundamental learning tools. This course teaches association staff and volunteers how to plan strategically and, how to detect & swiftly react to changes in the association environment for providing volunteers with information to re-evaluating and revise the association’s overall course and plans. Practical Exercises in strategic planning operations ensure attendees can take back value to theassociation, andare used to reinforce learning. Bring your own strategic plans for discussion and evaluation!

Who Should Attend / Course Materials:

Mid to senior level staff (managers and directors) and volunteers who implement the strategic plan or are part of strategic planning development. A PPT workbook is provided with the program, but attendees are urged to purchase the 2008 Strategic Planning Guide at a deep classroom discount (See order form).

Program Length, Time, Location and Facilitator:

9:00AM-12:15PM at the National Association of Elementary School Principals, 1615 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA22314 (Emergency Only: 703-518-6266). Directions: From DC take the George Washington Memorial Parkway which turns into North Washington Street and then turn right at Duke Street. Building is on the right about 3/8’s of a mile up. Google Directions Beverages, snacks and cont. breakfast included. Instructor: Stephen C. Carey, Ph.D., CAE, President, Association Management +Marketing Resources and creator of the NEW, 2008Association Strategic Planning and Research Guide. A Summary of the publication, order form and facilitator biography can be found at:

Program Agenda Highlights:

Assists staff and volunteers to see the bigger picture and how operations fits into the strategic planning process; reviews the latest benchmarks and research using a “best practice and benchmarks” approach; provides a step-by-step "walk though" of the strategic planning process, to create your association's core purpose, vision, mission, goals, objectives and tactical initiatives tied to your yearly operational plans and budget; Introduces easy to use, simple comprehensive tools and templates; reviews the latest in strategic planning and research methods, including, research required before the process, best practices and trends in association strategic planning, and creative exercises in planning for the future to help move your committees and board to a “higher" planning level; provides detailed guidance and templates to “hinge” your plan to the yearly program of work and the annual budget to keep the association and all constituents focused on the plan; shows how to be inclusive of your constituencies when you set up the planning team; and provides a step-by-step method to measure plan progress with metrics and an evaluation tool.


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“Outstanding! This is the kind of association program that Execs will gain from!”…Tim Reagen, NSSGA ♦ “Identifying key issues and trends, ideas on recruitment and in the handouts…Ann Wald, Managing Dir. Membership, ULI ♦ “Taking this course rejuvenated my focus on marketing and provided me with new and creative ideas and methods of reaching members and prospects!—Stacey Hudson, Marketing Manager, Managed Funds Association ♦ “New ideas for improving our marketing plan!” Chris Brown, Mgr, Pgm Services, NALP” ♦ “…Ways to keep the association in step with trends… discussions of identifying the value of the association and products to the member..” Martha Edgeworth, Natural Rural Electric Coop Assn ♦ “…marketing in the post September 11th environment…tools and techniques”…Lisa Burch, EEI “Great overall view…I’ve been to several training seminars and am very impressed by the knowledge and attention shown to this subject… quantitative tools and strategy were the most significant techniques learned…” Paige Firestone, Account Executive, Marketing General, Inc. ♦ “…Will help our Web team in developing and launching our new site…” Barbara Florance, VP, Gifts in Kind International ♦“An excellent primer for associations looking to become E-literate...provides practical E-business knowledge.” Colman Kane, ITSA ♦ “Alerted me to potential E-marketing pitfalls; extensive group discussion helped me learn from peer experience” GiGi Thompson, IDSA ♦ “Attending with my boss really helped put both of us on the same page!” Lisa Flowers, Marketing Manager, SHRM ♦ “Helped transform my thought processes…the practical exercises were most significant. Michelle Thompson, CUPA ♦ “This class helped me broaden my views and come up with new ideas…” Minah Lee, Professional Development Coordinator, IACVB ♦ “Provided concise but comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical marketing operational issues…” Susan Cipollini, CUPA ♦ “…Will improve job performance from a strategic perspective.” Tracey Brown, Dir, Marketing, NAFCU ♦ “taught me how to sell intangible products” Natalie Lago, ACA ♦ “…Excellent intro for private sector employees making the transition to associations and other nonprofits…” Jeff Regen, Pres., Regen Associates ♦ “…enjoyed the class…left with a headache... This feeling suggests your words hit a nerve …”