Sauberkeit Aus Der Dose

Sauberkeit Aus Der Dose

Time for a quick clean

LIQUI MOLY is offering a new product in a can to clean air conditioning systems.

Ulm – Car air conditioning systems are supposed to provide fresh, cool air. But in reality, they don’t always work perfectly. Over time, bacteria, viruses and fungi take hold. Red eyes, colds and other illnesses are the result and musty odours a side-effect. Klima Fresh from LIQUI MOLY keeps the germs at bay.

The new product is fast and hygienic, ridding vehicle air conditioning systems, interiors and vents of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria and fungi. Klima Fresh guards against allergic reactions and has a pleasant scent. “When air conditioning systems are serviced at garages, mechanics generally just change the filters. Nothing is done about the evaporator, which is a breeding ground for contamination,” explains LIQUI MOLY application technician Dietmar Schmid, which is why an additional clean is highly recommended.

Cleaning air conditioning systems is a profitable business for garages and provides customers with a pleasant atmosphere in their vehicles. With Klima Fresh, LIQUI MOLY has a product that is easy to use, extremely effective and fast.

The solution takes just ten minutes to apply, and pollen and dust filters do not have to be removed during the process. The spray can is constructed so that every last drop can be used. Klima Fresh is available in a special cardboard container that allows the spray can to be positioned at the right angle. Thanks to this, all of the contents reach the vents effectively.

This method is perfect for quick cleans between services, especially if unpleasant odours are being spread by the air conditioning system. “The air conditioning should also be cleaned out with a pressure gun at a garage once a year,” advises application technician Schmid. While Klima Fresh comes as a 150 ml aerosol spray, which works its way in through the air intake vents, the other solution sprays 1 litre of cleaning fluid directly onto the evaporator. “This cleaning method is more intensive and longer-lasting in terms of quantity alone,” says Schmid. The system is sold exclusively by LIQUI MOLY and is a perfect companion to Klima Fresh.

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