Reasons to Adopt a Child

Reasons to Adopt a Child

Reasons To Adopt A Child

If you’re considering adoption you probably have a lot of questions about your decision. Between a number of worries, however, the biggest question about adoption is “Why?” Why should you adopt a child? There are plenty of reasons why adoption is a wonderful path for your family, so it would be hard to settle on just one.

Everyone has their own views on adoption, and some reasons might sounds better than others to different people. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see how quickly things can become confusing, but they don’t have to be. Choosing to adopt a child is a wonderful decision, but there are a few solid reasons why adoption can be agreed upon by just about everyone.

Reasons to Adopt a Child

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  • You Have a Desire to Give a Child a Family: Many individuals, couples, and families consider adoption because they genuinely have a desire to provide a family for a child. Perhaps they already have biological children, they are struggling with infertility or they simply want to expand their family in a new way. Whatever the reason, if you have a clear, pure desire to be the family for a child, adoption may be the path for you. There are many children in need in the world, both domestically and internationally, and providing a loving family can be a huge blessing to their lives.
  • You Want to Help a Child Have a Better Life: Some children come to adoption from tough backgrounds. They may have been placed in the foster care system after living with abusive or otherwise unfit parents, they may have been abandoned, or they may have been orphaned. Each of these reasons can have a profoundly negative impact on a child’s life, causing them to develop an angry, melancholic, or even fearful outlook on life. If you have the means and the desire, wanting to give a child a better life is a wonderful reason to adopt.
  • You Know of a Child in Need: Do you know a recently orphaned child or do you volunteer at an orphanage or foster care center and know of a child who is desperately in need? Maybe their parents have health issues, addiction issues, or maybe they were abused in their homes. Children in need can come into your life in all shapes and sizes, and simply knowing of a child who needs a loving family and home can be enough to ignite a desire to adopt in your heart.
  • You WANT To: For some people, there is no other reason than simply wanting to adopt a child. Perhaps you want to skip the experience of pregnancy but still want a family, or perhaps you were adopted and want to do the same for another child. Whatever the reason behind your desire, as long as it is pure and keeps the child’s best interest at heart, simply wanting to expand your family through adoption is enough to answer the “why” behind it.

From Infertility to Adoption

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Many couples find themselves devastated when they learn that they are unable to biologically have children. The shock and pain that comes with this news are enough to stop you in your tracks, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the narrative. Even if it feels this way after trying every way to get pregnant and not being able to do so, it simply isn’t the truth.

In short, many couples in this situation soon come to realize that their desire is to become parents, not pregnant. Pregnancy is, of course, an important step in the process, but it is not the only way to love, raise, and welcome children into your life. It may take some time, but many couples faced with infertility come to the decision to adopt. They are able to have a family, help children in need, and enjoy the unique, wonderful journey that adoption brings.

So, Why Adopt a Child?

Everyone’s adoption experience is different. Diverse parents, unique backgrounds, different health circumstances, and different worldviews can feed heavily into the “why” and “how” of adoption. However, many adoptive families find that once they bring their child (or children) into their home, their lives are irrevocably changed for the better. In fact, there are heartwarming adoption stories and testimonials that are surefire proof of the miracle of adoption.

If you are considering adoption, you’re sure to be asking yourself a lot of questions. However, perhaps the best place to start is with “why?”