Reduced Fabrication Times and Efficient Installation

Reduced Fabrication Times and Efficient Installation

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Reduced fabrication times and efficient installation:

New Schüco fire and smoke protection range

With the new Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 and Schüco FireStop ADS 76.NI SP aluminium fire and smoke protection systems, Schüco is setting new standards in terms of installation and function. Open rebate profile geometry, universal fittings components and the option of designing doors without the use of lock technology for the first time all guarantee fabrication that is considerably more efficient.

A key feature of the new Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 and Schüco FireStop ADS 76.NI SP fire and smoke protection range is the pioneering system configuration with significantly fewer components in comparison to existing systems. Furthermore, fabricators benefit from efficient, time-saving fabrication, as numerous working steps have been improved and simplified. With this range, Schüco is hence offering two new types of unit fabrication and installation for its fabricators. Depending on the site conditions, the units can be installed quickly and efficiently on site – as a so-called unitised construction or using the T-cleat construction method.

A further innovation of the new fire and smoke protection range is that operator requirements can now be met quickly and flexibly while the building is in use. Thanks to the open rebate profile geometry, changes in use or additional adjustments can be implemented without great effort. Additional cables for providing electricity to the doors can be inserted without any issues. Even a change in lock technology, such as from single-point locking to multi-point locking, is very straightforward. In this way, a fire and smoke protection door can also be upgraded with burglar-resistant components in combination with other small adjustments. Furthermore, for the first time it is also possible to design doors without the use of lock technology. This means that doors are always freely accessible – a convenience which users of internal doors subjected to heavy use in particular have come to really appreciate.

All types of door can be fabricated without the use of glazing clips. The new fixing system for fittings also guarantees installation virtually without any tools. Moreover, the load transfer of the aluminium and stainless steel barrel hinges has been significantly increased once again by means of new clamping technology.

The Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 and FireStop ADS 76.NI SP aluminium fire and smoke protection systems are also aesthetically impressive. New horizons are opened up in terms of design thanks to very narrow profile widths of just 127 mm, as well as an expansion of the system sizes to include clear opening dimensions of up to 1500 mm in width and 3100 mm in height. A further highlight is the fast and efficient insertion of concealed fittings.

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