School of Rehabilitation Therapy

School of Rehabilitation Therapy

Revised February 1, 2018

School of Rehabilitation Therapy



2017-18 Academic Session –Thursdays

3:00 - ~ 4:00 p.m.*

Louise D. Acton Bldg, 31 George St, Room 008

September 7, 2016 / Dr. K. Norman / Dr. S. Horgan / Program Orientation
3.45-4:30 Social Hour and Intro-
duction of Faculty & Upper Year Students
Sept. 14 / Dr. K. Norman and Dr. S. Horgan / RHBS 803/903
Introduction to 2017-18 seminar schedule and processes
(all students to attend)
Sept. 21 / 2:30 – 3:00
Doctoral Journal Club Preparatory Meeting
Dr. S. Horgan / Doctoral Journal Club Meeting
(only 1st & 2nd year PhD students to attend)
3:00 – 4:00
Paola Durando,
Faculty of Health Sciences, Library Services / Library Services and Resources for Rehabilitation Science.
Sept. 28 / Research Presentation
Dr. Beata Batorowicz / Topic: Environmental Influences on Social Participation of Children with Severe Motor and Communication Impairments.
Oct. 5 / Research Presentation
Dr. Marcia Finlayson / Topic: Building Evidence to Support Practice: The example of managing fatigue in multiple sclerosis.
Oct. 12 / PhD Thesis proposal defense
Kim Ritchie / Topic: The identification and development of a cultural competency model for health care providers working with Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and dementia in long-term care.
Oct. 19 / Research Presentation
Dr. Jordan Miller / Topic: “Reducing pain-related disability by evaluating new interventions and models of primary care”
Oct. 26 / PhD Thesis proposal defense
Surajo Sulaiman / Topic: Exploring quality of life of polio survivors in Northern Nigeria.
Nov. 2 / Research Presentation
Dorothy Kessler / Topic: Outpatient performance coaching for stroke survivors (OPC-Stroke): Findings from a pilot study.
Nov. 9 / Research Presentation
Dr. Kari Fletcher / Topic: "Integrating Clinical Social Work Perspectives of Practice, Policy, and Research into Supporting Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families."
Nov. 16 / Research Presentation
Kim Atwood / Topic: Student relations and social networking research: The importance of the intersectionality of identity and disability.
Nov. 23 / Doctoral journal club
Amanda Mofina & Shannon Hill / Topic: Knowledge Translation within the context of Rehabilitation Therapy
Article: Jones, C.A., Roop, S.C., Pohar, S.L., Albrecht, L., & Scott, S.D. (2015). Translating knowledge in rehabilitation: Systematic review.
Nov. 30 / Research Presentation
Dr. Kathleen Normand / Topic: Applications & Admittance Data for the Queen’s University Physiotherapy Program (2000 -2016)
January 11 / Research Presentation
Etienne Bisson
Research Coordinator, Chronic Pain Clinic (TBC) / Topic: Developing and implementing research in the Chronic Pain Clinic at Hotel Dieu Hospital
January 18 / Doctoral journal club
Daphne Doak & Samantha Noyek / Topic: Evaluation of Patient-Centered Rehabilitation Model Targeting Older Persons with a Hip Fracture, Including Those With Cognitive Impairment
January 25 / Open Discussion / Topic: RHBS Program planning
February 1 / Doctoral journal club
Shikha Gupta & Ashley Williams / Topic: Use of Social Media for Research Recruitment: Ethical Implications
February 8 / MSc Research Proposal
Alicia Hodgins / Topic: Validation of Inertial Sensors in the Stroke Population and Feasibility for use in Community Settings
February 15 / Doctoral journal club
Olivia Manning & Ahmad Sahely / Topic: Guiding Rehabilitation with Predictive Information
February 22 / Reading Week – No RHBS 803/903 seminar
*February 27
(special time & date – optional attendance) / PhD Research Presentation
Shikha Gupta / Topic: Exploring the Extent, Determinants and Consequences of Cost-Related Non-Adherence to Medications Among People with Spinal Cord Injuries
**Location: RHBS 008
March 1 / Doctoral journal club
Stephanie Davies & Mulugeta Chala / Topic: Stress is a Shared Experience of Graduate Students
March 8 / PhD Research Presentation
Amanda Mofina / Topic: Describing the Impact of Home Care Rehabilitation Therapy Services on Health Utilization Outcomes Among Individuals with Multimorbidity
March 15 / MSc Research Findings
Shahriar Zaman* / Topic: Validating a Communication Program for People with Parkinson’s Disease for Improving Access to Healthcare
March 22 / PhD Research Findings
Linna Tam-Seto / Topic: The Development and Validation of a Military and Veteran Family Cultural Competency Model for Canadian Health Care Providers
March 29 / MSc Research Proposal
Julia Jansen-van Vauren*
MSc Research Proposal
Cassandra Bodrucky* / Topic: (TBA)
Topic: (TBA)
April 5 / Doctoral journal club
Molalign Adugna & Reshma Nuri / Topic: (TBA)