Section a Comprehension

Section a Comprehension



1.111 years ago (1)

1.2The Throb (1)

1.3Bouncer (1)

1.4Thundered (1)

1.5Teagas cannister (teargas cannister) (1)

1.6Stampede (1)

1.7The pressure of the bodies (1)

1.8Frantic (1)

1.9The police cordoned off the area.

They used loudspeakers to plead with children and parents to go wait at home.

1.10A place where you take dead bodies. (1)

1.11They allowed 11-year-old children to go to the club. (1)

1.12You expect a nightclub to operate at night and not at 15:00 in the afternoon . (2)

1.13It was the end-of-term. (1)

1.14He was a business opponent and he thought this would make the children come to his nightclub. (1)What motivated the culprit to throw the cannister?

1.15Prevent people from outside to just enter the nightclub.

Find out if there’s more danger and keep the area safe

(If you were a policeman that arrived on this scene, what would be the first thing you would do?)

1.16Please stay calm. Rescuers are finding survivors. Survivors are being taken to Chatsworth hospital. Go home and phone the following number for information. If you know your child was in the nightclub leave your contact details at the information centre plus a photo or description of your child. (2)

1.17No. They are too young. (2)

(Should 11 year olds be allowed in the nightclub)

1.18Yes/No. If the police don’t know who the body is, they can’t call relatives to identify the bodies. Teachers would cope better than children.

(Is it right that teachers were called in to identify bodies?)

1.19Better control at the door. Better exit areas. (2)

1.20Yes. He acted like an animal. (2)Did business competitor over react? Why?

1.21Yes. There seem to be enough children to visit both. (2)


1Store medicine in a locked cabinet

2Always place tops on containers and return them to their proper storage place after use.

3Destroy old medication.

4Never store harmful substances as paraffin, paints or solvents in cups, glasses, milk or cold drink bottles.

5Store medicines separate from other household products.

6Never call medicines sweet.

7Do not take medicines in front of children (10)


3.1You must help them to give sick children the medical care they need by donating money. (2)

3.2You become like the grown-up (2)

3.3Literal (1)

3.4The children need special, smaller instruments than adults. (2)

3.5It reminds you of children’s hadwriting and therefore suits the advertisement. (2)

3.6It’s the official fundraising arm of the hospital. (1) [10]


4.1The dog sighs when the boy shows him the ball and the dog’s eyes are closed. (2)

4.2He wants the dog to go and fetch it.(1)

4.3He seems to wait patiently (1)

4.4Slobber slobber (1)

4.5The dog drools over the ball. (1)

4.6/4.7He is disgusted by the drool (2)

4.7/4.8He wants to stress the word THAT, indicates it is said louder. (2)


5.1? (1)

5.2are (1)

5.3psychologists (1)

5.4are (1)

5.5is stuck (1)

5.6are (1)

5.7aspirin (1)

5.8given (1)

5.9boxes (1)


Tablets (2)

5.11headaches (1)


6.1About 3000 people were affected (3)

6.2They said: “We identified the organism” (2)

6.3They have confirmed the source of the infection (1)

6.4Dust, soil, aerosols, faeces, human skin and septic wounds can contaminate food. (2)