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/ Procedures for Non-US Supplier Direct Shipping to Affiliate or Venlo, with PO Receipt at Supplier Dock

Revised by**1st DRAFT**

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12/08/05 /

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Shipping Process Overview 2-4

Contact List 5

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Shipping Process Overview

1)  Supplier receives a purchase order (including ABG AMC/Base Code # instructions) from Access Business Group Procurement and schedules production.

2)  Once produced, the material will undergo QA per established SUPPLIER procedures, as agreed to with ABG Incoming QA.

3)  Supplier produces and labels shipping carton/package, per below guidelines.

3.1  Following information must be labeled on each carton, per sample label referenced on page 8 of this procedure.

1.  Product description, Product SKU# & ABG AMC/Base Code #, per ABG PO instructions.

2.  Supplier Lot#

3.  Carton inner pack quantity

4.  Country of Manufacture for product (i.e. Made in Japan)

3.2  Partial cartons must be clearly marked “PARTIAL CARTON” and reference the same above label detail.

3.3  Carton labeling must be corrected accordingly, if samples are removed for any reason.

3.4  Only one ABG AMC/Base Code # can be packed in each shipping carton/package.

4)  Supplier sends the ABG planner/scheduler via email (pdf attachment) a Proforma Packing list showing SKU #, quantity, carton count, pallet count, product Country of Manufacture, Supplier’s Lot#, and ABG AMC/Base Code #, referencing product that is available for shipment. Supplier provides at least a one week advance notice of desired load date, in compliance with the agreed to delivery date shown on the PO.

5)  Planner/Scheduler sends Supplier via email (cc Procurement) the ABG invoice reference#, confirmed load quantity, confirmation of ship to address (from WT57 screen), shipment mode (air, truck or sea) and approval to load.

6)  Following receipt of shipment approval from ABG Planner/Scheduler, Supplier is responsible to:

6.1 Contact local *Expeditors International (E.I.) office to arrange transportation. E.I. local office can be identified by accessing their website (

Booking instructions provided to E.I. are as follows:

a) Desired load date at Supplier factory.

b)  Shipment mode and ABG Invoice Reference#, as instructed by ABG Planner/Scheduler.

c)  Required quantity/size/type of container(s) needed for loading.

d)  Below EI B/L Instructions (applies to air or ocean routing):

*Exception – On intra-European Supplier shipments (i.e. German Supplier shipping to our Venlo, NL warehouse), supplier to contact our Venlo, NL Transportation Dept (tele: 31-77-3247490) to obtain carrier routing instructions.

6.2 Palletize per following guidelines:

a)  Follow instructions received from ABG Procurement/Planner.

b)  It is our preference that one SKU/ABG AMC/Base Code # be loaded per pallet.

c)  All partial cartons are to be loaded at the top of pallet, with “PARTIAL CARTON” marking clearly visible.

d)  Only non wood pallets (i.e. plastic, corrugate, chip board, etc…) or solid wood pallets that have been properly heat or chemical treated and is stamped with the required marking certifying same, per below sample:

Details related to heat/chemical treatment and solid wood pallet marking requirements can be found by accessing the below website:

e)  Pallets are to be securely shrink wrapped.

6.3 Inspect trailer/container to ensure it is clean and in good condition. Do not load any trailer/container that shows visible signs of potential damage to product (i.e. holes in side/top/floor, dirty floor, bad odor, etc…).

6.4 Carefully document actual product SKU/Quantity/Lot Code/ ABG AMC/Base Code # loaded into the trailer/container against same, as identified on Proforma Packing list, per step 4) above.

6.5 Block/brace product to avoid cargo shifting/damage during transit.

6.6 Apply seal to door of any full container shipment.

6.7 Complete loading within designated load free time (typically 2 hours following trailer/container arrival at Supplier).

7)  Supplier final document completion (per attached sample documents) & distribution:

7.1 Document completion

a) Updated packing list to reflect actual load details, trailer/container#, seal# and ABG Invoice #.

b) Supplier check list.

c) Bill of Lading, with driver’s signature.

d) Certificate of Origin

7.2 E-mail pdf image copy of above supplier documents to ABG Planner/Scheduler and ABG Global Transportation, within one day of loading.

8)  ABG Planner/Scheduler updates ABG invoice reference # with actual ship quantity (per supplier packing list) and forwards it to ABG Global Transportation, within two working days following receipt of supplier packing list.

9)  ABG Global Transportation completes and sends Affiliate complete set of ABG documentation via both e-mail and courier mail, on same day of notification from Planner/Scheduler.

Contact List

Supplier Contact / Access Business Group Contact
Procurement / Contact:
Planning / Contact:
Scheduling / Contact:
Transportation / Contact: Jan Washburn
Tele: (616-787-5026)
Fax: (616)787-0215
ABG Quality Assurance (U.S) / Contact:

Sample Supplier Check List Document

Supplier Name

ABG Inv # ______Load Date ______

I have personally checked and certify the accuracy of the following (initial each point):

1. ___ Followed carton label procedures, per point 3) of this procedure.

2. ___ Loaded product on non wood pallets.

3. ___ Inspected trailer/container per 6.3.

4. ___ Final packing list, accurately reflects product, as shipped.

5. ___ Product was properly blocked/braced per 6.5.

6. ___ Seal was applied to container door & seal number referenced on packing list (full container only).

7. ___ All questions/concerns have been addressed with the appropriate ABG contact person, prior to shipment.

Signed; ______


Sample Expeditors Booking Document

Sample “Full” Carton Label




100 each per Carton


Sample “Partial” Carton Label




PARTIAL CARTON - 50 each per Carton


Sample Packing List