Service Manager Children and Family Services

Service Manager Children and Family Services

Extern Ireland

Service Manager – Children and Family Services

Job description and person specification

Section 1: Role summary

PROGAMME/PROJECT DESCRIPTION / Extern provides a range of programmes including, Janus, Youth Support, Linx, Travellers’ Health and Travellers’ Employability. Our programmes aim to prevent the reception into care of young people, support community or foster placements and/orsupport young people returning to the community from residential care/custody.
A major part of Extern’s service provision involves intensive wraparound services to young people assessed as being in need, and offers a community based alternative to care. Planned and responsive overnights and residentials are integral to the services Extern provides to young people.
Extern employs and supports travellers to provide health care in the Border region. We also provide employability services to the traveller population in this area.
Extern’s programme of services is creative and dynamic, utilising local, regional and national resources to facilitate intervention strategies.
LOCATION / Service Manager
Grade 6 €53,836 starting point
Cavan/Monaghan/North East Region. Office Location Church St Cavan.
ACCOUNTABLE TO: / Programme Manager
ACCOUNTABLE FOR: / ServiceCo-ordinators, Project Workers, Workers, Administrator, Bank Workers, Volunteers, Social Work and Social Care Students
JOB PURPOSE: / Through Extern’s vision, mission and values and Business Model provide Extern services in the specified region by:
(a) Manageresources effectively and efficiently to meet the requirements of service level agreements with commissioning and funding organisations; and
(b) Manage the delivery of services to the requirements of Extern’s standards of business conduct, including effective management of risk in the safeguarding of young people, families and adults (travellers).

Section 2:Role responsibilities

2.1Managing risk: risk management at the core of practice and management

The Service Managerwill:

2.1.1Manage the delivery of services in compliance with Extern’s safeguarding and health and safety standards, including the identification of potential risks within their own work area and in community-based activities on a one-to-one or group basis, including outdoor pursuits.

2.2Managing quality: providing quality services

The Service Managerwill:

2.2.1 manage the provision of services which meet the needs and expectations of Extern’s service users;
2.2.2manage the assessment of the needs of service users who engage with Extern in partnership with the referring organisations;
2.2.3 manage the development of individual action plans to provide tailored individual support to thosereferred;
2.2.4.manage the delivery of services in line with the requirements of service-level agreements with commissioning organisations; and
2.2.5 Managefeedback from service-users, care givers and referring organisations aboutthe service provided in order to inform the design and content of action plans and the continuous improvement of service delivery.

2.3Managing resources: people, money, physical assets and information

The Service Manager will:

2.3.1provide effective practice and management leadership and support to the service delivery team, including the provision of induction and social care supervision;

2.3.2provide appropriate practice and management support to the Programme Manager;

2.3.3 manage the capability – standards, skills and capacity – of the service delivery team to meet objectives within available financial resources;

2.3.4 manage the performance of the service delivery team, including effective supervision and performance review;

2.3.5 support and contribute to business development at a team and programme level to include communication of business intelligence, participation in bid preparation and, where appropriate, complete applications for grants;

2.3.6 be responsible for the service budget and manage income and expenditure of the service to ensure compliance with Extern’s financial management standards at all times;

2.3.7 be responsible for the accommodation from which services are provided, including acting as key-holder where appropriate;

2.3.8 manage the efficient and effective use , maintenance and security of all assets in relation to own and others’ work; and

2.3.9 manage the appropriate and accurate recording, storage and security of all service user and service delivery information to meet the standards of Extern’s Service-user Information Database.

2.4Managing communications: internal and external communication

The Service Manager will:
2.4.1 maintain excellent communications in the service delivery team through formal and informal one-to-one meetings, supervision, appraisal, team meetings;
2.4.2support effective two-way communications at team, programme and business levels;
2.4.3report to line management on service delivery, business development opportunities, managing capability and business assurance to the standards required;
2.4.4 develop and maintain effective working relationships with referring organisations, funding organisations and other stakeholders to support the delivery of services, business development and corporate communications;
2.4.5 report to commissioning and funding organisations to the standards set out in Service Level Agreements; and
2.4.6 provide management and practice assurance reports to the Programme Manager in line with Extern’s social care governance standards.

Section 3: Role requirements

3.1 Essential Qualifications/Experience

Minimum role requirements

The successful candidate must:

  1. Hold a recognised qualification in Social Work, Youth & Community Work or a degree in Social Care or related social science discipline;
  2. Have a minimum of 5 years experience of working with adolescents in a structured setting;
  3. Have a minimum of 1 years experience of management of service delivery capability including financial management to meet demanding service delivery objectives;
  4. Have a minimum of 1 year’s experience managing a team of people, including supervision, objective setting, support, feedback and performance review.
  5. Have and demonstrate IT competency
  6. Hold a current, clean full driving licence with appropriate business class insurance.

3.2 Desirable Qualifications/Experience

  1. A recognised accredited Management qualification


This position is subject to a Garda Check

Extern reserves the right to reasonably alter the above criteria.

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