Removing Discord Bans

Removing Discord Bans

Removing Discord Bans

They did the crime, they served the time, there is no longer a need to confine.

Whilst bans are useful in preventing pesky Discord users from spreading havok, they shouldn't always be permanent. Sometimes it would seem fitting to unban someone a few hours, days or even weeks after their ban was issued.

In order to remove a ban, you will need to be either a server administrator or have the "Ban Members" permission for the server.

First, head to your server settings:

Within your server settings, click "Bans" on the left navigation menu. Click the name of the person you wish to unban, then click "Revoke Ban", as pictured:

arevoke ban png

After revoking the ban, you're done! It should be noted that the unbanned user will need to rejoin the server - unbanning a user will not put them back in the server automatically.