Research/Scholarly Activity Report

Research/Scholarly Activity Report

Hospitalist Section, Dept Internal Medicine, UNMSOM

J Rush Pierce Jr, MD, MPH

Sept 14, 2010

New stuff:

1. Residents submitted 25 abstracts to the NM Chapter ACP meeting – up from 15 last year; thanks for all the hard work!

2. Abstract submission deadline for 2011 SHM is Dec 06. If you have ideas, put on wiki (“poster submission ideas – SHM 2011” on research page). Okay to submit preliminary data on projects underway. Also be thinking about clinical vignettes

3. Beginning in September, we will have research projects discussions and updates at least monthly as a Tuesday workgroup session – hope to set date today

4. Will be developing strategic plan for Section research over next two months, and discuss at business meeting first of year – if you have ideas, please let me know

Old stuff:

1. If you are interested in discussing any research project, please schedule time to meet with Rush Pierce ()

2. Beginning next summer we will hire research assistant (pre-med undergrad) who can assist with chart reviews, data entry, literature search, etc. Please email Rush Pierce ( ) if you can use help!

3. Current Hospitalist Section research projects (please email Rush Pierce - - if you have others you are working on and they are not listed)

Project / Hospitalist(s) / Stage /
General internists’ research interests, confidence and perceived institutional support / Leverence, Pierce, Rogers / Manuscript submitted
Implementation of a discharge clinic to prevent readmission / Krokos / Abstract presented
Preparedness of nursing homes for pandemic influenza / Pierce / Abstract presented
Quality of Care Initiative: Blood glucose timing, food delivery and insulin administration. / Rogers (Motanti) / Abstract accepted
Evaluation of ward redesign / Chang, Fotieo, Jernigan, Pierce, Rogers / Analyzing data
Types of research done by hospitalists / Noronha, Pierce, Rao / Analyzing data
Resident survey regarding patient safety and quality improvement training / Rogers (Bansal) / IRB application submitted
Effectiveness of bedside teaching of physical diagnosis skills to junior medical students / Rao (Menon) / IRB application preparation
Post discharge phone calls impact on preventing readmission / Pentecost / Preliminary
Computer-based teaching to prevent readmission / Pentecost / Preliminary
Characteristics and outcomes of hospitalized patients who fall / Pierce / Preliminary
Analysis of PALS line / Leverence, Noronha, Pierce / Preliminary
Outcome of UNMH pts with alcoholic hepatitis / Cohen / Preliminary