Research Review Session

Research Review Session

Animal Law

Research Review Session

October 20, 2008

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Finding Articles in Law Reviews, Journals, and Other Legal Periodicals

Avoiding Plagiarism

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Learn to recognize and avoid all types of plagiarism. Review proper attribution and footnote types.

Library Basics

Getting the materials you need (at C-M Law and beyond) -- Scholar, OhioLink, WorldCat, ILL

Books at CSU
(Law Library & University Library)

Don’t forget to take advantage of OhioLINK and inter-library loan (ILL) for materials that we don’t have at C-M Law.

Animal Studies Group, Killing Animals (2006) University Library HV4711 .K587 2006

Diane L. Beers, For the Prevention of Cruelty: The History of Animal Rights Activism in the United States (2006) HV4764 .B44 2006

Marc Bekoff, Animals Matters: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect (2007) HV4708 .B44 2007

Jordan Curnutt, Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook (2001) KF390.5.A5 C87 2001

Josephine Donovan & Carol J. Adams, The Feminist Care Tradition in Animal Ethics: A Reader (2007) University Library HV4708 .F36 2007

Gary L. Francione, Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation (2008) K3620 .F73 2008

Gary L. Francione, Animals, Property, and the Law (2005) KF3841 .F73 2005

Dale D. Goble, et al, eds., The Endangered Species Act at Thirty (2006) KF5640 .E482 2006

Margaret C. Jasper, Animal Rights Law (2nd ed. 2002) KF3841.Z9 J37 2002

Andrew Linzey and Paul Barry Clarke, eds., Animal Rights: A Historical Anthology (2004) University Library HV4711 .P65 2004

National Anti-Vivisection Society, A New Perspective: Seeking Justice for Animals through the Power of Law (2008) KF390.5 .A5 2008

Raj Panjwani, ed., Wildlife Law: A Global Perspective (2008) K3525 .W53 2008

Shannon Peterson, Acting for Endangered Species: The Statutory Ark (2002) KF5640 .P48 2002

Norm Phelps, The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA (2007) HV4705 .P44 2007

Peter Singer, ed., In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave (2006) HV4711 .I6 2006

Orland Soave, Animals, the Law and Veterinary Medicine: A Guide to Veterinary Law (2000) KF3835 .S67 2000

Erin E. Williams & Margo DeMello, Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection (2007) HV4764 .W55 2007

Steven M. Wise, Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals (2000) HV4708 .W57 2000x

Finding Articles

For links to the following sources, see Finding Articles in Law Reviews, Journals, and Other Legal Periodicals.

Journal Finder, Index to Legal Periodicals, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, Electronic JournalCenter, HeinOnline, JSTOR

Specialized Journals

Animal Law
Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and ClarkCollege. See their yearly Federal and State Legislative Review. Available in print [K1.N4575], Lexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline. Browse contents of past issues at:

Journal of AnimalLaw
MichiganStateUniversity, College of Law. Available through HeinOnline (2005-2007)

Journal of AnimalLaw & Ethics
University of PennsylvaniaLawSchool. Available in print [K10.O833], HeinOnline and Lexis.

Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy.
Available in Environment Complete, Expanded Academic ASAP, and OhioLINK Electronic JournalCenter. (SeeUniversity Library’s database list for first two sources:

Journal for Critical Animal Studies
Online journal at

Legislation and Regulations


USC Title 7 – Agriculture

CFR Title 7 – Agriculture

CFR Title 9 – Animals and animal products

CFR Title 50 – Wildlife and fisheries

Animal Welfare Act of 1970, 7 USC

Endangered Species Act of 1973, 16 USC

Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1978, 7USC

Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, 16 USC


ORC Title 9 – Agriculture & Animals

OAC Title 9 – Agriculture & Animals

Animal Law Websites

Animal Legal & Historical Web Center

National Agricultural Law Center

ASPCA 50-State Animal Cruelty Laws


Animal Welfare

USDA division responsible for monitoring and enforcing the Animal Welfare Act.

There is also the Animal Welfare Information Center, mandated to provide information on the Animal Welfare Act.

Center for Wildlife Law (University of New MexicoSchool of Law)

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Center for Animals and Public Policy (TuftsUniversity)

Animal Law Blogs

Animal Law Blog


Hounded, Cowed, & Badgered

Florida Animal Law

New York Times Topics: for example, Animals, Michael Vick, Agriculture, Human Society of United States, Whales, Farmers, Peter Singer, Pets, Pet Food Recall, Meat Recall, Zoos, Endangered and Extinct Species, Horses, Oceans, Polar Beers, Cruelty to Animals See the NYT Index page for all Times Topics.

Research Guides & Bibliographies

Animal Law Research Guide (GeorgetownUniversityLawCenter)

International & Foreign Animal Law Research Guide

Animal Law: A Selective Bibliography and Research Guide (GonzagaUniversity)

Animal Law: A Guide to Federal and Massachusetts Resources (SuffolkUniversity)

Good on legislation and case law.

A Bibliography of Animal Law Resources (The International Institute for Animal Law) Law Reference KF3841.A1 B53 2001

Bobbi Ann Weaver, “Research in the Peaceable Kingdom: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography on Animal Law From an International Perspective,” 30 International Journal of Legal Information 426 (Winter 2002).

A Couple Web 2.0 Tools for Keeping Track of Research

Social bookmarking sites can be very useful for keeping track of online research. Some of the sites most frequently used for academic bookmarking purposes are:


Probably the most popular of all social bookmarking sites. You can use it for academic purposes, too.


Also allows you to rate websites.


Probably the most “academic” of the three, CiteULike is a scholarly bookmarking tool that allows you to make detailed bibliographic records for online sources. CiteULike automatically retrieves citation information from databases including JSTOR, Ingenta, ProjectMUSE and others. [Read about these databases in this C-M journals guide].

Research Services & Research Consultations

Research services librarians are there to assist you any basic research question. They have extensive hours:

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You can schedule a personal research consultation with me to discuss your paper. Contact me by email (), phone 687-6885 or stop by my office in the library, near the Information Services Desk.

Prepared by Amy Burchfield

October, 2008