Self Certification Pilot Project 2012 - 2015

Self Certification Pilot Project 2012 - 2015

Self Certification Pilot Project 2012 - 2015

Dear Exporter / Manufacturer,

Self-certification is a system which enables the certified exporter to make out an Invoice Declaration for the export of goods by their own. The information in the invoice declaration is less than what appears in ATIGA Form D. It will gradually replace the conventional ATIGA Form D which is currently being issued by the Issuing authority i.e. MITI. A separate OCP has been formulated for the purposes of the Pilot Project.

Benefits of Self Certification Scheme :

  • Self-Certification would:

- reduce the costs associated with CO Form D applications;

-facilitate trade;

-enhance competitiveness; and

-maximize the use of AFTA Preferences.

  • Certificate of Origin will be self-certified by the exporter
  • Manufacturer has better knowledge on the origin of raw materials as well

as manufacturing process compared with the issuing authorities i.e. MITI

  • No such requirement specimen signatures need to be exchanged
  • No such need frequent verification of signatures requested which will

delays clearance of goods

  • Facilitating intra – ASEAN trade (Shipments not held back by approval

of COs)

  • Reduce business cost;
  • Time and cost savings(no submission of manufacturing statements)
  • Maximize the efficiency of the government limited resources
  • Government Authorities may cut down the administrative infrastructure

The Certified Exporter shall, in the case of export of products satisfying the origin criteria of the Agreement, put the following declaration on the invoice which is also need to be stamped and signed by the Certified Exporter.


“The exporter of the product(s) covered by this document (Certified Exporter No……) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, the products satisfy the Rules of Origin to be considered as ASEAN Originating Products under ATIGA (ASEAN Trade in Goods:………) with origin criteria:……….”

If your company registered with MITI, currently utilizing Form D to Singapore, Brunei and Thailand and has good track records with MITI and Customs, MITI would like to offer your company to apply as Certified Exporter For Asean Self-Certification.

If your company interested with this scheme, please fulfilled both two documents namely :

1.Application Form Certified Exporter For ASEAN Self-Certification

2.Permohonan Perakuan Sendiri Tempasal ASEAN (ASEAN Self-Certification)

Please attached with supporting documents :

1.MITI’s Cost Analysis Approval Letter

Any questions please do not hesitate to liaise directly with me or

 Datin Mega Marissa Abdul Malek

 Principal Assistant Director (ext:0133)

 Mr. Aizul Kamil Ibrahim

 Assistant Director (ext: 0131)

 Hotline SKPPI

 03-6200 0140 (secretariat)

Many thanks for your cooperation and consideration.

Regards and thank you.

Assistant Director
Asean Facilitation Unit
Trade Cooperation & Industry Section
Trade & Industry Support Division
Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)