Sample News Release Template

Sample News Release Template


  1. What is the Sandwich Generation?
    The Sandwich Generation (also known as SandGEN) refers to adults who are responsible for the care and support of both their dependent children and elderly family members. Individuals in this situation are referred to as the Sandwich Generation because they are essentially “caught in the middle” of a generational sandwich. Not only do they experience the “normal” day-to-day challenges of being a responsible adult, but they experience the pressures of providing for a dependent child from one side and the pressures of caring for an elderly family member on the other.
  2. What’s the concern for State and Provincial Securities Regulators?
    An estimated 16 million members of the Sandwich Generation face the financial challenge of balancing their own economic needs with those of their families. Many members of the Sandwich Generation don’t realize that the financial security of their children and parents can ultimately affect their own financial situation. In fact 35% to 49% of the Sandwich Generation might not have adequate retirement assets.[1] The result of these competing responsibilities may make the Sandwich Generation more susceptible to fraud--depleting the financial resources they need to maintain their families.
  3. What is included in the Sandwich Generation outreach toolkit?
    The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle Tool Kit contains:
    How to Use Guide: Explains toolkit materials, outreach ideas & offers presentation talking points.
    PowerPoint presentation: 3 versions available—original, audio (voiceover) and audio with effects.
    Brochure: Reinforces the Presentation/Booklet content with checklists (You, Your Children, and Your Parents)
    Booklet:In-depth resource on Common Investment Scams, Red flags of Investing and advice on investing.

Self playing DVD presentation: PowerPoint enhanced with voiceover and video footage.

  1. How can I use it my jurisdiction? What groups have an interest in SandGEN?
    The SandGEN Tool Kit materials are designed to be used with associations and groups that have a large outreach to the Sandwich Generation demographic. Refer to the “How To Use” Guide in the Sandwich Generation toolkit for additional outreach recommendations. Please feel free to download the files for your use and distribution.Jurisdictions are encouraged to customize the Sandwich Generation toolkit materialsand add their own agency logo and contact information by requesting “Print Ready” files from NASAA.
  1. How can I get a copy of the SandGEN toolkit?
    Each administrator received a hard copy of the Sandwich Generation toolkit at the 2008 NASAA Annual Conference. Sample PDF copies are located on the NASAA members’ only website. Print Ready files are available for jurisdictions who would like to customize the materials with their agency logo and contact information. Simply request “Print Ready” files by email from NASAA on the Members Only websitehere.

For more information–see the “Sandwich Generation: Caught In the Middle Toolkit”

“How To Use Guide” on NASAA members only here.


[1]Munnell, Alicia H., Anthony Webb, and Francesca Golub-Sass, Center for Retirement Research at BostonCollege, Number 7-11, Is There Really a Retirement Savings Crisis? An NRRI Analysis (2007)