Risk Assessment for School Visit to the Glasgow Film Theatre

Risk Assessment for School Visit to the Glasgow Film Theatre


12 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB

0141 352 8601

Contact name Angela Freeman, Senior Front of House Manager

Name of school
Contact name
Date of visit
Purpose of visit
Arrival time
Method of transport
Departure Time
General Safety
Arrival / How the group arrives………on foot – coach etc
GFT is situated on Rose Street which is situated around the corner from the pedestrian section of Sauchiehall Street, one of Glasgow’s main shopping streets in the city centre.
We are approximately a ten minute walk fro both Queen Street and Glasgow Central Station and a five minute walk from Buchanan Bus Station.
If you arrive by coach and require to cross Rose Street, please ensure that you only cross at the lights. Rose Street is a busy street and due care and attention should be taken by school teachers and pupils when crossing the road to access GFT’s main entrance.
There will be members of staff from the GFT to meet all school visitors in the foyer and lead the way into the cinemas.
Orientation and general safety / On arrival in the GFT, the young people will be shown to the Cinema where a member of the staff is present at all times.
Fire exits are clearly marked and in the case of an evacuation, the Front of House Managers and staff will lead the process of evacuation.
Please note the fire alarm does NOT sound in the auditoria – a manager is present at all times to take action as appropriate.
Designated staff are trained to take action during an evacuation. Should this arise, the manager will make an announcement and instruct the ushers present to usher all present out through the nearest specified fire exit. The meeting point is directly opposite the main entrance on the other side of Rose Street.
The fire brigade will automatically come out to Rose Street should the alarm sound - even if it is a false alarm a full evacuation is necessary.
Moving around the building / The front doors give access to the building by one small step on right hand door and flat access through left hand door. Wheelchair access should be taken via the left hand doorway.
Disabled access: Cinemas 2 & 3 are on ground level and accessed via a ramp from the foyer. Cinema 1 is situated on the first floor and access is via a lift. The lift can accommodate approximately 5 adults standing or one buggy/wheelchair user and 3 adults standing.
There are stairs in the building leading to Cinema 1 and the young people will need to use these to access the cinema, toilets and the cafe.
Our front doors are automatic. We are usually able to set these doors to ‘exit only’ during schools morning events when GFT is not yet open ( before 12 noon) to ensure that access to the building by the general public is limited.
Fire exits are clearly marked and in the case of an evacuation, the Front of House Managers and staff will lead the process of evacuation.
Schools should remain seated in the auditorium at the end of the film until a teacher has ascertained whether the relevant transport has arrived. Only then should the main group be brought out into the foyer area. The foyer is small and once school groups are present in the foyer, this area can become very congested. This is also announced at shows to ensure that no one is jostled or potentially injured on their way out of the building should congestion occur.
During very busy shows, it may be necessary to escort school groups out of the building via a fire exit. A member of staff would direct and lead the way should this be necessary. The fire exits lead out onto pavement on Renfrew Street.
First Aid / First aid kit is situated in the Duty Manager office in the foyer.
There are members of FOH staff, who are available to aid in any emergency.
The member of staff in charge of the visit must have a list of emergency contact numbers.
Special Needs / There is a lift in order to reach Cinema 1
Cinemas 2 and 3 are accessed via a ramp on the ground floor.
The GFT cinemas 2 and 1 operates an enhanced audio soundtrack to films via a headset – please ensure you ask for this if required for those with hearing impairments. Some films may have audio description for visually impaired patrons – please note this is subject to availability and operates via a headset.
Cinema 3 has an induction loop for the hard of hearing.
Each cinema has wheelchair allocation (2 in cinema 3, 2 in cinema 2 and 4 in Cinema 1) and it is advisable to let us know, when booking, in order for the spaces to be made available.
There is an adapted toilet for people with special needs.
We have nappy changing facilities and bottle warming facilities for those with young children or babies.
We can arrange special screenings for children on the autistic spectrum. These are low sensory with reduced volume and increased lighting.
Refreshments / GFT has a fully stocked café bar which is open during school shows for the sale of hot and cold drinks and takeaway snacks.
GFT Staff / FOH managers have First Aid training.
All FOH staff are trained in evacuation procedures.
The Children and Young People coordinator is a member of then PVG scheme with enhanced DBS clearance.
Insurance / The GFT has a Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policy and a Health and Safety Policy
The GFT has public liability insurance cover
Level of Risk / 1 being low 5 being high
Activities 1
Moving around building 2
General public 1