Safari Animals Unit

Safari Animals Unit

Safari Animals Unit

Center Changes

  • Math
  • Safari animals to sort
  • Camera die-cut: write numbers on camera & have them put the numbers in order from 1-10.
  • Science
  • Pictures & names of safari animals
  • Put safari animals in the sand table
  • Blocks
  • Large safari animals
  • Art
  • Dip safari animals in paint & make footprints
  • Modeling clay & play dough safari animals
  • Safari animal stamps & sponges
  • Toilet paper rolls to make binoculars
  • Dramatic Play
  • Going on a safari: make jeep, cameras, pictures of animals, notepads, hats, etc…
  • Camping: tent, camera, thermos, long blocks for fire, fire with construction paper, backpack, flashlight, magnifying glass, canned goods, etc…
  • Writing/Library
  • Safari animal word cards
  • Stencils
  • Travel agency: brochures, keyboard, phone, etc…
  • Wild animal stamps


  • Class book or chart story:
  • I went on a safari and what did I see? I saw a _____ looking at me!
  • If I could be any safari animal, I would be _____.
  • Have pictures of various safari animals. Tape it to one child’s back and have other children describe animals for the other child to guess.
  • The book Caps for Sale: have children act out and retell the story.
  • Class book: with Four Fur Feet
  • Oh he walked around _____on his four fur feet.
  • Word list of safari animals in writing center


  • Graph your favorite safari animal
  • Make animals using different shapes after reading The Color Zoo(use matrix & document which shapes they know
  • Sort animals by strips, dots, solids
  • Put animals in order from smallest to largest.
  • Make 3d safari animals & measure length or height (ie, giraffe neck)


  • Four Fur Feet by: Margaret Wise Brown
  • Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by: Verna Aardema
  • Caps for Sale by: Esphyr Slobodkina
  • Honey, Honey, Lion by: Jan Brett
  • Handa’s Surprise by: Eileen Browne
  • Printable books from


  • Talk about how animals use their sense of smell. Have them smell different scents and guess what they are.
  • Look at pictures from safari habitats and compare it to where we live. (venn diagram)

Social Studies

  • Place animal pictures on a map in the continent where they live.


The Elephant

The elephant has a trunk for a nose,

Up and down is the way it goes.

He wears such a saggy, baggy hide,

Do you think two elephants could fit inside?

Do You Hear The ______?

(tune: Do your ears hang low?)

Do you hear the ___?

When you see them at the zoo.

They will make this sound

If they want to talk to you

(make the sound)

Do you hear the _____?

The Elephant Song Dr. Jean & Friends Cd #4

Los Elefantes multicultural cd

Safari Animals Websites

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