Relevant Translation Experience

Relevant Translation Experience


Name Olivier D. Barrelet

ResidencePOB 82, Rue des Mines 9, CH-2105 Travers/Ne, Switzerland

Phone+41 (0)32 846 2475

Date of birthApril 16, 1938

EducationGraduated 1962, Le Locle, Switzerland

Mechanical Engineer HTLMasters in Engineering

Professional1988-2001 CENTREDOC, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


PositionInformation Consultant

- Project of the International Technology Partner Search Meetings ITPS

- In charge of national and international Sales and Marketing of information

- Information and competitive intelligence services

- Business opportunities targeting

- Business plan

1986-1988 FAVAG SA, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Product Marketing Manager

- International marketing of interconnection components and electronic packaging

Product Development

A) 1980-1986AMP, Inc., Harrisburg, PA, USA

B) 1973-1974

Senior Development Engineer

- Development of high speed manufacturing techniques in the field of electrical connectors

- Product development

- Technical assistance to international divisions

- Transferred Technology to Europe and Japan

1974-1980HAMILTON WATCH Company, Lancaster, PA, USA

Product Development Manager

- Major achievement: Development of the first lithium - tritium watch, a world première, using pacemaker battery technology

- Set up in conjunction with Omega Watch Co., Bienne, Switzerland, an entire electronic watch module assembly operation

- Publish license from Nuclear Regulatory Commission, WashingtonDC. for the distribution of watches containing tritium for N.A.S.A. flights

1970-1973TIMEX Corp., Waterbury, CT, USA

Automation Engineer

- Development of high speed assembly lines for mechanical and electrical watches. Transferred and put into operation in Texas

- Long term development strategy for new products and automation


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Development Engineer

- Various development work in the field of integrated circuits, sputtering machines, electronic packaging for the telecommunication industry

1967-1969C.N.M.P., Le Havre, France

Design Engineer

- Design tools machines for Concord aeroplane

1962 - 1967EBAUCHES S.A., Neuchâtel/Granges, Switzerland

Design Engineering Manager

- Engineering Manager for automatic assembly lines for watches

Publications- Author of more than 15 technical reports and publications

Additional- International speaker at seminars on marketing of Information Services,

ProfessionalTechnology Transfer


Certifications- SCIP, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professional.

Professional- Member of American Society of Mechanical, Engineers, New York

Affiliations:- Member of Electronic Connector Study Group, ECSG, Washington

- American Society for Information Science, Maryland

- International Electronic Packaging Society, New Jersey

- Member of the "Societé de Chronométrie"

- Technology Transfer Society, Indiana, USA

Hobbies- Wood sculpturing, classical music, theatre, reading,travelling

Translation Services

Mother Tongue: German, French

Years of experience10. Started in 1998

Relevant - German to English translation

Translation- English to German translation

Experience:- French to English translation

- English to French translation

- German to French translation

- French to German translation

Technical - Websites GEENEO on the Environment

Translations- Websites Cap & Share on the Environment

- Any WEBsites

- Technical Manuel for the Watch Industry

- CV for Engineers

- Letters

- Legal

- Business letters and reports

- Advertising and Marketing

Companies- General Electric, AMP, Inc,TIMEX, CENTREDOC, University of Neuchâtel

I did translations- Author of more than 15 technical reports and publications

for- Project Manager of the International Technology Partner

- Search Meetings ITPS, Switzerland

- Editor of Technology Transfer Newsletter

My areas of- Mechanical / Mechanical Engineering

specialization- Automotive / Cars & Trucks

- Business / Commerce

- Computers: Software

- Economy

- Electronics / Electrical engineering

- Aerospace / Aviation / Space

- Energy / Power Generation

- Automation and Robotics

My areas of work- Materials (plastics, ceramics, etc.)

- Marketing / Market Research

- IT (Information Technology)

- Music

- Environment and Ecology

- Engineering

- Industrial

- Engineering (general)

- Real Estate

- Religion

- Science (general)

- Manufacture

- Certificates / Diplomas CV

- Art, craft and painting

- Internet, e-Commerce

My areas of Interest- Nutrition

- History

- Psychology

- Tourism & Travel

- Music

- Philosophy

Used Software- Adobe Acrobat

- Adobe Photoshop

- Microsoft Excel

- Microsoft Word

- PowerPoint


- Lexilogos

Translations- Language 123

Affiliations- – The Translation Workplace

- ESL employment