School Is Killing Me!

School Is Killing Me!

Joely Nelson

Dr. Combs

English 1010

30 January 2013

School is Killing Me!

School is killing me, yet I am still alive! It is one a.m., and I am just starting this assignment.Exhaustion is unavoidable.My eyes burn.My head hurts, but I continue.I want a good grade.I dropped two classes, but I am still taking sixteen credit hours. My back pack is heavy, so my back hurts. I have tests, so I stay up late to study. It is late, but I must continue. School is not the enemy, nor is it my friend. School is a necessary evil, so I can be successful in the future.I’m starting to feel nauseated, so for now I will sleep. I have a lot of homework still unfinished, so I will wake up in four hours. I am still nauseated and tired, but sleep is a luxury I can no longer afford. The books I read choose me, for I have no free will at all. My body hurts, but I still go to school. I may slip on the ice, but I still must go to school. School is not literally killing me, nor is it hazardous to my health. I am just so very tired, and I know I must continue.

I am trying hard to complete this assignment although it is very difficult.Because all of the sentences seem the same, I do not think I am doing this correctly.I hate this assignment.If I want to pass this class, I must continue working hard.Although I would like to give up, I continue to type. Today Dr. Combs is no friend of mine because this assignment is causing me pain.If she gave us an extra day for these types of assignments, I might be more successful.Since I was too tired to finish it last night, I woke up early today to complete it.This is horrible.Please make it end.Because it feels like torture, I am not enjoying it at all.If I told her I loved this class, I was mistaken.I will learn to appreciate sleep when this semester is over.After I write this, I have to take the kids to school.For me the work is never donebecause school is just another part of my busy day.Because I am tired, every key stroke seems like a chore.If I want my experience to be better, I need to change my attitude towards school.

If I take a deep breath and try hard, I may be able to change my own negative attitude. I know school is NOT killing me,and it is what I need to be successful.If I choose to look at all of the positive things, the negative things will not seem so terrible.If I get more sleep, things will look a lot different.Be positive. Move forward. Today is a new day.Because I want to be happy, I will smile through the pain. I love my family, and they are my reason for everything I do. I know I will not get a good grade on this assignment because my relationship with commas is an ugly one.If I want to establish a better relationship between writing and commas, I must continue with this exercise. School is great, andit is perfect.If I repeat that one hundred times, I may start to believe it. I am trying to be positive, but that does not make this assignment any easier. School is good for me, so I continue to go. I am not sure I will ever understand this assignmentbecauseI just don’t understand the differences in the sentences.

Analysis paragraph:

Hate cannot begin to describe my emotions for this assignment. I did not like what I was doing at all, so my paragraphs were weak. My tone was anger, resentment in the first two paragraphs. I tried to sound more positive in the last paragraph. I know that this assignment was meant to assist me with comma placement, but I don’t fully understand the difference between a compound and a complex sentence. Even though I read through the examples and your instructions, I am still not getting it. I know I use commas too often. I feel that this assignment was time consuming and hard to accomplish in one day. Maybe we could have broken it up into two days. I feel overloaded between all of my homework and this class, and sometimes don’t enjoy it like I want to. I know the point of the assignment. I understand the importance. It was just very difficult.